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Borrowed Inspiration for Your Week: Raven Edition

By Crossstitchyourheart @TMNienaber

Well goodmorning (or afternoon depending on location) fellow bloggers.  I’m going to try some new things this week which was probably a very, very bad idea as I have no time to really devote to the blog this week (working double/triple jobs every day).  Oh, life is tough.  But I guess I should be a little more positive and find some things to be positive about.  It’s just not a “let’s look for the silver lining” Monday.  Which is what inspired me to pick this week’s borrowed inspiration project:

Borrowed Inspiration for Your Week: Raven Edition

Brought to you by pixelpowerdesigns for $4 it’s Edgar and his personified Ravens. And also a symbol for what I’m feeling about the job market right now…just kidding…sort of.

Other than work there isn’t a lot of excitement going on in cross-stitch-your-heart land.  I did manage to finally finish The War of the Roses although I was disappointed with the ending which just left a bad taste in my mouth about the whole book.  I guess it’s a classic, and I both understand and respect that, but when you’re going to have a hidden message in your novel you could at least be subtle about.  Then again maybe the whole thing is just supposed to be a satire, which I guess it is.  I don’t know.  I might have to just chalk this one up to “I don’t appreciate it like  I should”.

I did happen to find something a little exciting over the weekend though.  On Saturday after work I had to run to Target and just happened to stroll past the limited book selection they have their (purely by accident of course, would never have planned that or anything).

I’ve been wanting to read Rosamund Luptin’s Afterwards since I read Sister, but for whatever reason hadn’t got around to buying it yet.  Which worked out well because way on the back shelf hiding under a selection of dime store romance novel paperbacks, was the paperback version of Afterwards…complete with author signature.  Now, I realize that these books are massed produced and the author sits in a dark room somewhere chained to a desk autographing pages that are then shipped somewhere to be glued into a book.  But I’m ignoring that fact and focusing solely on the fact that I have an autographed copy of Afterwards.

Still no word on any of the job fronts but I’m trying to stay hopeful (and by that I mean I’ve had about a dozen or more nervous break downs but since you’re on the internet and can’t see me I can lie to make myself seem more “with it”).  But whatever happens happens, and it’s all up to the universe in the end.  I guess.

I did manage to finish another book this weekend called The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight which you already know if you follow me on goodreads or twitter.  You’ll also know I didn’t really like it that much.  I’m hoping this week will be a brighter one for books.

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