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Boost Your Community Presence with a GPS Tracking Solution

Posted on the 27 March 2014 by Gpsinsight1 @gpsinsight

Boost Your Community Presence with a GPS Tracking Solution

Building a strong community presence will help form a loyal customer base and attract quality employees to be part of your business. For fleets specifically, having an advanced GPS tracking solution can help to shape a positive presence in the community by increasing safety for both your drivers and the public, generating a green initiative by reducing fuel usage and emissions, and improving customer service with quick response times and the ability to serve more customers. Achieve a reputation for being a fleet with community awareness through GPS fleet tracking.

Fleet & Public Safety

A great place to start generating a good reputation in the community is to focus on fleet and public safety. Being known for having the safest drivers on the road not only makes you look good in the community, it also keeps both your drivers and the public safe.

Fleet and Public Safety

Driver behavior can be monitored through GPS tracking alerts and reports for speeding, harsh breaking, rapid acceleration and more. Ensure that your drivers always practice safe driving habits to protect the public and themselves.

Green Initiative with GPS Tracking

Start a fleet wide green initiative to show your commitment to the environment. Help your fleet use less fuel and decrease greenhouse gases released by reducing speeding, idling, and mileage through GPS tracking software. Make sure that your vehicles are in good condition by staying on top of maintenance to decrease vehicle CO2 emissions. Be reminded of the next oil change or smog check through maintenance reminders and have the greenest fleet on the road!

Respond Quickly to a Customer Emergency

Responding quickly to customer emergencies will merit a good reputation in the community and can be accomplished with GPS fleet tracking software.

GPS Tracking Dispatch Software

With the ability to view real-time locations of your vehicles, choose the closest vehicle to the job site and dispatch the best driver. Send directions straight to the driver’s Garmin or phone by text message. When your drivers are known for arriving quickly and safely, there will be no question which business the community turns to in case of emergency.

Happy Employees are Good for Business

Get employees excited about working for a company that cares about their drivers and about the community. Acknowledge company and personal achievements, like a successful customer experience or how employees helped the company achieve a larger overall goal. Happy employees not only work harder, they care about the cause too.

Share Your Efforts!

Don’t let your good work go unnoticed by the community! Make sure that you are sharing your efforts so that potential customers will know your fleet goes the extra mile to make their community a better place. This will help you win new business and create customer loyalty.

To learn more about how GPS tracking can boost your presence in the community, contact us today!

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