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Booking Through Thursday–Dream Cast

By Megan Love Literature Art & Reason @meganm922
btt2   hosted by Booking Through Thursday   This week’s question:   Do you ever sit and wonder who could be cast as your favorite characters? (Please feel free to give examples!)   I am absolutely terrible with dream casting.  I’m often surprised by casts and how well actors end up portraying characters. I can’t seem to come up with the right people in my head. I don’t see actors separate from their roles (which is why celebrity fangirling and tabloids just don’t do anything for me. I honestly don’t care about the real life of celebrities. I only appreciate them for their roles.) I usually end up dream casting an actor who plays a similar role to the character I’m trying to cast for instead of an actor who might be better suited for it.  It’s weird because once a cast choice is made or I’ve seen the movie or TV show, I can point out what I loved or hated about the actor/acting. I just can’t seem to make these assumptions or judgments about a person without at least seeing what they look like or act like in their assigned role. Plus, people surprise me. There are actors who I would have assumed were all wrong that ended up doing such a fantastic job, you couldn’t imagine any other person!  I’m not very good at picking people for roles, but I seem to be able to pinpoint why a certain person may be a bad choice. For example, I saw a picture with fan options for Christian in Fifty Shades. All of the actors were in their 20s and I thought they were all wrong because I think Christian should be played by someone a little older and more refined for some reason. Who? I don’t know. But someone older..  Whenever there’s a blog activity meme that requires me to dream cast, I feel like most people are excited about it, but I groan because I seriously dread it. I don't ever feel satisfied with my picks, but I love everyone else's most of the time. Also, I hate that dream casting half the time feels like all you’re doing is picking actors with the same hair and eye color that you think are totally hot, which has absolutely nothing to do with how well they’ll play a certain role. So.. there’s that whole issue. I don’t know.  Bottom line: I’m so bad at and mostly dislike dream casting. But I’ll totally discuss other people’s choices! =)

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