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Book Review: Tiny Confessions – Christopher Rozzi

Posted on the 06 April 2015 by Donnambr @_mrs_b
Book Review: Tiny Confessions – Christopher Rozzi

Book Review: Tiny Confessions – Christopher RozziEver wonder what your dachshund, bulldog, great dane, or tabby cat are *really* thinking? Wonder no more, because artist and comedian Christopher Rozzi has channeled the innermost thoughts of canines and felines (along with the occasional rabbit or robot) and painted their portraits with great affection and humor.

Garnering attention and raves from Flavorwire, Laughing Squid, Fab.com, and elsewhere, Tiny Confessions has attracted a growing fan base among pet lovers, art lovers, and anyone with a good sense of humor.

In this endearing and very funny collection of color portraits, candid pets will reveal insights including:

"What you see as dancing is just me desperately scrambling to earn ham."

"That mess I made is my way of thanking you for my awesome name."

"I forgot where I buried that thing that you loved."

Review: Tiny Confessions

As much as I have tried to convince Mr B that the cats aren't out to get him, can't really be humanised or just aren't as Machiavellian as he imagines, I am thwarted at every turn. Ever since he read the fabulous How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You he seems to live in a state of fear. Now this new volume of cat insights from Christopher Rozzi is only going to heighten his worries about what the cats may or may not be thinking, but it's a glorious volume and well worth every minute of angst this might bring Mr B. (Sorry Mr B, but it's true!)

Tiny Confessions is a beautifully illustrated volume of dog and cat confessions/thoughts, with the odd random confession thrown in from an unexpected character (such as Frankenstein's monster). Part pet-shaming, part true confessions, it's funny and sweet and touching and I can't imagine any pet lover will be able to resist its charms.

I sent a Tweet to Christopher Rozzi to ask if I could share a couple of pics with my review and he very kindly agreed. As a picture is worth a thousand words, I'll let these delightful images do the talking.

Book Review: Tiny Confessions – Christopher Rozzi

This is a book carefully crafted from a talented illustrator who clearly sees straight into the hearts, souls and minds of our beloved pets. Christopher Rozzi is exceptionally skilled at bringing our favourite companions to life, at the same time as inspiring joy, compassion and even a little incredulity.

Book Review: Tiny Confessions – Christopher Rozzi

I cannot recommended this delightful little book enough for any pet lover. It's superb.

Verdict: 5/5 Source: Reviewer's own copy

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