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Book Review: Brand New Human Being

By Anovelsource @thenovellife

When I first read the blurb about Brand New Human Being I thought it sounded interesting – especially the part about being in Logan’s head (Logan is the protagonist, father to Owen, husband to Julie and son to much-loved, but recently deceased – Gus).  Logan is a stay-at-home dad who seems pretty clueless to all things children.  He is also close to having his PhD in English Literature -  Logan only has to finish that pesky dissertation he’s sat on for over years.  Owen is four – regression has kicked in – he sucks his thumb, and he’s back into diapers and bottles.  Julie is an extreme work-a-holic – an attorney who in the firm Gus and business partner, Stan, started many years ago.  It’s also the same law firm where Logan and Julie met five years prior.

When Logan catches Julie in a compromising position at a party, he grabs Owen and a sentimental Louisville bat from the 1920′s and heads for the hills…also known as the lake cabin Gus’s young widow (4 years Logan’s senior) received along with all of Gus’s money.  Poor Logan only received a house and a commercial property in the refurbished town Gus helped to clean up.  To be solvent, Logan only needs to sell the commercial property to one of the many developers circling like vultures.

Brand New Human Being had a bunch of humans doing some insanely stupid things ~ from the choices Julie and Logan make individually to those made by everyone around them – I couldn’t keep up with who was the more outrageous of the bad behavior!  The only endearing character is Owen – I wanted to jump in the book and rescue the four year old from his dysfunctional family!

Life has a way of circling back around – in other words, karma prevails.  Miller has created a thumbnail print of the life inside Logan and Julie’s home.  It is a messy, glorious peek into the life of a man working through his grief and plans that have gone astray and coming out on the other side of the fire a Brand New Human Being.


 Many thanks to the publisher for the complimentary review copy.


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