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Boob Tube and Leather Trousers

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I was reading this in Fitness Magazine today:


I thought, screw you pollsters! I agree with the Fitness Magazine people. If I want to wear a bikini past age 47, I’ll damn well do it. I am only 45, but in two years I’m hoping to still be doing the two piece thing. I mean, my body is far from perfect, but I work hard to stay in shape. If I want to flaunt it, I will.

In fact, I think 47+ women should be even more entitled to bikinis than 20-somethings. It is WAY harder to stay in shape when you are in your forties than when you are in your twenties. Trust me on this one. So, if you are 47+ and proud of your body, then go for it.

Glad I got that off my chest.

Apparently, 2,000 women ages 18 to 65 were polled. Here are some other findings:


Some don’t apply to me at all. Like I haven’t worn a “boob tube” since 6th grade and as for tight vests, well can’t say that’s a popular item in my closet. But as far as ponytails, Ugg boots and swimsuits go, I’ll be sporting those for awhile. What are trainers?

I’d like to know if there is a list for men. Here’s mine…

  • Speedos, never ever wear
  • Cut off jean shorts, 10 unless you are in the Village People
  • Long hair, 25 but only if you wash it regularly and don’t have lice
  • Swimsuit, forever
  • Turtleneck, 5 with Osh Gosh overalls
  • Belly button or ball piercing, never, ever
  • Button down shirt unbuttoned 5 buttons a la David Hasselhoff, 30
  • Tribal necklaces (conch shells, sharks teeth), never unless you are on Survivor or are 10 and on a beach trip with your family.
  • Thong, see “Speedo”

What are your thoughts? Should there be an age limit on certain items?  I think the belly button piercing is better under the age of 35.

What won’t you give up wearing as you get older?

Anything else men should never wear?


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