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Bohol Beach Club

By Catswalks
Bohol Beach Club If you have time to go to only one island in the Philippines, I would definitely recommend Bohol.  I  love Bohol.  I think it has the best of what the Philippines have to offer. For our second trip to Bohol, we wanted some peace and quiet so we decided to stay in Bohol Beach Club instead of Alona Beach.
Bohol Beach ClubThe beachfront of Bohol Beach Club is very photogenic.  The sand is white though not as fine as the sand in Boracay. The resort is quite exclusive so it is quite peaceful to rest on the beach.
The resort offers diving, kayaking, and free glassboat rides!  In Kenya, we paid 35 dollars per person for the glass boat ride and we saw 1 brain coral.  In Bohol Beach Club, the glassboat ride was free and they took us to their wonderful house reef  just a few meters off the beach. The reef was full of beautiful colorful coral and fish . That was a highlight!
Bohol Beach Club
My only problem with the Bohol Beach Club was that their rooms were not so nice. Their avid use of fluorescent lights did not do the rooms any favor aesthetically.  I would suggest using less fluorescent lighting and more soft yellow lights. I am all for energy conservation but energy saving bulbs come in different hues too. The white tiles in the bathroom made the room feel quite cheap. On the positive side, the garden was beautiful, the pool was great, the food was good.
Bohol Beach Club
Since we were busy learning how to dive.  It was only during our last day that we realized that we can go out of the resort to eat.  Immediately next to the resort is a public picnic place where there are stalls that offer grilled treats.  There is also the Dumaluan Beach Resort nearby with a pretty decent restaurant.  We spent 6 days at the Bohol Beach Club, even though they have 3 restaurants, I got tired of it that I was very glad to go somewhere else to eat.
Bohol Beach Club
Bohol Beach Club -

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