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Boeing Delta IV Common Booster Core

By Htam

Florida, Cocoa Beach, USAF Space & Missile Museum,@ Air Force Space & Missile Museum, Cape Canaveral, FL

April 2014

One of the larger outdoor monuments of the Museum Rocket Garden is the Common Booster Core, an engineering unit designed to facilitate the transport, fueling and firing of the RS-68 liquid rocket engine.  Also known as the Static Fire Unit, the SFU was used as a mechanical pathfinder to ensure the facility and ground support equipment was configured correctly to process a Delta IV vehicle.  During testing at NASA’s John C. Stennis Space Center in Stennis, Mississippi, the SFU was tanked 6 times and fired five times. All tests were successful.  Sony RX-100, processing with iPhoto.

Boeing Delta IV Common Booster Core

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