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Body Talk and Such

By Suma @ThFabJunkie
Body Talk and Such
Hey Loves, 
There's been a lot of buzz lately about body-shaming and body positive images around social media and such. I mean, just a few weeks ago, there was that whole O Magazine debacle (which I will chalk up to a bad choice of words). The other day, I shared on my Facebook page a post I wrote over a year ago about pulling off a crop top for any size (for those of you who don't remember you can find it here). The reason why I wrote that post is because a girl like me, who isn't as "thin' as the next girl may want to wear a crop top. Trust me, I know.... I'm still petite and most people wouldn't even consider me to be "plus sized" and you know honestly, I don't even consider myself a plus size. BUT unfortunately society tends to make that judgment on other peoples' bodies. My size is the size I am regardless if it's plus or minus. Who really cares? 
Moving on.............
The point is, I love my body and do I sometimes criticize it? Of course. Do I get upset at it when it decides to eat a cup of nutella ice cream from Carvel (which is my weakness)? Absolutely. But that doesn't mean I am not utterly proud of the way I look. Let me stop myself here before this turns into a righteous post on how everyone is beautiful and forget what everyone else thinks because 1) that is easier said than done and 2) I think you guys have read enough of those type of posts. BUT, what I do want to leave you with is this: If it feels comfortable and you are rocking the sh*t out of it, then I say wear it! Make it you and make it work. 
Body Talk and SuchBody Talk and SuchCrop Top: Made out of an old t-shirt/ Pants: Found while thrifting/ Shoes: Express/ Lipstick: Model Co "Disco fever w/ MAC's Brick liner/ Necklaces: Jami Rodriguez, Aldo and Mandee
Body Talk and SuchBody Talk and Such
Sometimes you just have to remind yourself that you are living with who you are and if you don't like you, no one else will like. So with that being said, make sure you love yourself and embrace who you are because you are your biggest fan. Until next time.........
Body Talk and Such

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