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Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum.

By Karencalladine
Bodhi Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum Being a nurse, my hands always take a bit of a battering. I am most definitely obsessed with hand creams and hoard them for dear life. Bodhi & Birch were kind enough to send me one of their Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum to try and I have been using it for a good few months now. Bodhi & Birch have become one of my favorite brands. Each product feels like it has used the finest ingredients, and feels like a labor of love. The active botanicals in this very special hand serum are olive squalane, rosehip oil, plum kernel oil, safflower seed oil, vitamin E, lime and green mandarin. The lime and the mandarin form the bright and uplifting fragrance. I have a huge weakness for citrus fragrances and in particular Lime, so this is absolutely perfect for me. I love smelling my hands after I have used this. This luxurious hand serum is not only exceptionally moisturising, but also has antiseptic, antiviral and antibacterial properties. This serum itself is exceptionally light and has a lovely silky texture. It absorbs much quicker than a hand cream, making it ideal for anyone who works with their hands. For instance I can apply after washing my hands and not worry about it transfering on to my paperwork. The vast majority of the time just one pump is enough, two pumps is ample if I have had a particularly taxing day for my hands. It always soothes my dry and sore hands, and makes them feel so much softer. When I am working it feels like the serum gives my hands an extra barrier of protection. Even when my hands are chapped and the skin is broken it never stings when I apply it. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the combination of antibacterial and moisturising qualities. Believe you me, having to apply an alcohol gel onto broken skin is not a pleasant experience at all Whilst I obviously have to use an alcohol hand gel at work, I feel that the Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum counteracts the damage this does to my skin. At the beginning of the year I had a really bad flare up of dermatitis on my hands, and this really took it's toll on my nails in such a state. It left them weak and peeling, and lots of horrid unsightly pit marks on them. Lime Blossom Hand Protecting Hand Serum has made an enormous difference to the health and appearance of my nails in the last few months. The peeling has long gone, they feel so much stronger and the vast majority of the pit marks have now grown out. I have been very pleasantly surprised by how much a difference it has made. Bodhi & Birch are undoubtedly a luxury brand. I have always found their products to be very fairly priced, given the high quality of the ingredients they use. I have used this on a daily basis for several months and probably have 3/4 of my bottle left. I think it is worth spending a little more on products like this, because ultimately I will get an awful lot of use out of it. In my opinion the Lime blossom Protecting Hand Serum is a fantastic product and one that I will undoubtedly buy myself when I have finished the one I was sent.

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