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Bo Hon Island - One of Large and Beautiful Islands of Halong Bay

By Khanhpv

As one of the large and beautiful island in Halong Bay, Bo Hon Island attract many tourists visit. This is very much a meeting place famous caves such as Sung Sot cave, Trinh Nu, the Hang Luon ...


The position of the island of Bo Hon

Island Bo Hon in the city of Ha Long, Quang Ninh, Ha Long City and 12.5 km, 12 km from the mainland. Area at low tide is 3,8km2, khhii highest tide is 2,8km2. Highest peak 189m, 120-150m average.

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Located in the tourist area of Ha Long Bay, Bo Hon island not only contributes embellished beauty but also for deals in which many mysteries to explore and learn while visiting the island. Island surrounded by many large and small islands, including many famous caves such as Sung Sot, Luon cave ... Where there are high peaks, steep cliffs as walls, mountains and draw up the sea green a giant picture wearing beautiful ..


Bo Hon island is one of the visitors interested and preferred tour Hanoi - Ha Long - Tuan Chau. The French call this island is the island of Les surprises (Island Sot). Overall the island is a beautiful picture wearing exactly as its name implies.

Island Portugal Islet is home to many plants as si viva, orchids ... Animals have monkeys, deer, chamois ... But perhaps the most attractive is the beauty of the caves, each cave a just beautiful private and hidden wonders of the very interesting legend.

As one of the large and beautiful islands of Halong Bay, dig Bo Hon has attracted a large number of tourists visit. It offers an attractive natural landscape, with many famous caves, are attractive sights for tourists cross.

Bo Hon island tourism to be watching the fascinating caves, unique admire the vitality of the plants and animals here will give guests a special feeling.

The beauty of Sung Sot cave is located in Bo Hon Island


With its convenient location geology combined with the natural landscape have created a snapshot of the colorful island Bo Hon, so when you arrive you'll feel all what capital have that natural However bestowed here. To be able to visit all the caves, flora and fauna on the island of Bo Hon best and most interesting tourist yacht rental deals. On modern yachts you can unleash sightseeing enjoy the fresh air and nice watch and learn about the caves surrounding Bo Hon Island.

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