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Blogging and Social Media

By Lollicious @lollicious
Blogging and social media
For me blogging is fun, a way to meet some beautiful, interesting, kind and generous people. I have made some amazing friends, learnt so much and laughed and giggled, smiled and supported and had the same in return. I enjoy the odd sample or offer but mostly blogging is for me a hobby that I love and cherish.
Blogging Social Media
I have learnt so much from blogging, and have grown in both my writing and blog style. I tend to focus my blog now on beauty and topics I think my readers and friends will enjoy and shy away from the personal stuff a little. I still love to share but I think people get enough of me on facebook, twitter and instagram.
Blogging and social media
Blogging is such a community of support and networks, you cant simply expect to write and be heard, you need to read others, comment and interact with the community. Make friends with other bloggers, learn from them and also help others. Its the best part believe me!!
My tips for wannabe bloggers
  • read!!!! Read and follow as many blogs as you can, read different styles and formats and from all over the World
  • write, as often as you can 
  • plan, plan ,plan... I cant stress this enough. A good blog will have regular posts and interactions with readers
  • be individual and yourself... don't copy or try to be like anyone else
Blogging is a lucrative and rewarding thing, but its not always money, fame and samples you can earn... rather friendships and bonds, advice and development
Blogging and social media
Social media is taking over the planet at the moment and in between tweeting, facebook and instagramming I hardly have a spare moment. This is another important aspect of blogging, get out there, be involved share and be shared..
Blogging and social media
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Do you blog or write? What are your tips and advice, experiences?

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