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By Obviousleigh @Obviousleigh
I am a little late introducing you all to 'Weight loss Wednesday' as it's now thursday! & you probably have already seen lots of other bloggers talking about this topic especially over on Jennifer's blog - Barely There Beauty (<< P.S that's where it was all created Whay!) So what is Weight Loss Wednesday, I hear you ask? It is a group of bloggers who all for whatever reason want a healthier & fitter lifestyle. All the bloggers within the WLW group will post a weekly post on their blog every wednesday with anything under the category of getting fit - whether that is some healthy recipes, motivational images, their fitness regime etc etc.  
Why I decided to join up to this blogger group? One of my main changes this year is to perfect my health & fitness level - I am not comfortable with how my body looks, I'm not ashamed of it in anyway, I just want to be 100% comfortable in my own skin. I have already started a get fit diary, which motivates me to do at least 3 workouts a week, write new recipes, what I am enjoying and how I am feeling everyday. . So when I saw WLW on Jennifer's I couldn't resist finding out more and getting involved. This way I figured I won't be doing it on my own & I have other people to motivate me whenever I am feeling a little sluggish. There are so many blogger's getting involved it will be interesting to see what everyone is getting up to every week. 
If you are interested to find out more then pop over to Jennifer's blog - Barely There Beauty - here you can find a list of everyone involved as well as more WLW blog posts. Also you could come and take part in the weekly chat over on twitter at 8pm under #BloggersWLW.. I hope you all look forward to seeing next wednesday's post. 

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