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By Kellabella @kellabel
Tell Me About Yourself Blogger Award
I just realized that Nykki at Nykki's Mane Blog awarded me this Tell Me About Yourself Award. Thanks Nykki!! For those of you that aren't following her blog already then you need to. She has a ton of great beauty posts on pretty much everything. She's also hosting a giveaway right now, so hurry up and check her blog out! I love giving and receiving blog awards, this is my 2nd one I got in the past week. It's so nice to feel appreciated and to let others know you appreciate there work too :)
Blogger Award
 To accept this award the rules are: ~Thank and link back to the person who awarded you ~Write 7 Random things about yourself ~Spread the love to 20 other bloggers
7 Random Things About Myself: 1. I have an addiction to spending money (I know its bad) 2. I hate country music but like every other type 3. I am a reality TV show junkie 4. I have the eating habits of a 5 year old. 5. I don't really enjoy going to the movies 6. My most hated beauty chore is washing my hair 7. I wish I was at least 2 inches shorter (I'm 5'9 and don't like it)
Now on to the love sharing...Here are my 20 (no particular order) 
KittyVixen85 Life with (Kitty) Bonkers Pinkysmiles Kaykaysmakeupbag Im not skinny, But That Doesn't Mean I'm Fat Life is Hard, Laugh Anyway Mercedes Makeup Obsession Need A Makeup Fix Spreading Lisa's Love Raelene Ashley Ghadeer's Makeup by Jess Mei Mei's Beauty Blog THE MARTINI CHRONICLES Makeup Tips, Tricks & Tales Guilty little Pleasures "Liz Taylor's Health, Fitness & Lifestyle Site Beauty By Talya T Divalicious Shoes and other lovely things
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