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By Rubytuesday
Is it just meOr does blogger seem eerily quiet these days?I check my reader a few times a day And there are hardly ever any new posts to readI guess Instagram is more popular these days And TwitterBut stillA lot of people seem to read this blogAnd I get emails every day from readers And other writersThat is the great thing about writing this blog I never know what is going to happen because of itI put myself and my story out thereAs I want to speak for the cross addicted community As well as the ED community I feel my story is worth telling As it's not fairytale I didn't live happily ever afterLife is tough There are many many bumps in the road This last week proved that With both myself and my Mum being hospitalisedMy pancreatitis couldn't have come at a worse time And hospital admissions are a real pain in the assBut I'm home now And on the mend I spent yesterday getting the house in to some sort of order And also looking after MamI made her meals Helped her have a showerAnd anything else she needs doing My sister is relieved I am homeAs it takes some of the pressure off herThe only thing is that I'm going to miss horse riding for the next couple of weeks Unless I can organize a lift from someone I will really miss it As I love it so much Equine therapy has helped me in so many ways Building a relationship with Star has been amazing And he did me so proud on SundayHe's a small horse But has a big personality I think we are perfectly suitedBeing with animals really feeds my soul I find they aid with healing tooAs they are so in tune with you For instance My two knew there was something going on last SundayAs they were extremely and unusually quiet That's not like them at allBut yes Horse riding has been a life lineIt has helped with my confidence in a big way And my self esteemGrowing in confidence has helped me with riding And that translates in to my every day life as wellIf you had told me six months ago that I would be competing in a dressage show I would have laughed at you But I'm so glad I did it It really gave me a boostAlso There is the social side of horse riding I have made new friends Amazing people When we go riding We leave our problems at the door And have a laugh and a jokeThere is great craic and banter If I could I would ride every single dayAnd I spend the whole week looking forward to Wednesday It's been better than any medicine Any therapy And any meeting I guess you find what works for you By a process of trial and errorNow I have found something to live for A reason to get up in the morning A purpose And that feels so good
In other news My neighbor just rang meTo let me know that the last from the job rang her for an reference I'm taking that as a good signThat they are keeping me in mind If I do get the jobI don't know how I'm going to manage everything And I have doctors orders to rest and take it easy But I will play it by ear I really want to continue my course And if I get they job They are going to clash I will have to choose one or the other I guess Watch this space I suppose 
I met a friend yesterday A girl I used to be friendly with But we kind of drifted apart She also has addiction and ED issues So it's good to talk to someone who is in the same boat 
That is it from me today I'm a busy bee looking after MumSo See you on the next post....

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