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Blog Designs - Free Blog Design | Devon

By Littlefashionthoughts
Blog Designs - Free Blog Design | Devon
When I first came to blogger, I'd spent all my time from about thirteen onwards on Tumblr {which I am currently still obsessed with} and so I understood a few basics of html and when I came to Blogger I soon realised that maybe I needed to develop my knowledge on html and so I started to fiddle around with things and I think this is my third layout now and I am pretty content with it. 
However I can definitely understand that html is not easy to understand and for some people it's just impossible and I think I was blessed with IT skills or something because I can do layouts and other things similar quite well and this has led to various emails being sent to me asking whether I can 'revamp' their blog or 'create them a layout'. I only ever did this blog and two of my college friends and then I started to get emails and so I did a few more around the blogging place, and so when talking about what to put in a university application with my tutor she told me I could put my blogging work and the fact I design for other people as experience, so I currently willing to make so more for anyone who has a problem with html and would like to spruce up their blog. 
However, this will be first come first serve and I do not want to do lots of them as my college work is pretty full on currently and I keep finding excuses not to do it. But, this is for a university application to try and get me into Fashion and Promotion - which included my desired job to be a stylist, or Fashion Marketing - which also includes styling, there is also courses in Fashion Communication and something else which I have actually forgot as I am currently babbling.
So I am going to do a maximum of three free blog designs, I have never charged anyone ever and do not think I am in a position currently to charge, I'd prefer to get more experience. Please note; if you do want a new blog design, I will have to wipe your blog layout completely clean as I prefer to work on a clean canvas, you obviously can then add any widgits you want afterwards.
If you wish for a free blog design email me at [email protected] please not the blog design will most likely be made for you on a weekend, as I'm studying with college throughout the week.
Today I also created two of my first ever graphics, I decided the first one is something if I ever had to send a valentines day card to a {future, hopefully one day} boyfriend, I would want it to be kinda sarcastic and a little like this. The second one I just came up with on the spot, I'd love to travel a lot more in the future and find a place where I can call 'home', I don't know. I actually learnt I need to use less thicker pens than what I used in the second one.
Blog Designs - Free Blog Design | Devon
I have also lost my camera, so we're still in the camera crisis mode. However, I think my younger brother stole is because today I questioned him and he was totally cool and usually when he hasn't done something he screams at me. Also he asked if he could have it when I didn't want it. Another fact, he has been taking all the old cameras lately. I hold him responsible until I find it, because I have searched high and low, so I don't know when I will next be uploading until I find my camera.

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