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Blacks, Whites, and Delayed Gratification: The Evidence

Posted on the 15 May 2014 by Calvinthedog

‘Yes, Blacks on average have an inability to delay gratification’

Is there evidence for that? How do you test for it?

There has been something called the candy bar test that they do with young kids around age 6 or so. They have been doing it with White and Black kids since the 1960′s. The test says you can have one candy bar now or you can wait a week and get three candy bars, something along those lines. Well the White kids are much more likely to wait a week for the three bars and the Black kids are much more likely to say give me the candy bar now, screw waiting a week.

My understanding is that the test has been repeated numerous times with White and Black kids since the 1960′s, and the result every time is exactly the same. The test has also been done in both the Caribbean and the US. I believe at this point, they have done the test so many times and gotten the same result that people are saying they do are getting tired of doing the test because it always comes out the same.

That evidence, along with the painfully obvious evidence staring you right in the face here in multiethnic US, indicates to me that Blacks on average have a low ability to delay gratification compared to Whites, and I assume based on the candy bar test that it is genetic.

Obviously there are exceptions, even outrageous ones, such as my co-blogger Alpha and I assume commenter Tulio. Alpha got a BA in English from UC Berkeley. Berkeley is one of the most demanding schools in the US.

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