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Blacks and Crime: A Look at My Town

Posted on the 15 August 2013 by Calvinthedog

Johan Meyer writes:

Argentina’s murder rate in 1997 (sorry, I remembered wrongly) was 9.1 and 9.2 in 2002; it is now 3.4. Haiti stands at 6.9.

In your city, what are the average over 10ug/dl Pb counts in black areas? And are a substantial number of black woman exceptionally light-skinned? I ask as that would indicate that the children were likely exposed to mercury.

For other crimes, even allowing that the black crime rate is substantially higher, the incompleteness of the records and differential prosecution (e.g. The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Prison, ch3, eighth ed) would make me a bit careful with extrapolation. But I should ask, what is the conviction rate of blacks in your city by major crimes (auto theft, murder, rape, drugs)?

About Argentina’s murder rate, yes, White homicide rates can go up and down. It’s quite clear that the better behaved races like Whites can descend to some horribly low levels sometimes. The high can drop pretty low, mostly they stay high. But can the less behaved races reach for the sky? When you do you ever hear about large groups of Blacks who act like Norwegians or Japanese. The high plunge to the depths but the low don’t rocket to the heavens.

There are no Black areas of my city. Blacks are only 4% and they are just mixed all in with everybody else, mostly in the poorer and heavily Hispanic areas. There is no Black neighborhood here and thank God for that!

I do not really know what the conviction rate for Blacks in my town is as figures like that are almost impossible to come by, but a lot of the time when you see a cop putting someone in a police car or questioning someone, that person is Black. I mean you see this a lot, and way more than 4% of the arestees and people they are questioning are Black, way more.

Also I know some of the Blacks who live around here, and from what I hear, they either go to jail on a regular basis or they have criminal records in the past. Typical crimes are beating their girlfriends, pimping, prostitution, driving on suspended license, etc.

I have met 2 pimps in this town so far, and they were both Black. So Blacks are 4% of the population, but I figure they are 100% of the real hardcore street pimps!

If you read The Color of Crime, their report was based on victimization surveys. The 6-9X elevated Black crime rate over Whites was based on interviews with crime victims. So prosecution has nothing to do with it. According to Color of Crime, Blacks are substantially less likely to be incarcerated for a given crime than Whites are! I actually believe this is true as the Justice system gets tired of sentencing so many Blacks so they start to give Blacks a break.

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