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Black People Are Ok; Black Culture is Crap

Posted on the 01 February 2018 by Calvinthedog

I have racist thoughts myself of course, and I like that a lot of cool White people are coming out and admitting that they do. I don’t particularly like them though, and like that White guy, I often end up having an internal conversation with myself to talk myself out of them.

But with real deep ghetto/Black culture types, I show no mercy. I freely have all sorts of racist thoughts about them because I hate ghetto culture and to the extent that Black Culture is just upgraded Ghetto Culture (face it – it is!), I think Black Culture is basically crap. I only like Black People who seem like they are outside of Black Culture and have just assimilated to mainstream ordinary US culture instead. To me that means what I would call, “Acting like White people.” Maybe that’s not what it is, but that’s what it feels like to me.

As far as Blacks off into Black culture, I just have nothing to do with them. I ignore them. I had some dealings with them in past, and they are mostly just trouble. Sooner or later and usually sooner, they are just flat-out trouble. You are better off just not getting involved with them at all. I don’t necessarily hate them or whisper “nigger” in my mind when I see them, but I just want a divorce from that culture. It’s useless to try to change them and they are not changing anytime in my lifetime. Anyway, they seem to like this awful culture of theirs. So they can have it.

My basic position is that a lot of Black people are ok, but Black Culture is just sheer crap, sorry. And Blacks who are deep off into Black Culture, I am just not interested in them, sorry.

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