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Black Male, 113 IQ

Posted on the 29 September 2016 by Calvinthedog

When we set Black male IQ’s at 113, the Black and White crime rates are equal. Now isn’t that interesting?

So if all Blacks were just as smart as Jews, they would be no more criminal than Whites. But sadly that’s not case.

Now this is very interesting. Let’s look at this group – the Whites with 113 IQ and the Blacks with 113 IQ. Were their life experiences different? If so, how? If the Black experiences were worse, then why were the Blacks immune to them? Let’s look at the genes. Whoa! Genes are not the same. 113 IQ Blacks had a number of high risk repeats and whatnot that can definitely raise the risk of crime. Yet in them, it didn’t raise it one bit. Wow that is interesting! Why not? How were they immunized?

I actually suspect that the answer here is twofold but both answers deal with the same thing – intelligence.

Theory 1: First of all, it is possible that 113 IQ Blacks have some general background criminal tendency risk common to the race. So they were sort of born with their mind wanting to go in these directions. My theory: At some point, IQ is so high that is swarms out your bad genes. At 113 IQ, perhaps the high IQ might enable Black men to “swamp out” their antisocial tendencies like a tidal wave washing over a village. The intelligence just overwhelms the bad drives and renders them moot.

There might be something to that because I am convinced that a lot of low crime people want to act bad too. Bad men do what good men dream. This has always been my thinking. There is one maniac running around raping and murdering women while 100 men are only dreaming of it. The role of repression in human behavior is severely underestimated.

I hate to say it, but I have had all sorts of criminal urges in my life. The overwhelming majority of the time, I was simply able to suppress or repress these urges and forget about them. My superego would come in and say You might get caught, it’s wrong, what about the person, how could you do that to them, what about jail what about prison, imagine what that could be like, you would never handle it, it would ruin your life, don’t do it. They few times I gave in, I decided it was not a bad thing to do and anyway, the victim deserved it. So it was more paybacks and revenge than anything else.

The take home point here may be that as IQ rises, we can suppress more and more of our nasty and antisocial impulses, not to mention our stupid impulses. IQ might be the Great Suppressor or the Great Repressor.

Theory 2: Another possibility is that the genes that elevate criminal tendency in Blacks are not evenly distributed in the Black population. Alpha and Tulio act good because they simply never got dosed with these repeats. And perhaps, as Black IQ rises, genes are connected with this IQ rise. And the higher the IQ, the fewer antisocial genes one is dealt because these traits sort of run together genetically. Conversely, as IQ descends, perhaps the frequency of high crime risk genes increases because these genes are tied in genetically with low IQ.

Anyway it is figures like this, where the “high crime race” commits exactly the same amount of crime as the “low crime race” and discovers just why it is that this is so that makes race realist research so interesting, even from a point of view of progressive motives.

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