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Black Friday Deals 2019 – Memories and More

By Apoorva @perksofbeauty

Ever since I knew about the Black Friday and the deals around it, I always waited for thanksgiving. I was a shopaholic and I am still but something changed in my thinking process and that's finding a good deal before I spend on something.

Black Friday Deals 2019 – Memories and More
Black Friday 2019 - Deals, Memories and More

As a teenager, I struggled to stay informed about the deals and I always wanted to get everything and anything that catches my eye. I was not very careful about the money and I regret it now. I used to earn money just to spend it.
Do check my shopping nostalgia here

But now, things have changed with me. I still buy a lot of stuff but I refer to the online website where they provide the latest deals/coupons before I purchase anything. I wanted to share a memory that haunts me till today regarding Black Friday.

Down the memory lane... worst Black Friday deal search

So, I wanted to get a makeup kit that was exclusive to the thanksgiving and I was in a queue since 3 pm that day. The stores usually open at 6 pm and I was pretty sure that I would get into the store the moment they open it. But, when the time has come, I was behind almost 200 people and by the time I went in, the product was out of stock and it was sold out everywhere. I saved up my money to buy it at the full price and somehow I slept very disappointedly. I wished there was an online website or an app to guide me then.

Thankfully, we have which covers almost all the sale details in one place. They are being extra helpful for Black Friday by curating all the deals per online store separately. My favorite online websites to shop are the Amazon and Walmart.

Do follow this link to be informed about all the Wal-Mart Black Friday deals that are available to shop from the here

I hope you will find all the items from your wishlist on a deal price. All the best >::<

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