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Black Caucus Members Try to Incite Minority Voters

Posted on the 06 September 2011 by Technocowgirl @TechnoCowgirl

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   Members of the Congressional Black
Caucus (CBC) Andre Carson and Maxine Waters are accused of trying to incite
minority voters in a last ditch effort to secure votes for President Obama’s 2012
re-election dream. Democrat Andre Carson from Indianapolis attacked Tea Party
members, policies, and politicians via racist rhetoric at an event in Miami Florida;
Carson suggested, “Some of them in Congress right now with this tea party
movement would like to see you and me –hanging on a tree”…arguing that some tea
party politicians are trying to block the economic advancement of blacks and
other minorities” (, 2011). Have CBC members forgotten about Tea
Party aligned Herman Cain and Allen West? Or, do they consider the two Tea
Party “token” blacks?

   Maxine Waters spewed her own version
of similar racist incitement tactics in a different event; stating that, “the
Tea Party could ‘go straight to hell’” (Condon, 2011). It sounds as if the
racism is deep-seated within the CBC, not with Tea Party politics and policies.
If in fact, Andre Carson and Maxine
Waters did not have their head up their own ‘agenda’, they could see that the
economic plight and entitlement cuts do not discriminate color; there are a
plethora of white Americans out of work and on entitlements as well. Or does
the CBC think like Attorney General Eric Holder, that whites “haven’t suffered
enough”; therefore, they do not count?

   At least one CBC member does have
some ethical sense however. “Allen West, the only member of the Congressional
Black Caucus (CBC), sent a letter to CBC Chairman Emanuel Clever [on August 31,
2011], asking him to disassociate the group with what he calls “race-baiting”…he
wrote, “As Chairman of the CBC, I believe it is incumbent on you to both condemn
these types of hate-filled comments, and to disassociate the Congressional
Black Caucus from these types of remarks…Otherwise, I will have to seriously
reconsider my membership within the organization” (Condon, 2011).  Carson rebutted boasting, “nobody on the
Black Caucus would “lose sleep” if West left the panel because of the comments”
(, 2011). Well Mr. Carson, none of America (except Obama) would lose
sleep if you lost your ability to speak sir! The ignorance you spew depicts the
character you bring into our government body; furthermore, many black Americans
suffered due to ignorant remarks such as yours and Maxine Waters! Do you
believe it is alright because you are black? Just in case someone has not
informed you sir –it is NOT!

   Andre Carson and Maxine Waters owe
the American public, African Americans, and the Tea Party an apology at the
very least (a resignation would be more fitting). Do they not realize their
racist-based rhetoric could cost lives? There are a lot of ‘nuts’ out there who
are just looking for a cause. How soon will it be before a minority takes an
AK-47 and blows away a Tea Party member, simply because they took to heart the
words of an ignorant black elected official they view as a mentor? There have
already been elevated attacks on whites from black mobs who are unhappy with
the treatment (or lack thereof) they think they are receiving. Would this same premise
be accepted if American taxpayers locked and loaded on minorities sucking off
the entitlement system, simply because they are tired of supporting low-income
communities –feeling violated by the Obama administration for over-taxing them
to pay for entitlements? Of course not!

   This kind of behavior must stop and
be condemned by every American; black, white, Hispanic, and so forth. We ‘The
People” must not elect members of Congress that spew skewed ignorance such as
this; if we do it inadvertently, we must remove them immediately! The character
of Congress and elected officials depicts the character of the people of the
United States to the world; we must prove that this is not something we all approve
of –period! I, as an American, am calling for the prompt removal of these foul
mouth ignorant Congressional Black Caucus members. If they remain in office, I
personally hang my head in shame for all who refuse to stand against such


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