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Black and White Jelly Sandwich

By Goosesglitter @GoosesGlitter
This is my first time trying out a jelly sandwich, and I really liked it!
Black and White Jelly Sandwich
Essie Marshmallow and Claire's Black/Silver Holo glitter
This was made in five layers alternating between Marshmallow and the Claire's glitter. The multiple layers of glitter create varying shades of gray which is a pretty cool pattern. The overall effect reminds me of stones in concrete or the little color-blindness tests (except in black and white... which doesn't really make sense, haha).
What I realized with various experiments is that your base color doesn't need to be a jelly at all.  I found that using a medium pink creme then a layer of glitter, then a layer of white, it created a neat light pink with white and gray speckles.  Very pretty!  So now I want to try some with various glitters and base colors.  I really like the effect that white puts over the glitter!
Any ideas for jelly sandwiches that you'd like to see me try?

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