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Birthday Prints

By Amogere14

Since I still consider this week my birthday week….

You know how you plan to have an outfit post on the blog but every time you want to take photos, something always comes up. Frustrating, right? That was the case with this outfit. I even began to think that the universe didn’t want this post to go up! Well, until my birthday (which was this past Sunday). Thank God I had my friend Tuesday (yes that’s his name) to the rescue who managed to take my outfit photos at the end of the day. Finally! My heart is now at peace.

Stories aside, I think I may have found the perfect printed pants. I’d been on the search to find printed pants for the longest time and stumbled upon this pair while in New York. You know, that moment you try on a pair of pants and heaven’s gates open and the angels start to sing….


Jacket & Tee – Monki

Trousers – Old Navy

Bracelets & Flats – Primark

Bag – H&M

Earrings – my Mum’s

Lip colour – MAC Heroine & Nightmoth Lipliner


For those wondering about my hair, it’s a braid-out with the left side pinned back. And yes, my faux leather jacket is my favourite jacket in the world.



I also mentioned on my Instagram that my brother-in-law got my sister and I the best cake ever! Is there anything better than a MAC Ruby Woo-inspired cake? :-)


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