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Biotherm Goodness: Biosource Softening Exfoliating Cleansing Gel Review

By Reinesoignee @RSoignee

It’s been a while since my last blog post. May, huh? Way too long if you ask me! I wasn’t feeling like blogging somehow, melancholy and summertime sadness got the better of me! However, the amount of great products I’d love to tell you about continues to grow to my greatest joy, so let’s get straight to it!
I’ve been loving Biotherm cosmetics for quite some time now; mostly it’s great value for the money and the quality is amazing so when the time came to choose a new cleanser I decided to explore what the brand has to offer. Biosource line is for people with dry skin and I needed something to do light daily exfoliation to help my yucky feeling face get that desired healthy glow!
What do you get when you go for Biosource Softening Exfoliating Cleansing Gel? A really light buffing gel with small pink exfoliating microbeads that help to smooth out the skin without being overly aggressive or damaging. After cleansing my face feels soft and ready to be treated with a cream of my choice. I’m a big sucker for cleansers of this kind, so it’s a hit with me, especially after I saw the before and after difference! No, I’m not claiming this gel will change your life or you will never be tempted to use anything else but Biosource. I’m just saying it’s a good one and worth giving it a try if you are looking for something mild and non-abusive.

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