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By Bearbottomproductions @BearBottomProd


Version: 1.3.2

Release Date: N/A

Creators: Risugami


Biosphere creates sections of land in shapes of spheres that hover in the air.  Each sphere is connected by wooden bridges with fence rails.  There is no sea level or bedrock below.  You will just fall to your death.  This Mod is a world generator, which creates the world you play in.  It still includes caves and all environment elements; each sphere being a different random biome.  The spheres are encased in glass till ground level, so be careful digging to deep.  Next to the biome spheres are smaller spheres in which players have to create a path too.  These smaller spheres have diamond, lapis lazuli and other rare minerals; the only place you can get these minerals.  This Mod requires ModLoader to run, which is created by the same developers.


At first it is a cool Mod that brings a unique challenge.  Though after some time playing in the world it start to get old.  Getting to the rare minerals can provide quite a challenge, with death being the result of missteps.  Yes, yes I have fallen to my death, on purpose though.  I recommend this Mod for someone in a single player world looking for fun and challenges.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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