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Bionic Eye May Eventually Bring the Gift of Sight to Millions

By Solarisastro @solarisastro

Bionic Eye

A new scientific breakthrough is being now tested in the UK which may bring some sort of solution to probably the most debilitating of all disabilities, blindness. A British man, Chris James who lost his sight 20 years ago has had a synthetic eye and a silicon chip implanted, inspired by the type of chip used in digital cameras. In initial tests, Chris has said that he can now see the outline of figures and shapes and doctors hope that as his brain adjusts to the new device, his digital sight may continue to improve. It is hoped at the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford and at Kings College hospital in London that more trials will be carried out to improve the implantation technique and to fine tune the technology.

May 3rd 2012

Ok this is an astrology site, so what is the story in the heavens? Well there is one indication that I actually saw a few weeks ago that I left alone to see if the prediction came true, and it has. It involves the planet Uranus which is in paran relationship with the star Arcturus, the brightest one in the constellation of Bootes the hunter and farmer. This star very interestingly represents wisdom and often is highlighted as the people of the world make shifts in consciousness & improve their knowledge and capabilities. Bootes shows man progressing from hunter to farmer, embracing the power of learning, teaching and leading; Bootes is the one who leads the way and shows vision.

Of course Uranus traditionally represents technology and technological breakthroughs. At the latitude for London in the UK 51 degrees North as Uranus is rising on the left of the picture above Arcturus on the right is setting, you can clearly see the relationship on the horizon line above. These two bodies are said to be in paran relationship and combining the two qualities of Uranus and Arcturus one can imagine scientific breakthroughs (Uranus) that will benefit the knowledge and capabilities of man (Arcturus). This paran relationship is currently only effective for the latitude for London, and so it is no surprise that the development and testing for this potentially wonderful device is happening in the UK.

Here is a wonderful correlation between the heavens and actual events and developments happening here on earth, predicted so beautifully in the universe above. To bring sight to those who lost the ability to see or to those who were born blind is technology in my view being used in the right way. The vision of the constellation Bootes is once again being used for the benefit of mankind.

Note – The planet Uranus was discovered by astronomer Sir William Herschel who also founded sidereal astronomy for the observation of the heavens back in 1781/82, and low and behold he had Uranus in paran relationship with the star Arcturus.

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