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Bigger Dimensions.

By Nonibaumann

bigger dimensions. 
Just a few pictures of some late summer dayswe really enjoyed. we packed our things and did a whole lot of drawing in the backyard.
why not draw on bigger dimensions?
back in university days in art classes the teachers encouraged us to do so, for getting more free and open in our expressions.
little E so much enjoyed it, she literally spent hours.
bigger dimensions.
and I ?
I spent hours watching her.sometimes my heart feels so full of love like it could burst any moment.It´s that kind of feeling you maybe can imagine before having kids, but you really feel its depths when you hold your child the first time.
sometimes I had this awkward thought, that I might say I love you to often to her.( I really say it often, but I mean it)
I know it´s a stupid thought.
but these days God reminded me gently of it´s love, again,his love has no borders.and he wants us to love like he loves us.without borders.
Our children won`t be spoiled by being loved well.sometimes we just have to leave the thinking in our small humanly understanding
and start to practice and move in bigger dimensions :)it`s a learning process, but we get free while practicing.
what do you think?
bigger dimensions.bigger dimensions.
have a happy weekend friends ,with much love in your heart !
bigger dimensions.
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