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Bigfoot News May 22, 2013

Posted on the 23 May 2013 by Calvinthedog

Christopher Noel’s 7th reason why he believes Rick Dyer.

7) Admittedly, this one follows quite a roundabout path of logic. See if it makes as much sense to you as it does to me.

Leading up to the world premiere of “Shooting Bigfoot,” Dyer robustly sold the idea that the powerful proof contained in the film would remove all doubt as to the legitimacy of his claims. On dozens of occasions, he promised his audience that we could expect “two to three minutes of crystal clear HD footage. Hell, you’ll be able to see the boogers in his nose!” On the strength of this assertion, many of us drove long distances in order to witness the historic sight; the guys from FB/FB, for example, traveled thirty-seven hours round trip in an RV.

As we now know all too well, the film contains less than two SECONDS of the Sasquatch in question. Whether he was given bad advance information by Morgan Matthews or was deliberately baiting his listeners, Dyer led us all out on a limb…and let us drop. Then, when we rightfully complained, he compounded the insult by jeering, “I’m sorry the Bigfoot didn’t come out and do a song and dance for you”–as though we ourselves had somehow allowed our hopes to inflate out of all proportion in the absence of Dyer’s very own hot air.

Now, those who find this man’s story to be utterly lacking any credibility in the first place will naturally point to this spectacularly failed promise and cynical, mean-spirited follow-up remarks as yet further evidence of the moral and epistemological bankruptcy of the case at hand. While sharing their disgust, however, I approach this affair from a different angle.

Dyer’s broken word and his new request, now, that we simply go ahead and resume the waiting game for another fifteen long weeks–until a promised August 15th body unveiling at a Las Vegas casino–has evidently cratered morale among his followers. Childish infighting has resulted in ousters and defections among his formerly tight Team Tracker circle and an ever-decreasing Internet radio audience. Dyer’s much-publicized mid-May Ohio expedition, featuring Dallas and Wayne, has been canceled due to lack of interest.

But where most see a sinking ship I look for a smoking gun. It is at just such a moment of plummeting confidence and organizational implosion that any scam conspiracy would be expected to fall apart, and quickly, once-loyal insiders “turning state’s witness” in order to salvage a last vestige of personal credibility. Where are they?

Detractors sense sweet vindication here, crowing as though it has already arrived. I frankly don’t see it.

Yep, where are all the Dyer insiders who are going public with the inside dirt about the “latest Dyer hoax.” Nowhere in sight. And they ought to be showing up just about now, except they are nowhere to be seen.

Dyer’s inside team is abandoning him. We touched in my last post, but it has been expanding since then. More and more insiders are bailing out. Some of the ones who are leaving say they are afraid of Rick. And more and more of Dyer’s followers are attacking his style and personality. People are saying that is nuts, crazy, a jerk, has a terrible personality, etc. Formerly, Rick’s followers all acted like Rick was the greatest thing on Earth.

However, most of those leaving are not accusing Rick of hoaxing. They are just bailing out on what looks like a ship of fools that is sinking fast. Rick continues to host his radio shows, but as Noel notes, few are listening anymore. And Rick seems to be getting nuttier and nuttier, waging incessant war on the “haters.” This war seems to be consuming almost all of his time now.

So-called scandal around Team Tracker from Racer X. The latest so-called scandal via Racer X revolves around Pinkfoot, Rick’s VP, and her doubts about whether or not Rick is hoaxing this whole thing, in particular, whether or not he hoaxed the Tent Video. It turns out that her worries are not validated when examined, and just because Pinkfoot is worried that Rick is hoaxing doesn’t mean that Rick hoaxed the Tent Video. But it does show the plummeting morale inside Team Tracker if even his own VP seems to be bailing out on him. Racer X presents this as evidence that Rick hoaxed the Tent Video, but it’s really nothing of the sort. Racer X has been grasping at straws for some time now.

Rick Dyer hoax out of Florida in Spring 2011.

Well, there you have it, a totally pitiful hoax by Rick Dyer of a Bigfoot.

Well, there you have it, a totally pitiful hoax by Rick Dyer of a Bigfoot.

Is that pitiful or what? Rick released that photo of a Bigfoot, and he shot that pic on one of his Bigfoot hunts in Florida. Later he said that he had not shot the photo and he did not know who did, and at any rate, he had nothing to do with that photo. This is Rick’s typical response when he is caught in one of his endless lies.

Dyer skeptics “prove” that Dyer is hoaxing the Hank footage. Racer X recently released these files that supposedly prove that Rick hoaxed the Tent Video and that the Bigfoot in the Shooting Bigfoot movie is a man in a mask.

The first one, comparing the Tent Video to a man in a suit, is an obvious fail.

This photo shows Hank from Shooting Bigfoot and compares it to a mask, claiming there is a resemblance.

This photo shows the Bigfoot from the Tent Video and compares it a photo of a known man in a costume and claims it is the same suit. The two are not identical and this photo does not prove that the Tent Video shows a man in a suit.

The photo below is not acceptable because the photo on the left is simply a recreation done using software and is not a photo of the actual Hank. In fact, the artist may have used that mask to help his recreation.

This one compares a Bigfoot mask with a markup drawing made using part of Hank's face from Shooting Bigfoot that was drawn out using software.

This one compares a Bigfoot mask with a markup drawing made using part of Hank’s face from Shooting Bigfoot that was drawn out using software.

The next photo shows Hank from the Shooting Bigfoot and compares it with a Bigfoot mask, claiming there are some resemblances. In fact, I see no resemblance at all.

This photo compares Hank in shooting Bigfoot with a mask and claims there is somewhat of a match.

This photo compares Hank in Shooting Bigfoot with a mask and claims there is somewhat of a match.

Monsters and Mysteries in America Justin Smeja Sierra Kills episode. Not sure if you ever saw this very interesting episode either on TV at the time or on the Internet afterwards, but I uploaded the episode onto my video blog in case any of you want to watch it. Derek Randles is also on the show. If you are interested in the Sierra Kills, you ought to watch this show.

Dr. Melba Ketchum working on an important TV documentary. Ketchum is now represented by an attorney in New York City. His name is Mike Sword, and his specialty is TV and entertainment. I don’t know for sure that she is working on a documentary, but this is what someone who has been following her closely believes.

Dr. Brian Sykes Bigfoot DNA study to be published in September. The Sykes folks recently released a statement saying that they were going to be completely transparent with the community the whole way through this study. The expect to be able to release the study in September.

Sykes may be a Bigfoot skeptic. A man who was in contact with Sykes for a long period last year said that his impression at the time was that Sykes did not believe in Bigfoot and Sykes saw his role or goal as being to debunk the Bigfoot myth. This person believes that this is still Sykes’ philosophical view as he spoke to him when he returned from his latest visit to the US and implied that his earlier skeptical view had not changed. This goes against statements from those involved in Sykes in the US that said he had some sort of an experience at a Bigfoot habituation site in Washington state and that now he is a believer in Bigfoot.

Sorry I do not have any more, but I do not think there has been a whole lot going on in Bigfootery lately…

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