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Bigfoot News May 2, 2013

Posted on the 03 May 2013 by Calvinthedog

More on the Hank photos. There are some new photos of Hank out from the movie Shooting Bigfoot. These are the same photo, but it has been manipulated in various ways, rendered into drawn art by artists, overlaid with other photos and compared with other photos.

In the photo below, it is true that the Tent Video Bigfoot does not resemble well the Bigfoots on either side of it. However, I think the Hank still from the movie compares well with the drawing of Hank on the far right.

Three images, Hank from Shooting Bigfoot, the Tent Video Bigfoot (Hank?) and an artist's rendition of Hank as described by Musky Allen.

Click to enlarge. Three images, Hank from Shooting Bigfoot, the Tent Video Bigfoot (Hank?) and an artist’s rendition of Hank as described by Musky Allen.

Check out the chiseled drawing below based on the Hank photo from Shooting Bigfoot.

Very nice artist's rendition resembling a sculpture of Hank from Shooting Bigfoot. This drawing looks very much like a Neandertal!

Click to enlarge. Very nice artist’s rendition resembling a sculpture of Hank from Shooting Bigfoot. This drawing looks very much like a Neandertal!

Look at how closely the photo of Hank from the movie lines up with the drawing based on Musky’s observation, with the movie still used for the lower part of the face the drawing for the upper part of the face. The comparison is excellent and the two fit together quite well.

Overlay of the Hank photo from Shooting Bigfoot with the drawing of Hank based on Musky's description.

Click to enlarge. Overlay of the Hank photo from Shooting Bigfoot with the drawing of Hank based on Musky’s description.

Below is the Hank movie still fleshed out into a whole face using software. Look how much that looks like a Neandertal!

The Hank still from the movie fleshed out with software into a complete face.

Click to enlarge. The Hank still from the movie fleshed out with software into a complete face.

Via Facebook Find Bigfoot, a photo of a possible Bigfoot sticking its face into a game cam in Minnesota from 2007. The comments below the photo mostly say it is some sort of a wild animal. Only a couple said it was a man. That is not a wild animal. It is either a man, a Homo sapiens sapiens, or it is a Bigfoot. For some reason, I think this might be a Bigfoot. Look how much it resembles a Neandertal, the Musky Allen sketch, the video still of Hank and even the other game cam shot of a Bigfoot licking the game cam from the Olympic Project. One comment said this photos resembles Homo Heidelbergensis. That is a possibility.

A photo of a possible Bigfoot from a game cam in Minnesota in 2007.

A photo of a possible Bigfoot from a game cam in Minnesota in 2007.

The Man Who Cried Bigfoot video. Via JR Dobbs, we have the 9th in a sequence of videos from the homeless people who live around the area where Dyer purportedly shot Hank. This 9th video is devastating to Rick’s case. The homeless man pretty much says that Rick hoaxed the whole thing. He said that he was paid to stand on a hill above the shooting scene at night and was given a radio to keep in contact with the crew below. His job was to keep people away from the site while shooting was going on. He said there were many shots fired and what seemed to be repeated takes of the shooting scene. He also said that some live shots were fired, but many blanks were also fired, all by Rick.

He now says that there may well be a Bigfoot in the area: “There is definitely something out here.” He also says that Rick Dyer slit his dog’s throat. He took the dog to the vet’s, and the vet said that the dog’s throat had been cut by a knife or some sort of a blade. The man says he took a photo with Dyer the morning after the shooting of Hank, and he never saw any Bigfoot body. He says he saw Morgan Matthews walk away from the site the morning after the shooting, and he appeared to be hale and hearty, carting an 80 pound camera like it was nothing. He says the whole crew, including Rick, left that morning and has never been seen again.

The man appears somewhat spacy and he may be a heavy or regular drug user. It is said that most of the homeless people in that area are meth users, and that many of them steal to survive or to get money to buy dope. They leave the area at night to go steal to get dope money and come back in the daytime with dope and get high.

Unfortunately, this fellow has completely changed his story compared to the initial story he gave to JR Dobbs, and hence, he is not very credible.

Rick Dyer’s response to JR Dobbs 9th video above. If you can stand to listen to Rick Dyer talk on video for a few minutes, then you will be able to listen to Dyer’s rejoinders to all of the charges made by the man in the video above.

Man says there were many shots, including blanks. In his initial video, the man said there were only two shots. Now there are many.

Blanks were fired. Man produces a 30.06 shell, but produces no blanks.

Man says he was given a radio and put on a hill while multiple rehearsals of the shooting scene were shot. Rick said that instead efforts were made to keep the man away from the scene in the period after Hank was killed.

Dyer slit my dog’s throat. Dyer says that the dog was killed by pulling too hard on too tight of a leash. Instead of killing the dog, Dyer says he tended to its wounds. Dyer says he would never hurt any animal, but this is not true, as he has already killed one Bigfoot.

Shot taken with man and Dyer the next morning. Not true, the photo of the man and Dyer was taken the night before. The man is not usually around in the daytime.

Man says there may well be a Bigfoot in the area. In his first video, he said there was no Bigfoot in the area.

Man says he is the only homeless person living in that area. Rick says that there area actually a number of homeless folks living in that area, and Rick gave some of  them jobs so they could leave, move into shelter, and live more normal lives, leaving the homeless life behind.

Bottom line is this guy does not appear to be very credible. He is a marginal homeless fellow who seems a bit shady and dangerous. Who knows what kind of life he lives. He may well be a heavy or regular drug user, possibly of methamphetamine. He has changed his story in quite a few ways, and Rick has contradicted most of his testimony. At the end of the day, JR Dobbs’ 9th video is not particularly credible.

Did Rick Dyer make a $200,000 surrogate human? Via Tim Fasano’s site, Tim runs through the possibilities surrounding Musky Allen’s testimony.

Tim says there are three possibilities:

  1. Musky saw a Bigfoot.
  2. Musky is lying.
  3. Musky got fooled by an excellent Bigfoot replica.

Fasano dismisses (2) as not credible and I agree with him. I do not think that Fasano is lying. And I do agree that Musky saw either an excellent replica or a real Bigfoot. One wonders why Rick would have gone through the trouble to pay $200,000 for a fancy fake human with no guarantee of any returns on the investment. It also seems dubious that the US government facility housing Hank would allow their place to be used to house a fake Bigfoot. And it seems dubious that the medical model company would have the expertise to construct a fake Bigfoot, even on order. They make fake Homo sapiens sapiens, not fake Bigfoots. Bigfoots are not H.s.s.; they are something else entirely.

Rick Dyer’s personality. I hate to beat a dead horse here, but it is a topic of general interest. The one reviewer described Dallas and Wayne as “borderline retards” and Rick Dyer as an “a-hole.” That’s a pretty good summation. I rather like Dallas and Wayne, especially Wayne, but they don’t exactly come across like the sharpest tools in the shed. The description of Dyer as an “a-hole” is absolutely spot on, and sums him up better than most psychological diagnoses. This is simply how he comes across. When I watch his videos, he screams “a-hole” all the way through the video, from :01 all the way to the end.

A Canadian friend of mine said, “well, up here in Canada, we would call somebody like Dyer an idiot!” I asked him what he meant by that, and he said that in Canadian English, “idiot,” means something a bit different than it does here. He told me, “Well here in Canada, an “idiot” means someone who causes so much trouble, so many problems and is such a pain in the a-, that you just need to stay away from them.” That’s an interesting description and seems to describe Dyer well. Here in California English, we would call someone like that something like a “total f-tard.”

Dyer also reminds me of some of the wild Christian fundamentalist preachers we used to have on early cable TV in Southern California about 30 years ago. One middle aged clown was a rather nice looking guy who often wore a cowboy hat. He changed outfits a lot and sometimes appeared drunk, stoned, medicated or tired. He rambled on narcissistically about everything under the sun. He was a One-Man Show that never shut down. It was a One Man Ultimate Egotist Jerk-off Fest. We would watch the show, laugh at him and wonder why anyone would ever watch him. We often described him as “crazy,” and we wondered if maybe he had a mood disorder like manic-depression.

Another thing that I think when I watch Dyer is that is a guy who is “totally unhinged.” He seems like someone who thinks with his mouth open and has no inhibitions whatsoever. Furthermore, he is always “on.” No matter what time of day it is or what day of the week it is, it’s always, “The Rick, Rick Show.”

Others have pointed out that unlike a pure sociopath, Rick does display a fairly wide range of emotions, and he does seem to have some decent and sensitive emotions. He has a positive side to his personality, and he has good traits that no pure sociopath would ever have.

He’s a complicated fellow!

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