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Bigfoot News March 21, 2013

Posted on the 22 March 2013 by Calvinthedog

MIB’s came to see Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot body. Government agents recently came to the undisclosed location where Dyer is housing his Bigfoot body and took samples of the body. Interesting, they did not confiscate it. They were merely concerned that Dyer may have killed a very odd looking human being. They took samples to do genetic testing on the creature to make sure it is not Homo sapiens sapiens. If Dyer shot and killed an H.s.s., then he committed homicide, and law enforcement may get involved in terms of arrest, incarceration, trial and punishment.

Dyer’s body is being held at a US government research facility. I reported earlier that it is being held at a US government facility. However, I just learned that this is a research facility of some sort. In addition, a US government team of scientific investigators there has been tasked with studying the body for about 5-6 months now.

Dyer’s Bigfoot has two rows of teeth! I have just learned that the Bigfoot has two rows of teeth consisting of a second row of molars in the back of its mouth on the top and bottom. Grinders! That thing is built for grinding food. Fascinatingly, this brings to mind many old reports from the 19th and early 20th Century about huge skeletons being found, mostly back east. They were described as being very tall, with some up to 8-9 feet tall. And it was not rare to report that they had two rows of teeth. When I originally read these reports, I simply thought they were insane and the result of sensationalistic newspaper reporting at a time of little journalistic integrity in the daily press.

However, in light of the dual rows of teeth present in Dyer’s Bigfoot, it turns out that maybe we should look into some of those old “giants” reports again. At the time, both the common press and what passed for scientists in those days simply described those skeletons as being “Indians.” But all ancient hominid bones in North America are labeled “Indian” de facto.

Morgan Matthews’ Shooting Bigfoot to be released at a Toronto film festival on April 30. The “Dyer is hoaxing” crowd had a field day when it was revealed that Matthews would unveil his film at the HotDocs Film Festival in Toronto. The release about the film, written by a young man named Justin Mah, who works for the festival, was somewhat underwhelming and the Dyer is hoaxing crowd jumped all over it as conclusive proof that the Dyer Bigfoot body is a hoax. Here is the text of Mah’s movie synopsis:

“I don’t think an hour goes by in the day where I don’t think about Sasquatch,” divulges one aficionado. So begins Morgan Matthews’ rollicking foray into the obsessive, hoax-filled cult of Sasquatch. Using the in-the-trenches style of The Blair Witch Project, the film allows us to accompany the adventures of three Sasquatch search parties: renowned “master tracker” Rick Dyer; old friends Dallas and Wayne; and Tom Biscardi, perhaps the most devoted of the bunch, who has hunted Sasquatch unabatedly for 37 years.

The teams tramp through the wooded unknown with tracking equipment and ample conviction in hand, the bipedal ape-like creature they seek seemingly just around every bend. As truth and fact tip into malarkey, nighttime hunts devolve into farcical displays of voodoo and comic stretches of the human imagination. A humorous look at perception gone off the rails, Shooting Bigfoot is a no-holds-barred plummet into folkloric lunacy.

This is the new synopsis, rewritten, and it differs in some respects from his first draft which sat on the site for a few days. The new version is somewhat more friendly to Dyer believers. Skeptics jumped all over this as proof that the movie is about Bigfoot hoaxers and that will be no footage of Dyer shooting a Bigfoot in the movie.

However, later missives sent to Mah were returned with a cryptic response. Yes, Mah said, he had indeed seen the movie and so had the director of the film festival. However, both of them were refusing to comment on the last three minutes of the film. As far as what those three minutes entail, Mah advised the questioner to see the movie and find out.

Sources have told me that there will indeed by Dyer Bigfoot footage in the movie. For instance, I am quite sure that the 3 minute BBC footage of the Bigfoot eating the ribs from the tree in the afternoon will surely be included in the movie. However, skeptics say that that footage is hoaxed. But why would a BBC film crew shoot a hoaxed Bigfoot eating a rib from a tree if they knew it was a hoax? Forget it, they would not. What is not known is whether the video of the shooting later that night will be included in the movie.

One of my sources told me that the Morgan Matthews’ latest cut of the movie does not make it entirely clear whether or not a real Bigfoot was actually shot and killed by Dyer. This may be what the last 3 minutes of the movie are about. My source said that the latest version sort of leaves the question of whether or not a real Bigfoot was actually shot up in the air. in other words, you may see the shooting footage and the chaos that ensues, but the movie may just end abruptly after that with no further explanation of what precisely has occurred. That is all very strange, but that may be the way the director wants it.

Morgan Matthews, head of Minnow Films, releases statement about Shooting Bigfoot, the movie he directed. The statement is here:

We are aware there has been a lot of speculation about this documentary. We will not be releasing any further information about the film prior to its screening at Hot Docs in Canada at the end of April. However, we can confirm that it includes Rick Dyer, Tom Biscardi, Dallas and Wayne, and it contains some fairly dramatic scenes filmed in the woods.

That does not clear things up very much, unfortunately. Steve Kulls, who has written many posts saying that Dyer is hoaxing us, feels that that statement from Matthews is quite underwhelming. I am not sure if that is true. If we can be sure of anything now, it is that what exactly will be shown in the movie is still quite up in the air.

Steve is a friend of mine, but I respectfully disagree with him about Dyer. Steve has a huge amount of personal animosity towards Dyer, and that is what is driving a lot of his coverage. I completely understand that animosity, as I share his feelings about Dyer – I hate his guts myself. But just because I hate Dyer does not mean that I think he is hoaxing us again. Quite the contrary.

More to follow later on…

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