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Bigfoot News March 12, 2014 Part 2

Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Calvinthedog

Chris Russell to deny that he made Hank. Chris Russell will issue a statement shortly that he absolutely did not make Hank. He just wants this whole Bigfoot thing to go away as it is causing him problems. My friends and I are now thinking that the university that studied Hank also made the fake Hank. But why? Why would students and professors at a university make a prop? I don’t get it.

Morgan Matthews seeking to interview Bigfooters. Morgan Matthews and Minnow Films are seeking to interview Bigfooters for their opinions about Rick Dyer. I know why they want to do this, but I am not allowed to say right now.

Rick Dyer: Very important announcement coming in the next two weeks. But no one knows what it is.

Dyer: People who were there at the time that Hank was shot in San Antonio will be issuing a statement supporting Rick’s story in the next 90 days.

Dyer will stop touring for 90 days and go home to work on his movies that he is editing.

Dyer’s wife Lily threatening divorce. Rick’s marriage is on the verge of breaking up. Rick left Lily alone to move the kids out of their apartment after they got evicted from their place in Las Vegas for nonpayment of rent. Lily had to pack up alone and move all the stuff and her and the kids to Houston. Meanwhile, Rick has apparently been carousing with Bigfoot groupies, some of whom are very beautiful.

I also received an unconfirmed report that Rick has sex with at least one of these women in Houston. The woman said Dyer lured her with cocaine, so Rick may well be a drug user, something that has been conjectured by the haters for a long time. The woman also made comments about aspects of Dyer’s anatomy which I found humorous but I am not going to divulge. Apparently Rick may share more than one thing in common with his fake prop in the trailer!

Anyway, Rick is having his picture taken with beautiful women on the tour and he is posting these pics all over his Facebook page. Now with news that he may be having sex with one or more of these women, it looks like Rick is rubbing his possible cheating in Lily’s face. Lily has had enough. If she divorces him, she gets 1/2 of his stuff.

More Minnow Films drama. Randy’s blog reports that a man associated with Minnow Films who appears to have been involved with Shooting Bigfoot  is very angry at Rick Dyer for “telling lies.” The man is getting harassed a few times a week, possibly by haters, and he has had enough. No further info at this time.

Andrew Clacy to leave the US on Monday. Clacy is flying back to Australia on Monday after he witnessed two men prove that Rick’s tour Hank is a fake prop. Rick said he is leaving because he has VISA problems, but that is not so – Rick is lying again.

First leg of Rick’s tour over. The tour has aborted abruptly when the tour Hank was shown to be a hoax. Rick will take 90 days off and then start the 2nd leg of his tour in which things will be radically different according to Rick. It remains to be seen how well the 2nd leg will go as Rick’s tour Hank has already been proven to be fake.

Jason Judd tell-all.
Jason is bailing out of Team Tracker, and he leaves us with this statement which I have not had time to go over yet. I am not even sure of precisely what it says. Maybe some of you can go over it and see what he is getting at:

Jason Judd, retraction from Team Tracker

The Digital Scan

In short, I am basing my conclusion of the scan from my theory of what Bigfoot is. I wish Bigfoot was never associated with a mythological creature and named as such; but, instead I wish it would have been associated with that of extant prehistoric people continuing their campaign, known as Homo erectus. I’ve now seen a few extant people.

Based off what I have studied, the scanned image does not conform to what I have seen and have drawn comparisons of. So far, the scan is the only evidence that has been released that may or may not have conclusions tested, retested, evaluated, and falsification attempts to verify possibility.

I’ll try to relate a friendship comparison that perhaps many can perceive. Imagine that you have a friend that sells GMC trucks.

Imagine that you are a Ford person that knows the hubs are larger, the axle is stronger, the rear-end has greater strength, and you enjoy knowing that the cab has corner gussets and is made of four sheets of steel as opposed to two. You also enjoy the amount of torque available at a lower RPM. But your truck is getting old and you’re ascertaining the idea of buying a new one.

Along comes your friend, who sells GMC trucks. He knows of your opinion of the Ford but tells you that GMC has 0% interest on a lease program. So you decide to try the GMC. After a year, you realize, that you were wanting a new truck that meets or exceeds the capability that you were accustomed to. So you re-evaluate your decision and realize that you weren’t buying an interest rate, you were buying a truck.

So you decide to turn in your lease and purchase a Ford. Are you going to be upset with your friend and discontinue your relationship with him? Probably not. Are you going to ask your friend to return your initial investment on the GMC? Probably not. Do you understand that he has a job and that job is to provide monetary gain for him and his family? Am I going to retract my friendship that I have enjoyed over the last year with RD?

No, but because of my public retraction it will be left up to him. I have seen the love he has for his family and his family for him. An evil man wouldn’t have that. Perhaps this is designed to have monetary gain and future monetary gain via television. If so, I cannot mock a man for investing in himself at the loss of his name within such a small community.

My questions and answers that led to my retraction:

Does the face in the scan have anatomical possibilities?

(1.) The skull structure beneath the scanned image does not have the anatomical necessities required to accurately justify the purpose.

a. The mandible is huge. In order for that jaw to actually work, the zygomatic arch would have to be large enough to allow the massive temporalis muscle to pass through it. The face on the scan does not meet this criteria. In my studies of Pleistocene people, the philtrum on this face is too long and the parietal lobes are too large—conical head. However, the mental tubercle protrusion and cervical posture (or lack thereof) is spot on.

b. Is it possible that parietal lobes can enlarge without the frontal lobe managing the necessity? Yes. However, no animal, throughout history, has accomplished this. This would mean having great agility without the ability to know you have it. Thus in evolutionary terms, developing something without the natural selection necessitating it. (Comparatively, you have gills, but never trying it out because you don’t know that you have gills.)

How does the face in the scan compare to my theory of erectus?

(2.) As mentioned above (1.), the morphological comparisons are too diverse to conform the same species categorically to Homo erectus or any type discovered in the record.

Can I be inaccurate with my theory?

(3.) Yes. However, based on witness, observations, comparisons, evaluations, and falsification attempts, I do not believe so.

a. If I am wrong, then I would need to reevaluate my retraction from TT. This would also mean to reevaluate the possibility of this being a fabrication, or factual scan of “something.”

b. I have been inaccurate before.

c. If I am correct, then that places this scan easily into verified falsification and if the scan is, thus far, the only scientific data released for evaluation, then fabrication of image is apparent.

Is this scan even possible? (An imager that can totally remove hair)

(4.) I have never seen nor heard of this type of technology. My wife is in the digital medical field and has not either.

a. I called RD to ask him about the technology, and he did not know what it was. It was simply provided to him.

Is this merely a precession initiating a possible income/future income?

(5.) During the (4.a.) call, I also will mention that I told him that I had a problem with the scan and its subject. He couldn’t answer other than, “Jason, I don’t know what to tell you. Believe what you want. If it is a hoax then I win, If it isn’t a hoax, then I win. Either way, I’m making money from it.”

a. This may or may not be a complete answer. It is subjective. Easy to speculate from though.

b. I did ask him if he were going to be on TV, consider me as humor relief. WE both laughed.


Am I a hoax buster? No. Can I provide a speculation with data to support the scanned image is inadequate? Yes. Does this mean I am correct? No. Does this change my mind of whether or not this is a hoax? Yes, I believe that it is a hoax simply based on my studies.

Does this change my mind of whether I like or dislike RD? No. He is simply a man providing income and future income in the promising world of Bigfoot, and like my “Ford vs. GMC truck” analogy, I won’t mock a man that is simply providing for his family, nor will I try to handicap him from his attempts. This is my opinion and nothing more.

I will still invite my GMC friend over for dinner discussing the How, Why, When, Where, and To what extent, that a Ford is better. Perhaps I’ll get him/her to reconsider. Nonetheless, my friends that know I have had the incredible witness of “extant Pleistocene people,” still have courage to remain friends with such an insane person that has a good story.

In a world where Bigfoot can have attributes consisting of: disappearing acts, inter-dimensional jumping, backwards bending feet, illuminating eyes, and camera blurring abilities, money will always be made. There are many towns making money from illegitimate stories. In a world of “am I wrong or am I right,” you could think that it is simply to mitigate a willingness of social acceptance with the status quo.

So, as a message to the Bigfoot community, please mitigate the magical attributes that are unbelievable and rename the “Bigfoot” to something more believable. Magic is considered entertainment in this world. As long as the magic stays, so will Bigfoot remain mythological and cryptological to the rest of the world. Change the name, and now you become believable and hoaxes will diminish.

Imagine a world where you could go up to your friend and say, “I saw my first EPP yesterday;” and your friend simply equates it to the rarity of a cougar sighting—rare, yes, and believable without monetary gain or absence of sanity. Magicians make money based on hoaxes every night in this world. When it is proven science on how a flame can appear from water, then it becomes boring, unprofitable, and yet believable.

Why did I believe RD in the first place and join Team Tracker?

First, as a person that studies anatomy and anthropological avenues, I have been waiting for some sort of evidence, anything science related, to validate the extant Pleistocene people that I have witnessed in my life. During this journey, in my opinion, I have found that all pre-human discoveries thus far have led to congruences linking Sasquatch to them.

All footprints found, that are genuine (not all of them can be fake) align with prehistoric models and the scientific journals that support them. I have taken many available images of Sasquatch and compared my research to many others.

My research includes these anatomical attributes (my eyewitness and others comparatively): limb disproportionateness, philtrum length, supra orbitals, mental tubercle, zygomatic arch breadth, footprints, receding frontal lobe, hooded nostrils, hair (not fur), and neck posture.

Introduce Rick and his claims. I have been evaluating all morphologies of the evidence given thus far.

1. Tent video.

a. The creature in this video is a compelling visual stimulate.

b. The specifications of the head meet attributes that I have been studying

i. Philtrum length
ii. Supra orbital
iii. Mental tubercle
iv. Receding frontal lobe
v. Zygomatic arch breadth
vi. Neck posture
vii. Hooded nostrils (based on my witness and testimony from others).

c. RD supportive? Yes
d. Non-RD supportive? No

2. Location: San Antonio Texas

a. Non-RD supporters said improbable and too hot for hominids

b. My observations indicate probable

i. Climate: average without extremes.

ii. All hominids prefer this climate

iii. All land mammals within this climate have body hair

iv. Prehistoric hominids lived in more extreme climate

c. RD supportive? Yes
d. Non-RD supportive? No

3. Claim of “no metatarsal joint.”

a. Fossil record proves, thus far, that no bipedal hominid has ever had such feature

b. All foot fossils and discovered bipedal footprints do not have this feature

c. All footprint comparisons to Sasquatch footprints are identical with size variation as the limiting factor

d. Eye witness of increased running speed observed (myself and others)

i. Only creatures with a firm calcaneocuboid can achieve

e. RD supportive? Yes
f. Non-RD supportive? No

4. Claim of BBC involvement and documentary

a. Non-RD supporters said improbable

b. Claim unfalsified; definite

i. Shooting Bigfoot

ii. MM was indeed there and filming this documentary

iii. Hominid creature at the end as RD claimed

c. RD supportive? Yes
d. Non-RD supportive? No

e. Bigfoot mockery? Subjective–moot
f. Bigfoot shot? Inconclusive/hearsay–moot

5. Non-RD supporters claim to discover “mask” of tent video

a. Not a match

i. See 1.b. above

b. RD supportive? Yes
c. Non-RD supportive? No

6. Non-RD supporters claim to discover “mask” of Shooting Bigfoot.

a. Not a match

i. See 1.b. above

b. RD supportive? Yes
c. Non-RD supportive? No

Author note: As you can see, so far the winning decisions supported RD and my presumed relation to support Team Tracker. I made a few videos with my analogies supporting my belief as well. However, I was waiting for anything science related from RD as he had promised to his supporters. I as a consumer was eagerly waiting, albeit, too eager.

At this point, RD issues a “baby Bigfoot” and that Bigfoot have chimera. I sent RD a message indicating that if this were true, I’d quietly drop out of TT, for I didn’t believe this at all. His response was that it was a lie and he was just going to mess with the “haters” just to prove a point.

At this time, levels of attack on both sides were crossing-the-line. He asked for assistance with this. I giggled and agreed—later to realize that this was a mistake. I issued a public apology to those that I hurt and my apology was accepted by them.

Skip forward a few more months of the continuing claims from non-RD supporters that the hoax was resolved and many more of these stories that were being proven false. Nothing was indicating a hoax other than attempts to prove the kind of person that RD is. I had never seen anything but kindness from RD to his supporters and his family.

The love his family has for him is evident as is the love he has for them. I have seen this, and I agree that RD is a good guy. Some of his decisions are not well thought, but human we are. I have made poor public decisions regarding this debacle as well (e.g. the drinking game on Google hangouts).

So, with my decision to remain part of this, if it were true and visually seeing the love he had for his family, I disregarded the hearsay from the non-RD supporters and their claim of evil. So, I remained as supporting. I had kept my eye on both sides—both stories waiting for the information that was promised.

Subsequently, RD issued a promise of a DVD that documented everything that happened in San Antonio. Finally, I thought, I will get to something beyond words. Up to this point, I was relying on his word, which was still indicating that he had a Sasquatch, more so, an extant Pleistocene male.

All the hearsay battles that continued was entertaining, but never the less, fair is fair regarding this community and its history. I ignored most of it unless it was an obvious untruth—on both sides.

I get kicked out of TT because of a “hater vs. supporter” battle that I didn’t agree with. I said, “that sucks” and waived bye to everyone.

Bigfoot Drinking Game. This gets out of hand. I made an ass of myself and basically had gotten my feelings hurt from the people that I had considered friends. A few weeks pass…

RD calls me and asks for a private hangout. I agree. He shown me a few images for a few seconds and asked if I’d come back and support him. I said, no at first, and that I had a few things to consider. I also wanted those to apologize to me for calling me a liar. In short, they all did. I went back in, just not as a representative but as a key supporter. I felt that my presence of support was needed. He was going to pick up the body. So, my friend and I, as you can say, shook hands and “made up.”

Release of the body:

Too inconclusive to prove or disprove without scientific data or viewing it for myself.

Release of the hands:

Too inconclusive to prove or disprove without scientific data. Some mentioned 2 phalanges while other pictures shown 3. Bones were removed from the body so only wrinkles remained.

Release of the “scan.”

Subsequently, give my friend a “good job” slap on the butt, and enjoy the “black-flag” I have brought upon myself from both sides.


Jason Judd

Rick Dyer, Patron Saint of Bigfootery. A source comments, remarking on the horrible irony of having the worst messenger on Earth reveal the news of the century:

The worst possible ambassador than we could ever have imagined to reveal this truth.

Dyer’s treatment of Lynk Paul and Craig Phillips. A source reports:

Rick treated Lynk and Craig dreadfully, telling them “It’s fake, it’s real…It’s fake, it’s real,” just to keep them off balance and retain maximum control.

He’s an evil puppet master.

The man is so bottomlessly insecure that he must constantly find out if his “friends” will still like him even if he’s hoaxing.

Christopher Noel statement on Rick Dyer:

When the DNA evidence comes out and shows that Sasquatch is intimately related to our own species, Mr. Dyer’s image will suddenly shift from Folk Hero Who Slew the Monster to Man Who Murdered a Fellow Species of Human. No wonder he keeps saying, “I don’t care about the DNA. The DNA might not come out till next year. Bigfoot is a Monster! It has nothing to do with human beings!”

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