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Bigfoot News June 25, 2013

Posted on the 26 June 2013 by Calvinthedog

Morgan Matthews new Shooting Bigfoot premiers in the UK. The movie premiered in the UK only just very recently, in the past few days. Adam Bird, a UK researcher who is somehow associated with the Finding Bigfoot guys, went to see it with a friend of his. There was a post about it in Bigfoot Research UK, but Adam has taken down the post. However, it is still available at the link above. It is not known how Adam felt about Rick Dyer’s reported shooting of a Bigfoot before this took place, but after seeing the new cut of the movie, Adam now feels that the shooting of the Bigfoot was faked by Dyer.

In the new cut, we see Morgan in his tent. Suddenly something large rustles his tent in a very aggressive way. Morgan comes out of his tent just in time to see Rick emerging from his tent with a rifle. Next we see a very large creature, hunched over and with extremely wide shoulders, running away very fast. Rick fires a few shots at the creature, and Morgan starts yelling at him to stop shooting. A big scene ensues. In the glimpse we see of the Bigfoot running away, it looks more like a part-ape, part-man. The apey component is quite prominent, however, it has a human nose.

Next at some point, the Bigfoot has circled back around. Next thing we see is the Bigfoot crashing into Morgan and Morgan falling to the ground. We hear more shots ring out. Next thing we see is Morgan and Rick arguing inside of a tent. Rick is belligerently demanding that Morgan hand over his film, but Morgan does not want to hand it over. A big argument ensues.

Later we see Morgan very badly bruised up on a plane heading back tot he UK. The scene with the Bigfoot running into Morgan is replayed.

It appears that this new cut may have more footage in it than the previous cut that was shown in Toronto.

Afterwards, there was a question and answer session with Morgan. Morgan was asked whether he thought a Bigfoot was shot in the movie, and he said, “My first thought when I got knocked down was that a human had knocked me down.” He also said that the force with which he was knocked down was about what he would expect from a human. But that was all he said. Once again, he basically refused to answer the question.

In addition, Adam said that looking at the figure in the film, it seemed to be about as tall as a person (6 feet or so). Therefore, Adam concluded that Dyer had hoaxed the shooting of a Bigfoot in the movie, and Adam said he felt there was no Bigfoot in Las Vegas. He also said that when Dyer started selling Team Tracker memberships for $100/head, Adam felt that there was now a profiteering motive that one might expect with a hoax.

A number of Team Tracker members were flown out to Las Vegas on June 14 to view Rick Dyer’s Bigfoot boy. I know for a fact that at least two of those people were flown out to Vegas by Rick. I spoke to one TT member who saw the body. I asked him if he was impressed, and he said, “Very, very impressed.” I asked him if he had seen the body and what he had to say about it, and he said, “Yes I saw the body. I believe that what I saw was the same body that Musky Allen saw.” He also said that other TT members were there when he was viewing the body in addition to “other people” who he could not identify.

One of the people who was flown out to see the body was Chris Sands, who is a very good friend of Christopher Noel. I asked Christopher if he trusted Chris, and he said he trusted him completely, 100%. However, Christopher said he would not reveal to me what Christopher had seen in Vegas, if he had said anything to Christopher at all.

A photo of Chris Sands with Rick Dyer in Las Vegas on June 21 of this year. I believe that Chris was definitely with Rick in Las Vegas on that date, and that is when and where this photo was taken.

A photo of Chris Sands with Rick Dyer in Las Vegas on June 21 of this year. I believe that Chris was definitely with Rick in Las Vegas on that date, and that is when and where this photo was taken.

In addition, also on June 14, two reporters (identities unknown but possibly national reporters) also saw the body. They were carefully selected and will get the first story out when the press embargo on the Bigfoot body story will be listed. On June 21, even more people saw the body. All who saw the body are under NDA’s to not reveal what they saw until the press embargo is lifted, which according to Christopher, will be soon.

I have a hard time seeing why all of these TT members would be lying for Rick. What are they getting out of it? Is he paying them? There is no evidence that any TT member is getting any money for being in on any hoax. So why lie for Rick? What is the motivation? Also many TT members have been suffering a serious loss of confidence lately due to Dyer’s constant antics and crazy, obnoxious behavior and just a general doubting of the story. So even TT members are not hardcore Dyer followers anymore, and quite a few of them have left the team in disgust either due to doubting Rick’s story or due to disgust over Rick’s behavior.

Dyer freaks out over Dr. Jeff Meldrum book. In his website recently, Rick wrote that he first urinated all over one of Meldrum’s books, and then he set it on fire. This is some pretty whacky behavior on Rick’s part, but it all sort of adds up.

Revelations about Musky Allen’s criminal record. The Dyer skeptics have been trying to dig up any dirt they can on Musky because they think he is in on a hoax with Rick Dyer. However, I do not believe that Musky is in on any kind of a hoax. It had previously been revealed that Musky had a drunk driving conviction on his record. There is a new story out that Musky has a “conviction for beating women.” This probably means a domestic violence charge where Musky got into it with a wife or girlfriend. Unfortunately, this sort of thing is quite common even in modern US society, and many men who do this are not necessarily criminal types. And I fail to see how these charges prove that Musky is lying about the body. Ad hominem fallacy: Musky has a minor criminal record, therefore, he can’t be trusted when he says he saw Rick Dyer’s dead Bigfoot. A guy with a criminal record is obviously a liar. Fails the Logic 100 test, sorry.

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