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Bigfoot News January 8, 2014

Posted on the 09 January 2014 by Calvinthedog

Dr. Jeff Meldrum Class A Sasquatch encounter in Alberta, Canada! I told you previously that Meldrum had at least a Class B encounter up there, but now I am finally able to tell you more. The way I see is that Meldrum saw a Sasquatch up there, and that is the take everyone else has on the incident. If so, it would be the first time that Meldrum has actually seen Sasquatch in the wild.

Meldrum is more circumspect about the matter, as the skeptical scientist that he is. If asked, he simply says, “Well, let’s put it this way. I saw something.”  The sighting occurred at the Alberta Habitation Site in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains east of Jasper National Park. This is one of the hottest sites in North America. A trapper runs traplines there, and this man says that there are seven different Sasquatches living in that area. Just about any trip to the area typically results in encounters of one sort or another, and people are often tracked, shadowed and followed as soon as they venture into the area. In other words, the Sasquatches act like they own the place.

This is on Crown Land and the entire area is open to oil exploration. There are oil exploration roads running through the area, but there is very little human habituation. There is also some logging going on there. Other than that, there is almost no human activity. It is very wild, steep, remote and heavily forested. There is a great deal of fish and game in the region including large populations of predators such as coyotes, wolves and Grizzly Bears. In fact, there are so many Grizzly Bears and wolves in the area that the government regards them as a nuisance and tries to reduce their population.

As I noted earlier, Meldrum and Bindernagel were taken there by Todd Standing as part of a documentary Todd was filming which incidentally has been sold to TV.

At one point, they were in there at night with someone who has a way of spotting animals even when no one else knows they are there, possibly through some sort of psychic phenomena. Although it sounds nuts, they do seem to have some talent.

At one point, the person said that a Sasquatch was out there. The person started to home in on them and then the person said, “There it is!” No one else could see or hear a thing in the total darkness. Meldrum lifted his night vision binoculars to his eyes and peered through them. A bipedal figure resembling a man then “glided,” in Meldrum’s words, across a clearing or road. The word glided that Jeff used to describe its method of locomotion is interesting because that is exactly how Sasquatches walk. It is sometimes described as a fluid motion, “like a cross-country skier.”

The whole incident was over pretty quickly.

Meldrum told me that while he believes he saw something out there, he’s not 100% sure it was a Sasquatch, and he would really like to see one in the daytime so he can get a better view of them.

However, I do believe that he saw a Sasquatch.

It was either a Sasquatch or a man. This is one of the most remote areas in North America and there are virtually no humans around in the daytime, forget about nighttime.

It’s not possible that there would be a human walking around this area in the middle of the night, and they would have to have been walking around a very thick and stone remote forest not only in the middle of the night but also without a flashlight, which is frankly impossible. I have spent a lot of time in deep wilderness and I have never once seen a human stranger walking around in the woods after dark even with a flashlight. The notion that a strange human would be walking around in the dead wilderness in the middle of the night with no flashlight is completely insane. It’s not even a remote possibility.

If Meldrum did indeed see a Sasquatch up there, and I believe he did, this is an important event in the annals of Bigfootery. Dr. Meldrum after all is one of the superstars of our field, and his first sighting is a momentous occasion.

Keep in mind that Meldrum has an NDA with Todd Standing regarding the entire trip up to that area so he is limited in what he can talk about regarding this trip.

Dyer team working with US government to set up laws about Bigfoot for after the reveal. A source informs me that as part of the roll-out for Hank, the Dyer team has enlisted the help of some highly connected Bigfooters to liaise with the US government in order to set up a framework for laws regarding Bigfoot that will be needed after it is proven to science and public.

The problem is that after reveal, the woods will be crowded with yahoos and idiots running around trying to kill a Bigfoot. Although I doubt if they would be driven extinct by a hunting frenzy, things could get pretty ugly pretty fast. What is fascinating here is the fact that US government officials at all are even talking to Bigfooters about setting up laws for the Bigfoots certainly implies that either the government knows that these things exist or that they believe that Dyer has a real Bigfoot specimen or both. If elements of the US government believe that Dyer has a real Bigfoot body, that would certainly be stunning news all right.

Dyer changing his story all over the place. In recent days, Dyer keeps changing his story about the shooting of Hank. Now he says that there two Bigfoots there that night, the one he shot and another one that knocked over BBC director Morgan Matthews. He also thinks that the Tent Video Bigfoot might have been a 3rd Bigfoot. So apparently there were 1-3 Bigfoots right in that very area.

That seems so implausible, and the way he is changing his story adds weight to those who say this is a hoax. The truth is that even for those of us who believe this story is true, it has been hard to hold onto that view when Rick has given us thousands of reasons to not believe in it. I do not blame people for being skeptics. Rick’s behavior and statements by themselves certainly make an excellent case for this being a hoax.

Dyer refuses to submit DNA to Bryan Sykes. Rhettman Mullis, one of the worst people in Bigfootery in addition to being a tiresome blowhard egomaniac, asked Dyer to submit a sample to Dr. Bryan Sykes’ DNA study. Dyer refused to do. Skeptics are jumping all over this saying that this proves it’s a hoax, but really perhaps Dyer wanted to be the first to discover Bigfoot and he did not want to give the fame to someone else.

One view of the puzzling findings of Sykes Bigfoot DNA study from Scott Carpenter.

However, something else until then: here a comment by Scott Carpenter on the “Bigfoot Files” fiasco (at least regarding the American episode). Very interesting, in my opinion, although, as we know, Mr. Carpenter is a master of conspiracy theories:

“I know for fact Dr. Sykes and those working with him had access to the DNA Study. The Bigfoot hair morphology was discussed in great detail including photographs and supplements.  The fact that only a few hairs were tested out of 100’s that were sent in to Dr. Sykes is a puzzling aspect of the “Bigfoot Files” TV Specials.

I have a theory that Dr. Sykes was aware of this unique property that Dr. Ketchum had discovered about the Bigfoot hairs. He knew if he tested true Bigfoot hairs he would not get any mtDNA. He had already professed himself to be the expert and able to extract “pristine DNA” from only a hair shaft, so he has a dilemma on his hands.

If he processes known Bigfoot hair and gets no mtDNA then he has to admit one of two things:  1 – He is incompetent and unable to extract mtDNA from possibly dozens of “clean and pristine” hair samples or 2 -That the hair must be from a Bigfoot or an unknown hominin after the mtDNA failed to amplify from dozens of hair samples. This by default confirms Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Study finding’s and validates her study.

Since both these scenarios is unpalatable, Dr. Sykes opted to just test a handful of hairs he knew where known animal. Surely you do not believe that Dr. Sykes was so inept that he did not have the hairs pre-screened by a forensic hair expert. It is costly to run DNA testing on these hairs, at least $1,500 if not more per sample.

Surely the hair expert Dr. Sykes used was not so incompetent that he gave Dr. Sykes known animal hairs of Bear, Dog, Raccoon, and Wolf?  If so, then Dr. Sykes should be suing this hair expert to recoup the thousands of dollars spent on wasted DNA testing. This would explain why only “seven of the best samples were selected for testing”. In my opinion who ever screened the hairs for Dr. Sykes made sure to exclude any known Bigfoot hairs. This way Dr. Sykes would only be testing known animal hair and avoid having to explain the lack of mtDNA amplification.

This is a “kill two birds with one stone” scenario. Dr. Sykes discredited the Bigfoot researchers in the United States and avoided confirming Dr. Ketchum’s DNA Study. Mission accomplished Dr. Sykes, mission accomplished.

I have a great deal of respect for Scott Carpenter. At first I thought he was another dumb redneck like so many of these researchers, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that he is actually a highly intelligent fellow with a university degree. His work is certainly controversial and he has hitched his wagon to Dr. Melba Ketchum for better or worse, but I really do feel he is one of the better folks in our field. In addition, he seems to be a good person and not a rat like so many Bigfooters.

Update from someone close to Team Tracker:

Here’s what I’ve been able to glean from the disjointed, chaotic and non-linear postings and vids regarding Frank Cali and the current disposition of the After The Shot DVD:

Frank was fired for reasons I have been unable to determine, as I have neither the time nor inclination to sift through all of Dyer’s vids. Butt-hurt, Frank ran to Randy Filipovic (Racer X), told him first that he had been shown a rubber body, then said he never saw a body at all, despite repeated, sincere and consistent statements to the contrary over the preceding months. Apparently, Frank also provided Rick’s home address and phone number as well, which Filipovic gleefully posted.

As far as the After The Shot DVD, apparently a slew of haters placed orders and then immediately contacted PayPal demanding refunds and escalated the claims as well, which was stupid, because an escalation requires a 14 day minimum period before refund, whereas simply asking for the refund from Dyer would have had the funds returned within 24 hours.

In response, Dyer stopped sales of the DVD, but also guaranteed that all orders will ship on December 17th. He also promised that anyone who ordered the video and did not request a refund would be given access to the pay-per-view on December 12th if they emailed him a copy of their PayPal receipt. I did precisely that and received a response within 2 hours telling me a password and link would be emailed to me.

Dyer took down the Team Tracker site, so I have received precisely nothing for my Gold Membership, nor will I receive anything. From what I understand, he is not liable for anything in this regard, as the only guarantee given was that the membership would give the purchaser access to the Gold Members-only page and its content, which it did; technically, he delivered what he promised.

He reiterated that he will still be given possession of the body in December, as agreed, for one year, and will tour it as planned.

Bottom line, at least by November, Team Tracker Gold Members had received sod all for the money that they spent. Frank Cali is lying a lot and making up many things. To date, people who order the After the Shot DVD have not yet received their copies. The disk is due to ship on January 17, but that is a date that keeps getting pushed further and further back. Now that Rick has released actual photos of Hank, it seems probable that there is something on that DVD, either a dead Bigfoot or an excellent replica.

Frank Cali has a terminal illness. I have known about this for a while but I refused to report on it out of respect for Cali’s privacy and due to the sensitive nature of the subject – serious illness and impending death. Cali doesn’t really deserve any respect in my opinion, but I gave it to him anyway. At least sleazing out would have made me look bad, so better to take the high road.

However, Frank has recently confirmed what I knew, that he has a terminal disease. I believe that the disease is heart disease. He has already had at least one heart attack and apparently he has deteriorated since then. If a heart attack doesn’t kill you, the aftereffects can. Most people do not realize that a heart attack damages your heart permanently. Not a good thing. People also think that all of the stress involved with Rick may have caused Frank’s condition to rapidly deteriorate. So not only did Frank get an unpleasant experience out of his association with Rick, but his time with Team Tracker may indeed kill him in the end. Which is sad no matter what you think of Cali.

Hanging out with Rick Dyer is bad for your health. A former Team Tracker member told me, “Everyone who hangs around Rick or Team Tracker for any length of time gets driven crazy by him. Most end up falling apart psychologically in one way or another.”

I take this to mean that to hang out with Rick and TT is to take serious risks with regard to your mental health. People around Rick up taking mentally fatal doses of craziness and nonsense on a regular basis. A lot of them are lucky to be mentally alive.

This goes along with my theory that Rick is a Cluster B type (Cluster B is the cluster of dramatic personality disorders). The tragedy of the Cluster B types is that not only are they crazy themselves, but most people who end up spending a lot of time around them get driven crazy too, driven nuts by the Cluster B person. In other words, they drive everyone around them crazy as part of their basic nature.

Many Cluster B types are perfectly capable of acting sane for considerable lengths of time. I know people with Borderline Personality Disorder who are able to put on a fake face at work for hours at a time in which they appear completely sane eight hours a day, year round. Then they come home and go nuts. So you see these people have a lot more control than you think.

Why do they act crazy? Personally I think they enjoy it. They like being crazy. Being crazy is fun for them; they get a kick out of it, and of course they don’t care that they make everyone else nuts either since when you are the center of the universe, no one else either matters or even really exists.

Frank Cali unloads some bombshells against Rick Dyer. Cali made some serious criticisms of Dyer.

First of all, he says that Hank was made by a low budget special effects studio in Northern California.

Another charge is that Rick skipped out on the bill for the reefer truck that Hank was stored in. Wait skeptics, I thought there was no reefer truck. And if Hank didn’t exist at that time or only existed as a dummy, why rent a reefer truck in the first place? Oh well.

The third charge is that Ebay tried to get Rick to refund the funds for the DVD’s that haters bought who then turned around and asked for a refund, but Rick closed his bank account. Therefore, Rick apparently took the money for many DVD’s and then never refunded it to the buyers. Instead, Ebay had to refund the money out of their own pockets. There is supposedly some sort of an investigation underway regarding Ebay and Rick Dyer, but I have no details. I do not know what to make of these charges. I do not think the first charge is true, but there may be something to the second and third charges.

Jeff Meldrum interview.

Meldrum responds to Rick Dyer Bigfoot body.

Meldrum has chimed in to the debate, saying in a brief post to Facebook that he thought that the body was a hoax. In a conversation with me, I told him that several top Bigfooters I knew had gone out and verified the body and concluded that it was real. I also told Meldrum that none of them were scientists or MD’s.

Meldrum then stated that their observations were nearly worthless. He said that in order for Hank to be properly examined to determine if he is real or a fake, either a scientist (preferably one with knowledge of anatomy) or an MD would be necessary. He also said that these Bigfooters could have easily been fooled in their verification process by a cleverly done fake. I believe he has a point, and I have immense respect for Meldrum for the position he is taking.

Meldrum also that the roll-out is all wrong. In an incredulous tone, he voiced his objections:

“Look at how he is doing this,” Jeff said. “Taking it around in a bus and paying people to see it – this is like the Minnesota Iceman all over again. Looking at the way these body photos are coming out – it’s like Alien Autopsy! If someone had a real Sasquatch, it would not go this route at all. It makes no sense.”

Meldrum also brought up the incident where Dyer, acting before a small crowd of onlookers, set one of Meldrum’s books on fire and then whipped out his penis in front of the assembled crowd and urinated on Jeff’s book. Although I won’t repeat his exact words here, his tone was one of outrage and disbelief, and I would say he was not happy about this little stunt of Rick’s.

Meldrum and I also discussed different Sasquatch personality types. I laid out a theory of Sasquatch personality types, and Meldrum readily agreed with it.

“You are right,” he said. “As you put it, probably 95% of Sasquatches are easy going, non-confrontational types or ‘law abiding citizens,’ the other 3-4% are more antisocial – ‘the criminals,’ and the other 1%, the ones you describe as ‘pure evil,’ well, those are the ones that end up in David Paulides’ book.”

We both had a roaring laugh over that one.

Meldrum said he did not fear Sasquatches.

“Sure,” he said. “When I go out into an area where they are dangerous predators like grizzly bears or mountain lions, I carry a shotgun at all times. That goes without saying. But am I worried about being attacked or killed by a Sasquatch? Not in the slightest.”

Meldrum also said he tried to protect the secrecy of habituation sites and research areas. He said he prefers others to drive him out to these sites rather than going there himself, and while he is being driven there, he tries not to take note of his surroundings.

“I suppose you could say that I sort of forget where I am going as I am being driven there,” he said.

In closing I would say that Meldrum is not gullible or credulous at all, and in fact, he has a very skeptical attitude even towards the Sasquatch phenomenon, though he clearly believes that they exist.

Back story on the Moyie Springs Sasquatch photo. This is one of my favorite Sasquatch photos of all time, taken under mysterious circumstances in Moyie Springs, Idaho around 1976. It was taken with a real film camera, not that digital junk, so the quality is good.

A source with good knowledge of the backstory on the photo reports:

About the Moyie Springs Sasquatch. This type (a subspecies) seems to be found mostly in the mountainous areas where there are predominantly evergreens and conifers. It is very wooly and adapted to cold year-round climate. I would say that they are primarily vegetarian, based on the configuration of the body – large torso and capacious abdomen, good for slow digestion of plant material. The mouth is wide and deep, with very broad, flat teeth. Big wide incisors, probably very robust molars all for processing very fibrous vegetable matter.

The circumstances of the photo: a person living nearby noticed some unusual activity, trackways in the snow, damaged trees, etc., and placed a camera in a hollow tree. In the photo, what you see in the left hand of the Sasquatch is not long fingers as some have surmised, but strips of spruce or cedar bark. They eat the inner bark of some trees.

There is an oval (drawn with a ball-point pen) around a piece of bark that is in mid-air, toward the middle of the photo. What has happened here is that the Sasquatch has just bit into the inner bark with its teeth (it stripped off the outer bark with its hands/nails earlier). The Sas is wincing and rocking back as the bark suddenly splits off the tree after he jerked on it. The piece in mid-air is a fragment that broke off.

The camera just went of at that precise moment. It had some sort of motion sensor, I think, although the photo appears to be from a film-loaded camera, not digital.

I believe there were more photos, but this is the best one.

The Moyie Spring, Idaho Sasquatch from a trailcam in 1976. It is eating bark.

The Moyie Spring, Idaho Sasquatch from a trailcam in 1976. It is eating bark.

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