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Bigfoot News January 21, 2014

Posted on the 22 January 2014 by Calvinthedog

Rick Dyer Bigfoot press conference delayed again! This is really catastrophic news for Dyer believers and a great shot in the arm for the Dyer skeptics. The reason given was that everyone who participated in the study of Hank, the dead Bigfoot from the phlebotomist who drew Hank’s blood to the techs who did the MRI’s wanted to be at the conference, and they could not all make the February 9 date. Apparently they are delaying it to a later date when everyone can make it.

One theory is that the international presser and the medical presser would be combined into one presser. The international presser is scheduled for February 28, so that implies that the combined presser would also be on the 28th. At any rate, the presser is to be held after the tour has already started.

Other reports are saying that the presser will not be held in February, and that it will not be held until December.

If the presser is delayed by less than a month, I would say this is no big deal, but if it is delayed until December, that seems like a total catastrophe for Dyer believers while adding great weight to the Hoax Hypothesis.

My belief that Dyer has a real body. Recently I said I was 99.99% sure that the body was real. However, if the presser really is delayed until December, my belief is going to drop. Down to what, I am not sure, but it will fall.

Dyer body is coming to Calgary, Alberta. Part of the Canada tour is coming to this city. Dyer wants to show the body to the main proponent of the Hoax Hypothesis, Randy Filipovic, while they are there. Randy’s blog is the best site that lays out the case for the Hoax Hypothesis, which I believe is still a reasonable hypothesis. All reasonable doubts about and holes in the story of this Hank episode need to be aired so everyone can ponder them and come to their own conclusions. As there is good evidence for both the Hoax Hypothesis and the Real Body Hypothesis, it makes sense that people will side with the former until proven one way or the other.

Dyer body heading to Russia. A Russian corporation has offered Dyer $250,000 to show Hank at a private showing in Russia. That’s a lot of rubles!

Japanese hysterical over Hank. The Hank story is hitting Japan in a big way lately, and the Japanese are working themselves into a frenzy over the news. There is a lot of clamor in Japan from people who demand that Rick take the body to the Land of the Rising Sun.

Confusion over DVD stories. There are two DVD’s – the After the Shot DVD and the Hank Autopsy DVD. Dyer skeptics say that neither one exists, but that is surely not true. For one thing, I know several people, including some big names in our community, who viewed that autopsy video. They told that it was very convincing and that they are convinced that it shows a real autopsy of Hank.

However, there are two stories about the final disposition of the DVD’s.

One story says that the DVD’s will ship on Monday, January 27.

The other story says that Rick says the DVD’s will never ship and that anyone who wants one should ask for a refund and they will get one.

At the moment, it is not clear which story is the truth.

Disappointing comments on Hank from Dyer. Dyer says that he sees no difference between a deer and a Bigfoot, and one might as well shoot one as well as the other. So shooting a Bigfoot is just like hunting a deer with a tag in season. Wow. Rick also says that he “has no compassion left” in his body regarding shooting Hank, but one wonders how much he felt in the first place as guilt for guilty acts usually grows with time rather than diminishing. Dyer also said that he did the Bigfoot community a favor by shooting Hank. Well, that last comment may be sad but true.

Dyer raking in the cash. Dyer says he has been getting paid a lot of money lately from unnamed persons or entities. It would be interesting to find out who is paying him, why they are paying him and how much he is being paid. Looks like Bigfoot is Big Money!

Various Hank photos and drawings. Below see various Hank photos, drawings and video grabs for comparative purposes.

Compare the various Hanks.

Compare the various Hanks.

Great Ontario, Canada Sasquatch photo. This has always been one of my favorite Bigfoot photos of all. This was taken by a researcher in Ontario in his research area. He had found a tree structure that looked like a temporary structure in the foreground. He shot a video showing the tree structure and later while he was at home looking at the video, he was shocked to see a Sasquatch looking at him over the top of the rocks above while he was filming. Many Bigfoot photos and videos are found this way. People shoot a photo or video and notice nothing at the time and only discover the Sasquatch until they are looking at the footage later on. I am 100% certain that that thing is a Sasquatch.

Great Bigfoot photo from Ontario, Canada.

Great Bigfoot photo from Ontario, Canada.

Great Stacy Brown Bigfoot night vision photo. Stacy Brown is one of my favorite Bigfoot researchers and I am certain that he is not a hoaxer. This is part of some father and son researcher team. They operate out of Florida. This great video was shot at nighttime with a FLIR night vision camera. This screen grab shows a Bigfoot running by very quickly. I am quite certain that that is a Bigfoot.

Stacy Brown Bigfoot footage.

Stacy Brown Bigfoot footage.

Baby Bigfoot photo? This is one of the weirdest Bigfoot photos I have ever seen. I am not sure where it was shot. Some say it is a bear, but that does not look like a bear to me. The only thing this reminds me of is the Jacobs juvenile Bigfoot photo from Pennsylvania. Very, very weird.

Extremely odd trailcam photo.

Extremely odd trailcam photo.

Bigfoot eyeshine photo? Apparently a recent photo, but I am not sure where it was taken. However that is exactly what their eyeshines look like.

Bigfoot eyeshine photo.

Bigfoot eyeshine photo.

Bigfoot photo is an owl. This photo of a possible Bigfoot has been circulating around recently. It is apparently a photo of an owl, not a Bigfoot.

Supposedly a photo of a Bigfoot; this is actually a photo an owl. At least that is what it looks like to me.

Supposedly a photo of a Bigfoot; this is actually a photo an owl. At least that is what it looks like to me.

Controversy over Moyie Springs Sasquatch photo. The original Moyie Springs photo, showing a Sasquatch eating tree bark in the Idaho panhandle in 1976, has been called into question by two other photos that are supposedly from the same series. The original photo, taken with a camera rigged up as a trailcam, is below.

Original Moyie Springs photo.

Original Moyie Springs photo.

The two photos below are said to be part of the Moyie Springs series. Notice how fake the Sasquatch looks in these photos.

Moyie Springs fat Sasquatch 1:

First photo supposedly from Moyie Springs series.

First photo supposedly from Moyie Springs series.

Below is said to be the second photo from the Moyie Springs series.

Moyie Springs fat Sasquatch 2:

Second photo purportedly from the Moyie Springs series.

Second photo purportedly from the Moyie Springs series.

In truth, however, both photos 1 and 2 above are fakes. A source has seen the original series of Moyie Springs photos and these photos are not among them. Furthermore in the original series, the Sasquatch is not ridiculously fat. My source said that it appears that someone doctored photos with Moyie Springs images photoshopped onto fake bodies in order to destroy the credibility of the Moyie Springs photo. Pretty dirty business.

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By Serge Graystone
posted on 24 January at 01:48

This is what I posted today on Mr. Dyer's wall....

Dear Mr. Rick Dyer, Team Tracker and Investors,

I vaguely recall the 2008 hoax but I am glad you have accepted responsibility for that unfortunate moment in what could be your place in history.

I am not a hater. In fact, I desperately want to believe you have accomplished what you have said you have. Perhaps the endorsement of every day folks such as myself is irrelevant to you. I am a new follower, recruited from your recent media tour.

Today you unveil that there is now a SECOND specimen and allude to more unveilings. You also reveal that besides your pork ribs, the Sasquatch had a bird and some plastic in his stomach. On one of the earlier videos you mentioned that you cried after you killed the creature.

The investors lend credibility to your claims. Surely such individuals would do their due diligence before giving you one penny. Somehow you have satisfied them with evidence that assures them their investments are not misplaced.

My personal opinion is that these must be foreign investors because best practice in today's media-driven digital age would suggest that a major press conference BEFORE any tour would be in order. The media coverage you have had would be dwarfed in comparison to what you would have if such a press conference were held. Getting everyone to agree on and be available on a certain day simply does not ring true in today's day and age where airplanes, video conferencing and other technologies could bring all essential personnel to the proverbial table in short order.

Let me reiterate... I am neither a hater nor a detractor. I'm actually impressed with you and congratulate you for your success. You probably are the best Big Foot tracker ever but as a new follower, and I'm just being honest here, there are many legitimate reasons to be skeptical.

For instance, what if this whole ordeal is an elaborate hoax as part of a Reality TV show? Perhaps you are in on the hoax and perhaps you are not. What do I mean? Perhaps you are the one now being deceived. Has everything around you been designed to get you back for the hoax you perpetrated some years ago? Do some research on "The Joe Schmo Show" from SPIKE-TV... I'm not saying this is the show you're on, but perhaps something similar in the greatest revenge taken on a known hoaxer... filmed for TV. "Turnabout is fair play." If that's true, don't worry... you are likely to be rewarded in the end with a cash prize.

As long as I'm being totally honest, I must share that I'm not entirely comfortable with the killing of Hank and perhaps his whole family. I would only urge you, now that you have proven yourself, to further redeem your legacy by advocating against any further Big Foot hunting and to go before Congress and make an appeal to have the laws changed to protect this endangered species.

I'm not sure if you are a Christian as I am, but I will conclude by saying despite your past, God has great plans for your future. You have to submit to His voice above all others. Perhaps the voice of the Lord will help you in managing, prioritizing, etc. all the different directions in which you are being pulled. I wish you all the best and only pray you present something substantial soon because, just being honest again, I don't know how much longer your new followers can stand by without it.

God bless you and your family. S.G.