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Bigfoot News February 27, 2013

Posted on the 28 February 2013 by Calvinthedog

Erickson Project footage reportedly released. Some stills of Matilda the teenage Bigfoot have reportedly been leaked to the web via Bill Munns. Someone who had an NDA with Erickson leaked some of the stills to Munns, who promptly declared them to based on a modified Wookie mask.

The clips are on the left and the Wookie costume is on the right. Compare and contrast.

Click to enlarge. The clips are on the left and the Wookie costume is on the right. Compare and contrast.

The skeptic and scofftic community is going nuts over this. However, there are some problems.

First of all, Erickson bought looked at 4-5 videos that the owners of the house had. The first one was thought to be faked. The Erickson people thought it was a fake. They sent this video around to a bunch of experts and the consensus was that this was some sort of a fake. Munns was one of those experts. Munns said it was a modified Wookie mask. Erickson decided not to buy that video. However, he did buy the other four videos which were all thought to be genuine.

So the question is whether Munns is referring to stills from the video that even Erickson thought was fake or whether he is referring to the famous Matilda footage which is said to be better than the Patterson footage. No one knows, and no one knows if Munns reviewed the footage that actually made it into the Erickson Project movie.

So Munns’ trashing of those photos does not in any way invalidate Erickson’s project, footage or documentary.

John Bindernagel saw a Bigfoot at the Erickson Project’s Crittenden, Kentucky site. Adrian Erickson flew Bindernagel out to the Kentucky site when Dennis Pfohl and Dr. Leila Hadj-Chikh were there so that Bindernagel could get a chance to see a Bigfoot for the first time as he had never seen one before. Richard Stubstad told me that Bindernagel did indeed see a Bigfoot at the site, and the sighting changed his mind about whether Bigfoots were apes or hominids. Prior to the Kentucky sighting, Bindernagel said that Bigfoots were apes. However, after he saw the Bigfoot at Crittenden, Stubstad said he changed his mind and now thought they were more of a hominid.

However, we never knew exactly what Bindernagel saw. But just the other day a commenter on Cryptomundo said he talked to Bindernagel recently at a Bigfoot conference, and John said he what he saw in Kentucky was either a Bigfoot or someone running around in a Bigfoot costume.

I asked Stubstad if it were possible that the owners of the site might have been running around in Bigfoot costumes to hoax the Erickson Project. Then I asked him if it was possible that Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh were hoaxing Erickson by running around in Bigfoot costumes. His response to both of these was the same: “That’s not possible.”

The Crittenden property was private land, and it was well fenced. It was not a common occurrence to have trespassers on the land, if they came at all. So we can assume no trespassers on the land hoaxing everyone by running around in Bigfoot costumes. We can also be certain that neither the owners nor Pfohl and Hadj-Chikh were running around in Bigfoot costumes hoaxing people. We also know that Adrian himself was not hoaxing.

The only possible conclusion then is that Bindernagel saw a Bigfoot at Crittenden.

Facebook/Find Bigfoot is in Las Vegas. No one knows what they are doing there, where they are said to be meeting with Rick Dyer. In fact, I just received word that they did in fact view Dyer’s Bigfoot body, and also they did not sign an NDA with Dyer. Nevertheless, they do not appear to be talking as of yet about what they have seen.

New video out investigating the Dyer Bigfoot shooting in San Antonio. The shooting on September 6, 2012 is still the subject of much investigation. A man has been running around there investigating the shooting mostly by interviewing homeless people who live in the area. This is the second video in the series.

In this video, the young homeless man says that someone or something killed his dog right around the time that Dyer’s crew were in the area. The young man blames Dyer for slashing his dog’s throat (the injury was not fatal). The young man says that if Dyer attacked his dog, the man is going to kill Dyer. So he’s threatening Dyer. No one knows if Dyer attacked that dog or not. It seems like a pretty crazy thing to do, even for Dyer. On the other hand, Bigfoots can easily slit the throat of a dog. Why was the young man’s dog’s throat slit around the time when Dyer shot the Bigfoot? No one knows; it’s one more mystery.

In addition, the man says that he has never seen any Bigfoots in the area, and he doesn’t think that they live there. Mountain lions? Yes. Bigfoots? No.

It is very interesting that the man reiterates once again that he heard gunshots in the area when Dyer was there with the film crew. This time he elaborates that he heard more than one gunshot (Dyer says he fired two shots) and that the shots occurred at night (Dyer says the Bigfoot was shot at 2:30 AM). This is excellent confirmation of Dyer’s story.

However, in this video, a Mexican-American family living in the area are interviewed, and the father says say that there are Bigfoots (Meaning more than one!) still in the area. The father also said that Dyer and the film crew were in the area in early September, and that the father met them. In addition, the father also said his neighbor told him one night at a party that the neighbor had seen a Bigfoot in the area dumpster diving and looking for something to eat. After it spotted the neighbor, the Bigfoot took off in the direction of a water tower that is in the area. A member of the man’s family said that they had seen huge footprints in the area.

Accusation that the San Antonio Film Commission did not grant any licenses to shoot film during early September. Sleuths on Bigfoot Forums called the film commission and learned this odd fact. Skeptics are using this to say that there never was any film crew in the area with Dyer during this period.

Nevertheless, as you can see in the video above, the young man says that Dyer was indeed out here with a film crew during that period. The man says he met the crew and talked to them, and that they had British accents! So it appears that whether or not Minnow had a permit or not, they were indeed at that site during that period shooting film with Dyer.

Dyer footage reportedly cut from Minnow Films Shooting Bigfoot movie. A poster on Bigfoot Forums, “Ihlyda,” who insists that the Dyer story is a hoax says he has a source at Minnow who says that the Dyer footage has been cut from the film. However, he appears to be lying, and I do not think that he has a source at Minnow. My source at Minnow just told me that his story is not true and Dyer’s footage is still in the film.

Derek Randles has not yet seen the Dyer body. Everyone is waiting for Randles to go look at that body, but apparently Derek has not gone to see the body yet. It’s not known what Randles will be able to tell us after he sees it as he may be under NDA.

Another huge Bigfooter will see Dyer’s body. Another huge Bigfooter will come to see the body around the same time that Randles does. Whether they accompany Randles or not, I do not know. No one knows who this person is, though there is much speculation.

Dyer’s truck vandalized for the 3rd time in a month. Rick Dyer’s truck had its rear window smashed recently. This was the 3rd vandalism in a month. The person who did it supposedly did it because they say Dyer is a hoaxer. The vandalism was accompanied by some sort of message calling Dyer a hoaxer. Apparently this is someone who thinks Dyer is hoaxing again based on the body story. It is unfortunate that Rick is suffering this way and I do not support these attacks on Dyer in any way whatsoever. My heart goes out to him. I feel sorry for the damage he is suffering unjustly and I hope the vandal is caught.

There is a silver lining to all of this  mess. I think it is great that people are attacking the property of hoaxers, even though in this case, they are mistaken. Wouldn’t it be a great world when every Bigfoot hoaxer had to suffer endless threats to life, limb and property along with at the very least property damage. Actually I would not mind seeing some of them get beat up too. The Bigfoot community needs to put sheer terror into the hearts of these hoaxers. People wanting to hoax need to think twice. I want people to think, “Oh no, I better not do this Bigfoot hoax. If I do, I will get endless threats and possible attacks on me or my property.” Maybe that will stop a few of them.

Scientists review Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study. Here, from the execrable Sharon Hill’s Doubtful News scofftic site, is a report on geneticists who have reviewed the data. Apparently Bigfoot nuclear DNA is extremely bizarre, so weird that these scientists insist it could not even be from a real creature. Therefore, they say that there must have been some contamination. However, upon reading the study, I concluded that there was no contamination whatsoever. Therefore, my conclusion is simply that Bigfoot DNA is extremely strange. Why not? Bigfoots themselves are weird as all get out, so why wouldn’t their DNA be very odd also?

The sequence did not match a hominin sequence but part of it did match very well with human chromosome 11. 60% didn’t match with anything on Earth (So called “Angel DNA“? Sorry, I went there…) and the rest of it matched with various animals such as panda, dog and bear, etc. These bits that matched may be a sign of a mixed sample.

So, as Winter notes, he’s not sure if the researchers are inept or deliberate in their interpretation but some of the DNA is perfectly matched to humans and the rest is “crap”. Some of the sequences, he said, were far too short to be the result of hybridization, making Ketchum’s claim of hybridization from 15,000 years ago not plausible. Others have also questioned the hybridization idea.

Contamination remains the obvious question. It’s not that the samples were contaminated necessarily by the collector but that the sample itself was a mix. So, no matter how careful they were in the lab to prevent investigator contamination (as Ketchum insists), the damage was already done if it was junk to begin with.

Conclusion? Bad.

As I noted above, there is no contamination. I went over that in my last report, and you can go check Scott Carpenter’s site for more on that. Ok, Bigfoot DNA is crazy. So what? That means they don’t exist? No. It means they exist, but they have nutty DNA.

Ketchum hoaxing? On JREF and other forums, many folks, including many Bigfooters, are saying that Ketchum is hoaxing this whole thing. Many of these saying this are scofftics to skeptics, and they say she is hoaxing it because there is no such thing as Bigfoots. So the samples were all of known animals or humans, and Ketchum messed with the DNA to make it look funny so she could call it Bigfoot DNA.

Thing is, if she did that, she is guilty of scientific fraud. She could never publish in the US again. Her career would be over. She could be sued civilly for fraud and prosecuted criminally for fraud by any enterprising DA. I agree with Richard Stubstad that, while Ketchum is a pretty shady person, I do think that hoaxing and scientific fraud is simply beyond here. I would even go so far as to say that she doesn’t have it in her to do that.

Ketchum’s telling Justin Smeja to damage his sample with bleach. That was Justin’s explosive claim on the video of his that I linked to in my last report. The JREF idiots are running with this and claiming that Ketchum damaged all of her samples with bleach and that is how she got the weird Bigfoot DNA results she came up with. In other words, a hoax and scientific fraud. I do not understand genetics very well, but i believe that destroying the sample with bleach would simply render it sufficiently damaged so that no usable DNA could be recovered from it.

Justin’s other claims. In the video, Justin also makes other claims. He said that Ketchum said she had a way of making the DNA of something seem like something it is not. This is suggestive of scientific fraud on her part if she did indeed say that.

However, I doubt if she said that. She did say that if other labs tested it, they would probably get a common animal. In Justin’s case, she said other labs would come up with “bear.” That is exactly what two other labs did come up with. This is a very odd statement on her part, and I do not understand it. Why did she know that other labs would come up with “bear?” Makes no sense. And how was it that she would come up with something different from bear? I admit that I am mystified here, but I still believe that she is not hoaxing. I simply do not believe she has it in her to do that.

Justin also said that Ketchum made the claim about the Bigfoot mind-rape that happened to her on her property where Bigfoots reportedly hang out. I have gone over this claim before on my blog. I think something very odd happened to her that night, that Bigfoots have ESP, and that they can mess with your mind in some interesting ways.

Justin said that Ketchum claimed to have 5 Bigfoots on he property. Justin thought this was nuts, but I think it is possible that she may indeed have a family of Bigfoots running around her property.

In addition, Justin said that Ketchum said she would hold Justin’s Bigfoot sample, and the Bigfoots would mind-speak to her somehow when she held it. That is, she would have some sort of a spiritual experience. Ketchum is a very spiritual experience. I do not know if the Bigfoots mindspeak to her when she holds the Sierra steak, but anything is possible. Actually, habituators regularly report very similar odd experiences. I conclude that Bigfoots have “something else” that may be a spiritual or ESP side to them.

Justin concluded from all of this that the woman is simply a nut. I am not sure if that is true. She is shady, but is she nuts? Crazy like a fox maybe. Otherwise, I doubt it. She is sort of Cluster B-ish, but so is just about everyone in Bigfootery!

Four superb breakdowns by Michael Merchant. Four new fantastic breakdowns by Merchant follow below. He is becoming my favorite guy for doing breakdowns.

Michael Merchant breaks down the Top 5 Bigfoot photos of the year.

Very nice.

#5 photo is a very odd photo of something taken from the rear. It’s from Ontario, Canada, taken by a trapper. It is a very weird photo, and no one knows quite what it is. A friend of mine insists that it is a Bigfoot. I told him, “But it looks so weird!” He replied, “Well, Sasquatches are pretty weird creatures, so photos of them look pretty strange.” Makes sense to me.

#4 photo is the Temamgami Ontario Canada Bigfoot photos. These photos are very strange, but I think that both of them are real Bigfoot photos. They have been extensively investigated by researchers, including the fine Ontario Wildlife Field Research group.

#3 is the fantastic Adam Davies Sleeping Bag Sasquatch video from Washington State. I also regard this as a real Bigfoot. Davies is a superb researcher.

#2 is a very weird trail cam photo of something bipedal running on all fours. It looks like some kind of an elongated ape. I do not have the faintest idea what that thing is.

#1 is the excellent Melissa Hovey Bigfoot photo. One of the finest Bigfoot photos ever taken. Melissa did a great job handling the roll-out on this photo. For sure that is a real Bigfoot.

Another incredible breakdown by Michael Merchant!

Merchant breakdown of Utah Bigfoot.

This one fooled me for sure. Apparently a few months after they released this video, these maggots told us that it was all a hoax. Hmm. Punks. Bitches. I always wondered about that Bigfoot shelter they find at the end of the video. It looked too good for a Bigfoot to have built it. It looked like it was build by humans. Turns out it was!

Merchant breaks down tree falling in the forest video.

Here a tree falls in the forest. A guy films it, and he says that a Bigfoot pushed it over. He also claims that there are 3 Bigfoots in this video. They look more like shadows to me. I am not sure there are any Bigfoots in this video and trees fall in the forest all the time. The man has a dog with him, and the dog does not act too alarmed. It’s dubious whether there are any proven Bigfoots in this video.

Merchant paralyzed Adirondacks Bigfoot breakdown video.

Fine breakdown by Merchant of this extraordinarily bizarre video out of New York. No one yet knows what is in this video. A commenter said it a common costume, but I went to the site and looked at the costume and this did not look like it. How many hoaxers go down on all fours. How many make juvenile Bigfoots have gigantic heads? How many get the Bigfoot’s ears exactly right?

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