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Bigfoot News August 1, 2013

Posted on the 02 August 2013 by Calvinthedog

Why do I believe Rick Dyer? This is a bit of a problem. Believing Rick Dyer is frankly ruining my life due to all of the problems it is causing. Almost no one else believes him except for a few of us. However, I am happy that Christopher Noel still believes Rick.

Truth is I can’t stand Rick, and the feeling is mutual. He has libeled me pretty seriously on his website. Of course I get no money from Rick. I would not take any money or gifts from Rick even if offered because that would taint me. I also get no money from writing about the Rick Dyer story, not that it matters. It is said that I am writing this up just to get hits from my blog.

Problem with that is that I am too much of a moral person to do something that sleazy. I am so morally finicky that I think that is part of the reason I have little money. I simply refuse to sleaze out for money. I also in general don’t tell any lies about anything substantial on this with regard to Bigfoot. I do sometimes muddy the waters about sources, mostly to protect them. Sometimes if I get material 2rd hand from a source who got it from someone else, I will say that instead I spoke directly to the source instead of getting it hearsay. I am not in a court of law, so none of this matters.

I could never knowingly participate in any hoax, much less a Bigfoot hoax.

On the other hand though, this is a great story whether it it true or not. Even if it’s a hoax, it’s one of the greatest Bigfoot hoaxes of all time, and that’s a great story and a great reason to follow it right  there. There are now whole blogs, forums and Facebook groups dedicated to the notion that this is a hoax, and they are often updated every day. They are milking the hoax angle the same way some of us are milking the believer angle. I really do not see what the difference is.

At any rate, hits hardly do me any good here since WordPress does not normally allow us to put our own ads up. They have their own ad program for selected blogs, but I have not yet applied for it. So I make almost nothing off of this website – maybe $10/month. Labor of love.

So there you have it folks! My reasoning for milking this story.

Morgan Matthews’ telling comments after the Edinburgh showing of Shooting Bigfoot. After the UK premiere of the movie, Morgan took questions, which he answered very gingerly. However, one answer was very interesting. Morgan said that Rick had a real gun with real live bullets loaded in it. Rick fired the live bullets at the Bigfoot, and possibly, if the story is correct, nearly at Morgan too. It’s very hard to believe that Rick was firing live bullets at his stunt man or would shoot live rounds right in the vicinity of his stunt man and Matthews. If Dyer isn’t that reckless.

More theories on where the body is stored. In addition to two different agricultural research labs, one named in Maricopa, Arizona and another unnamed 90 miles from Las Vegas, we now have two more locations.

From Chuck at Bigfoot Buzz we hear that Chuck heard that the Bigfoot was being stored in an icehouse somewhere outside of Las Vegas.

Via a Team Tracker member, I hear that the Bigfoot was not stored at a US Department of Agriculture research station, but was instead stored at a building owned by a private contractor that does a lot of business for the US government. Even the guards and security would make sense in that case as US government contractors can have a lot of security around their buildings too. For some reason, this almost makes more sense as it seems so hard to believe that the US government would store this body for months. However, this person said he had not talked to anyone would had seen the body.

On whether this story is a hoax or not. In favor of the believers, it is true that this story has gone on for 10 months now and it has never been proven to be a hoax yet. On the other hand though, neither has it been proven to be true. So neither side is winning on that score.

Musky Allen putting out a lot of lies about the location of the Bigfoot body. It is true that Musky and other Team Tracker members have been deliberately putting out false information about the body location in order to throw people off the trail. However, this causes problems because Musky and the TT members are now proven to have lied in the course of this story. Rick Dyer is of course a congenital liar. If you want to be believed as a good source for a story, the first thing you should do is stop lying.

Both sides of the story. I do run both sides of the Rick Dyer story on this site, both the hoax theory and the believer theory. I give equal time to both sides.

New rendition of the Bigfoot shooting in San Antonio. I originally heard that Rick shot the Bigfoot in the back, the Bigfoot circled back around and knocked over Morgan, and then Rick shot the Bigfoot in the head to drop it.

But now there is a new story. Rick shot the Bigfoot in the back at a distance from Morgan, then the Bigfoot circled around and attacked Morgan, and then it ran on. A few minutes later, Rick found it on the ground 20 or 30 feet from where it had attacked Morgan, and he then either did or did not finish it off with a bullet to the base of the skull, depending on whom you listen to.

The Bigfoot did have a shot to the head, verified by Musky Allen. The head shot was either delivered as a coup de grace while it was lying on the ground or it after the Bigfoot dropped Morgan and was running along. Once again, we deal with the problem of changing and conflicting narratives.

Melba Ketchum speaks up on the Matilda photo from the Erickson Project. From Bigfoot Evidence, we get a statement from Ketchum on the Matilda video.

Matilda the sleeping Bigfoot.

Matilda the sleeping Bigfoot.

OK, the Matilda questions. Her mitochondrial DNA was tested by Disotell with human results like all of our samples. He said it had to be human contamination and threw the sample away according to Adrian Erickson. Fortunately, he kept back some of the sample. He then sent some of it to Paleo Labs where they also got human mitochondrial DNA. When we got the remainder of the sample, we got the same results.

But, we then tested the nuclear DNA where the differences are in the Sasquatch. First, the DNA was female and we had very few females in the study. Some of the individual genes we sequenced on this sample were human while others failed even with universal mammalian primers. This sample behaved just like the rest of the samples. To add credibility and link the sample to the videos, we tested the MC1R gene for red hair color. She sequenced human for this gene and had the mutation for red hair.

We ran the 2.5 million human SNP array on her sample. Even a degraded human sample will have greater than ninety five percent of the SNPs run successfully and our degraded human control sample ran 97%. Matilda’s DNA was pristine but only ran at 83%. So, her DNA was obviously not completely human. I also spoke with all three members of the Erickson team and am totally convinced that the videos are legitimate. This is especially true since the DNA findings matched her sex and hair color.

The video below has been bashed to Kingdom Come by skeptics. However, a friend of mine saw the whole 6 minute video and was impressed by it. Another person who saw the video said that Matilda wakes up at the end of the video. The Bigfoot in the video breathes at 6 breaths per minute, which is quite unusual. The people who say this thing is faked have never shown how the Erickson people faked this video.

I can assure you that Erickson is not a hoaxer, however, this video did come from one of the owners of the property and was not shot by the Erickson people themselves.

I believe that this video really shows a sleeping adolescent female Bigfoot in a forest in Tennessee.

Story about the death of Fox the Bigfoot. Interesting video from Reverend Jeff about the death of Fox and the Bigfoot at the Janice Carter farm. Jeff references my site a couple of times in the telling of this story. However, I no longer believe this version of the story. Sally Raines said that they did hear that Fox was dying, and she and Janice went out to the forest to try to find him, but they were unsuccessful in locating him. However, they did hear some wood knocks when they were out there. Jeff also includes a fanciful tale about the death of Fox lifted from the comments section of a Bigfoot blog. It was written by someone with quite an imagination.

Jeff’s Bigfoot stories are very well done, and Jeff is a great guy and a friend.

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