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Bigfoot News April 24, 2014

Posted on the 24 April 2014 by Calvinthedog

Dyer vows to soldier on. Although many idiotic Dyer skeptics say that the whole Dyer affair is over and has been proven to be a hoax, that is actually not true. Not all skeptics and haters feel this way, as some haters have noted that this Dyer is not over yet by a long shot. This is indeed correct, for all that has been proven to be a hoax is the Bigfoot prop that Rick took on his tour of the US. Indeed, it has been outed as a prop produced by a special effects artist in Washington state.

In addition, the scan which fooled some of us so well has also been proven to be part of the hoax. According to Chris Russell, the prop maker, that is some sort of a scan of the clay model that was used to model the fake Hank. A number of folks were fooled by the prop, including apparently two MD’s who were brought along by Jeff and Jack, the Facebook Find Bigfoot guys.

The two men, after validating the prop as real via their physician friends, gave Rick at least $58,000 for his US tour. It is not known how the MD’s were fooled, whether there are two bodies, a real Hank used to fool the investors and the fake Hank prop to take on tour, or whether the investors were simply fooled by the fake. In addition, at least three other Bigfooters verified the prop as real.

However, it has come to light that Rick would not let anyone, including the MD’s, touch the prop. According to Jeff and Jack, whatever it was they saw had incredible detail, including veins, scars, fingerprints, moles, etc. If the prop maker managed to put that much detail into the prop, then he could not have been such a bad prop maker after all.

Rick says that the prop was made based on the real body. That is an interesting theory and it does explain why the prop was more anatomically accurate than any Bigfoot prop I have ever seen. The scan also had more anatomical accuracy than I have seen in any Bigfoot prop. Rick said he provided Russell with photos and drawings which Russell used to make the prop.

However, Rick states that although the prop is fake, he insists that he still shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio with Morgan Matthews of the BBC on September 6, 2012. He also says that he shot the Tent Video earlier on the same day and that MM was present at that filming also. He said that he retains possession of the body and that the body will be revealed at some point. In addition, Rick said that MM will come out at some point and admit that Rick killed a Bigfoot during their filming.

Rick seems very confident; in fact, he is riding a high horse, which seems odd for someone who supposedly has nothing at all.

Rick also fired almost everyone in his Team Tracker. Those he did not fire simply quit over the hoax revelations. Andrew Clacy went back to Australia and Lynk Paul went back to Trinidad. Both men are furious at Rick and both recorded lengthy statements about their nightmarish time with Rick. Apparently Rick paid them almost nothing for their time, has terrible hygiene, was terribly abusive, cheated or tried to cheat on his wife most of the time, dumped RV sewage on the highway, laughed when the RV ran over a dog, and in addition, is a terrible parent to his children. Rick claims that both men were paid handsomely but this is not true.

Possible evidence that the fake Hank may indeed have been modeled on the real Hank. From a source:

I have compared many of the details and micro-features of:

1. Hank before the autopsy.

2. The preserved remains of Hank.

3. The recently released hairless scan of Hank’s head.

There are match-ups on the micro-features (scars, wrinkles and hair patterns), on the macro features, and on the facial proportions as well.

There is no reason why you should take my word on any of this, but you should take a close look yourself at the existing images, and you will see the same match-ups that I am referring to.

All of this will come out eventually, but the controversy will never cease because of the egos, reputations and big money involved with all the various researchers and enthusiasts.

The “preserved remains of Hank” was actually a prop, and the hairless scan was apparently part of the prop.

I am having a bit of a problem with this statement. How did the source have access to images of Hank before the autopsy? Which images is he referring to? I don’t get it.

Probably no one poked around at Hank for hours. I did receive some reports that verifiers had poked around at Hank (apparently at the prop) for hours before they verified it. Apparently these reports were simply not true as anyone who poked around at that thing for hours would have obviously concluded that it was a prop.

Do CT scans, MRI scans and the Autopsy video of Hank exist? Perhaps they do, but the men who told me that they saw these things when they verified Hank also told me that they poked around Hank (apparently the prop?) for hours. How could they have poked around at it for hours and not known it was real? So perhaps they were not telling the truth about poking around at it.

If they were not forthcoming about that, then we have consider that their reports of seeing the CT and MRI scans and Autopsy video might also not be accurate. Perhaps there are CT and MRI scans and an Autopsy video of Hank. Perhaps there are none. At this point, the evidence for the existence of these things is not reliable.

Names of the two men who uncovered the prop. I can now reveal for the first time the names of the two men who uncovered Rick’s prop. One of them was Musky Allen. I had heard that Musky was flying down to Florida on the Florida leg of the tour, but I did not understand why. The other man was Jack Barnes from FB/FB, who also showed up in Florida.

The men along with Clacy had been getting increasingly suspicious of the prop, especially since Rick forbade anyone from touching it. At one point, the glass was either lifted or broken by Musky and Jack, who immediately determined it to be a fake. Musky immediately had a huge falling out with Rick over the prop that apparently continues to this day as Musky did not know it was a prop. Jack also cut off his relationship with Rick as he had no idea Hank was a prop either. Clacy immediately took off for an airplane back to Australia. At some point, Lynk was simply dumped by the side of the road while the RV continued on its way.

Jeff and Jack’s opinion about Dyer. Jeff and Jack are described as crestfallen and deeply depressed over the hoax. They now believe that there is perhaps a 5% chance that Rick has a real dead Bigfoot somewhere. The one silver lining is that both men continue to believe that the Tent Video and the Shooting Bigfoot scenes show actual Bigfoots. But that is as far as the men will go.

The men are out ~$58,000 minimum due to funding the hoax tour. Rick did take in some money from the tour, but it is not known if Jeff and Jack got any of it. Jeff also gave Rick $8,500 to pay a back child support bill for Rick because it was going to warrant. I reported this earlier but that has now been confirmed by Clacy (I thought I am always wrong?).

Theory that there may have been two Hanks – one to show verifiers and investors and another to take on the road. A source suggests this:

PS: It is possible that what the MD’s saw was the real Hank, before Rick had the prop made. Rick may have felt that he was being stiffed to some degree by not having access to the real body when he was in financial straits and came up with a quick money-making scheme out of desperation. That may be why he felt he was “telling the truth” about having “two Bigfoot bodies”, i.e. one real, one fake. In his mind, a minor distinction.

Dyer: “No more evidence for Bigfoot than there is for the tooth fairy.” Why did Rick make this odd statement? Skeptics say he made it because he has been hoaxing all along and has never believed in Bigfoot. However, a source offers another theory:

Re: Rick’s “tooth fairy” statement- I agree somewhat with the above analysis of your friend that he is just saying this to get the haters stirred up. As I wrote earlier: “And Rick may just say anything at all to keep the controversy and attention on himself, hoping to capitalize on it somehow. He is a con artist and will work either side of the issue for profit. No scruples, no moral compass, just a drive for survival at any cost.”

The Rick Dyer saga continues. After admitting to the hoax, Rick fired his whole team and then said he was reconstituting it with a whole new team, starting up Team Tracker again with platinum, gold and silver memberships. In addition, there will be new DVD sales and more paid outings. In other words, he is starting the whole thing up all over again. Many people are mystified at how the saga could be continuing as Rick just admitted that Hank was a prop. However, I can now reveal Rick’s plans for the future.

Rick’s future plans. According to sources close to Rick Dyer, the Dyer reboot as detailed above will be the second leg of the tour, but this time it will include the real body. I asked my source why anyone would believe that this second body is real since the first one was fake and the source said that the much-discussed press conference will take place before the second leg of the tour and this would prove that the body is real. The source stated that the second leg is already completely booked and that since it will have the real body, security will be tight. The second leg is supposed to occur sometime this summer.

This actually goes along with what I heard earlier which was that the conference would only happen after the first leg and before the second leg of the tour.

I have no idea if this second leg of the tour will occur at all or if it does, if Rick will actually have a real dead Bigfoot or not. I also have no idea if this press conference will occur before the second leg or ever for that matter. Maybe these things will happen, maybe they won’t. At this point, we would be foolish to put faith in anything that Rick Dyer says. We should only lend credibility to Rick’s statements when they are backed up by 3rd party statements, and even then, we need to consider the source as Rick’s associates have themselves lied many times too (consider Frank Cali).

A source lays out Rick’s plans for the future here:

He still maintains that “…at the end of the day I will have the last laugh, and it will be fuckin’ hilarious because we have an actual Bigfoot body.” I quote that from his Blogtalk show which aired last night. He says “If you think I’m cocky now, just wait ’til the real thing comes out,” and that he’s “already started getting my regular pay from my old investors.”

He says the actual Bigfoot will go on display in the Summer. He’s still going to tour it. It’s not going to be broadcast. It’s going to be advertised by the parties who have paid to book the individual events. They each have put down a minimum deposit of $5,000, and Dyer and his investors will receive a cut from the admissions.

He says that these deposits were paid well before the fake Hank reveal, and none of them have asked for refunds.

I asked the source why people would believe that this new Hank is the real Hank, and here is what he responded:

Obviously they plan on doing the press conference and everything else before the second leg. Since these appearances were booked last year, it seems apparent that Rick decided he didn’t want to have to wait until summer to make money, so he had the fake made. I’m guessing he’s fairly bummed he wasn’t able to keep it on the road longer. But it would explain why the investors paid for the bus and trailer. He just figured he’d get some use out of it before summer. Someone paid for those vehicles and it wasn’t just to drag a fake body around.

Dyer’s story about paying $112,000 for the bus and trailer is another lie. Via the always excellent Ed Brown:

No… Rick and Lynk flew from Texas to Florida to pick it up. Paid exactly $13,000 for the bus. I interviewed these guys three times! Their story did not change once! I believe these guys with all my heart! Clacy and Boswell said Rick paid only $13K for the bus and maybe $15K for the trailer.

Well, what do you know? Rick Dyer lied again. Say it ain’t so, Joe!

Dyer’s original investors back in the picture. Dyer said that his original investors are back in the game as apparently Jeff and Jack have bailed after being burned on a hoax.

Hank Williams III may not have been the original investor. This is what I was told for some time, but now the same source has come back to me and said it was not actually this man, but instead it was another man who is a friend of Rick’s mother. Dyer’s mother worked in aerospace and apparently came into some money.

She also knows Hank Williams Jr. In addition, she befriended a wealthy man who made a lot of money as a factory owner. Whether this man has a connection to the Hank Williamses is not known. It is instead this man who has supposedly been funding all of Rick’s Bigfoot hunting expeditions, and he may have owned Hank. If Roski does own Hank and bought it off anyone, he may have bought it off Roski.

Dyer sends out After the Shot DVD’s. Rick supposedly mailed out two of the DVD’s on Friday, April 18. The rest were mailed out on Monday, April 21. The people who complained will get theirs last on April 25. No one has any idea what will be on these DVD’s, however, Dyer stated many times that After the Shot would contain 45 minutes of footage of Hank after he was killed.

I do not know of anyone who has received their DVD’s yet, but the Monday ones should be arriving on Friday, April 25. I know two people who ordered this DVD, and it will be interesting to see their reports of what was on it. If the DVD’s do not contain the footage he said they would contain, one would think there would be grounds for a fraud lawsuit.

Dyer’s PayPal account closed, grand larceny charges filed against Dyer by PayPal. From a hater site, reports that PayPal has closed Dyer’s account, issued refunds to many customers who ordered the DVD and asked for their money back and has now filed grand larceny charges against Rick.

His former President and VP went on the air with Racer X in October and also did several interviews with Steve Kulls and also Shawn Evidence and told all of the people who bought the DVD to contact PayPal for a refund. Most of them did. PayPal shut down Dyer’s account then. They brought charges of grand larceny against Dyer.The money people paid for the DVD, which never even was recorded, as he never shot a Bigfoot was spent to pay for the fake Bigfoot dummy in October. All this was brought to light 6 months ago by Cali.

Dyer never gave one cent back to anyone. Everyone who got a refund earlier got it through PayPal, not from Rick. This is why Rick lost his PayPal account.

Hmm, looks like Rick is committing some more fraud, this time regarding the DVD’s. Well, what else is new. Rick Dyer is a criminal, a con man, a fraudster.

There may be nothing much of significance on the After the Shot DVD. A source says that he doubts there will be dead Bigfoot footage on the DVD.

If the DVD contained footage of a dead BF, I doubt Rick would be saying, “You’ll get a kick out of it.” I’m sure that refers to footage of him and MM fighting or some such. That’s probably what he means by footage starting on 9/7/12.

In other words, the DVD may be a whole lot of nothing.

Edward Roski, Jr., Jane Pisano and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. I reported earlier than Roski was the name of the billionaire who purchased Hank (but bought it from whom?), Pisano was the name of the woman to present the Hank press conference and the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History was the name of the museum that would sponsor the conference and where Hank was to go on display.

My source for all of that information was Musky Allen. Adding weight to the possibility that that information might be true is a letter that I found found Jack Barnes of FB/FB to Pisano alluding to her, Roski and the museum and offering his help. The letter was written in December.

However, Musky Allen has now said that he lied when he told me all of those things. If that is true, then maybe Musky was also the source of the information that Jack Barnes got. I do not believe at all that he lied to me, but as long as Musky is stating that he lied, his testimony is more or less impeached and the information about Roski, Pisano and the museum is not coming from a good source and hence is not verified and may be true or may not be true.

Ed Roski, Jr. spotted at Las Vegas facility attempting to buy Hank in February 2012. A source has come forward who was at the Vegas facility where Hank was purportedly stored at this time. This man has told me that he saw a man who he believes is Roski inspecting Hank in the company of some other men at this date. Roski was said to be there trying to buy Hank. He was reported to have had a physician with him to verify Hank. The doctor verified the body within less than 2 minutes. I asked him if he was sure that that man was Roski and he did hedge:

Source: “I saw a man who I now believe to be Roski there at that time negotiating to buy Hank, and yes, he did have a doctor with him.”

RL: “Are you sure it was Roski.”

Source:“Well it was a while ago, but I now believe that it was him.”

I haven’t the faintest idea how accurate this source is. I would place maybe 90% belief in this person.

Why did Rick take the fake Bigfoot on tour? A source opines:

Perhaps Rick is just in an increasingly degrading set of circumstances. He says that his bank account was down to $100 when he took the replica on tour. So it is probable that he felt justified and desperate enough to put on the hustle to make some dough.

Even if Rick does have a dead Bigfoot, he may have blown it so bad by his criminal behaviors that it may never see the light of day. So says a source, who has a most interesting theory:

At this point though, it is also probable that if there is anything to the rest of his story about the scientific workup, he has probably alienated everyone involved, and they may back out of the scientific media conference, not wanting to be associated with his lies and hoaxing. So the truth of this matter may not be known for quite some time, if ever. And Rick may just say anything at all to keep the controversy and attention on himself, hoping to capitalize on it somehow. He is a con artist and will work either side of the issue for profit. No scruples, no moral compass, just a drive for survival at any cost.

If it never shows up due to Rick’s crime spree, the mystery will perhaps never be solved.

A source takes apart the attacks on the Shooting Bigfoot footage.

Skeptics say that there is no evidence that Rick killed a Bigfoot in that footage, but there is also no evidence that he did not kill a Bigfoot, or at least shoot one. And when you see the Bigfoot footage from Morgan Matthews in Shooting Bigfoot, it’s hard to imagine how it was possible for those to not be Bigfoots. There’s never been anything like it as far as state of the art likeness goes. I don’t think skeptics will ever be able to adequately explain how those were costumes.

I agree with that 100%. I don’t see how those are costumes.

Dyer is shooting live bullets during the Shooting Bigfoot footage. MM reported that Dyer was shooting live bullets during that filming. Do people honestly think that Dyer would shoot live bullets at stunt men in the middle of the night? That’s crazy.

Enhanced scenes from Shooting Bigfoot. The Bigfoot in the first sequence is very impressive. I like especially the way it is walking. Before Dyer fires his third shot, he seems to have his scope right on or very close to the Bigfoot when he fires. Assuming those are real Bigfoots, and I say they are, and Rick is shooting live bullets (we know he is), it is certainly possible that he could have hit that Bigfoot with one or more of his bullets. If he hit it, he could have either wounded it or killed it. I fail to see how that is beyond the realm of possibility.

If Dyer’s stunt man beat up MM, why didn’t MM sue Dyer? The hoax theory implies that Rick hired men to run around the woods in monkey suits in the middle of the night. One of these stunt men then badly beat up Morgan Matthews, a famous film director. If Rick’s stunt man beat up Morgan, why didn’t Morgan sue him.

MM seems to imply that there were no stunt men or suits used in the movie. For the Shooting Bigfoot footage to be fake, there would had to have been stunt men, costumes, CGI or special effects in the movie. In the new footage added to the end of Shooting Bigfoot, there is footage of the homeless man who was there at the time of the filming. The homeless man insists that that the film crew had no costumes or masks with them during the filming. If the film crew had no costumes or masks, who supplied the costumes or masks to hoax the footage.

Stunt men in monkey suits running around in the woods in the middle of the night with no flashlights? In order for the hoax theory to be true, you have to have at least two stuntmen running about in the middle of the night in thick woods in total darkness with no flashlights. How could they see to move around? It makes no sense. Rick has a flashlight on his rifle and MM had a light on his camera. The two men used those lights to get around in the woods at night.

No stunt men, costume designer, special effects of CGI credits in the movie. At the end of Shooting Bigfoot as the credits roll, there are no credits for any of these things. If MM hoaxed the Bigfoot footage in SB, why then are there no credits at the end of the movie listing the above?

Where are the stunt men for Shooting Bigfoot? It has been quite some time now. Why have they not come forward. Indeed. We now need two different stunt men just for the last five minutes of the movie. Where are they? Where are the suits and masks that the stunt men wore? Why can’t we find their suits and masks somewhere?

Morgan Matthews’ cryptic statements. Much has been made of a statement made by Matthews where he was asked, “What knocked you over in the movie?” MM answered: “I do not believe it was a Bigfoot.” Skeptics have gone crazy with this remark, as is supposedly proves that MM knows he was knocked over by something other than a Bigfoot that night. However, a source asks me to consider another possibility:

Mathews states “I don’t believe it was a Bigfoot” Is this because he knows it was a Bigfoot?

Skeptic charge that the Bigfoot that attacked MM in Shooting Bigfoot can be seen “adjusting its mask.” A source feels that there are three Bigfoots in the movie, Hank, Hank’s female partner (let us call her Hanna) and a juvenile Bigfoot.

The Sasquatch they say is “adjusting the mask” is the juvenile in the background that appears just before Hanna’s arm can be seen. The juvenile is separated by a sizable distance over too short a period of time to be the same individual as Hanna, and anyway the face is different.

Without the original hi-res footage things are unclear, but there does not seem to be any adjustment, just distortion of the image. In the frame sequences, there is not enough of a time elapse for such an action (an adjustment) to occur, that would take a more than a few frames. As I mentioned above, the expression on Hanna’s face changes- so it is not a mask.

As you can see, the source points out that Hanna’s face does indeed move, refuting a skeptic charge that since no movement can be seen in her face, she must be wearing a mask.

More reasons why the “hoax filmed with multiple takes” skeptic theory makes no sense at all. Big G opines:

I believe those five minutes at the end of Shooting Bigfoot were a complete surprise to Dyer and Mathews. We can hear dyer wanting to see the video and Dyer wanting to take the video. Seems strange that he wouldn’t want Mathews to put his (hoax ) into a movie. Why would dyer want the filming of a hoax. No audience, no hoax.

A hoax that dyer filmed in one take I might add. Hollywood doesn’t do anything in one take, and that’s with a cooperative camera man during the day with real actors and props.

So there are 2 options.

  1. Dyer had Mathews film the best hoax footage of all time in one take with a non cooperative camera guy and no night vision.
  2. They filmed a bunch of bullshit for a couple of days till a Bigfoot wandered into camp and Mathew filmed the only five minutes that made the whole movie.

I believe it to be the latter.

I like that. Big G hit another homer out of the park with that one.

Skeptic nonsense logic about homeless people and lying in San Antonio. One of the bedrock convictions of the skeptics is that there is no way that a Bigfoot could possibly have been on that small parcel in San Antonio. However, this contention runs into serious problems because the famous San Antonio Bigfoot 911 call in 2009 came from precisely that very area.

The woman who made the call actually appears in Shooting Bigfoot. Skeptic reply to this inconvenient fact by saying that she is a liar. However, her male partner also saw the Bigfoot that night and in addition, three motorists passing by also saw the same Bigfoot. They all called in the sighting to the police. Ok, now the woman, her partner and three different motorists are all lying. See how these skeptics don’t make sense?

If you ask them why the woman and her partner are lying, they say, “Homeless people lie!” However, the skeptics star witness is the man who was interviewed by a Bigfoot videographer. He stated that there were multiple takes of the scene with the Bigfoots running around that night. However, he also said that the film crew had no masks or costumes with them, so that theory makes no sense. So homeless people always lie, except for the skeptics’ star witness, who is not lying! Homeless people always lie, except when they don’t! Makes no sense.

The homeless man and his “multiple takes” theory of Shooting Bigfoot. When this guy is talking about multiple takes and the rest of his lies, I assume that blanks were fired in the multiple takes of this fake shooting with stunt men running about in costumes, etc. With cameramen and stuntmen stumbling around in total darkness, why would anyone anyone be firing live rounds!?

Yet MM states that Rick was shooting live bullets that night.

I do not believe that there were multiple takes done that night. The footage that is shown does not look like the refined footage one might get from multiple takes. Further, documentarians do not do multiple takes of a live scene. I think it is a violation of documentarian ethics. Once again, MM states that live bullets were being fired by Rick. No way were those guys doing multiple takes in total darkness with cameramen and various stunt men in full costumes and masks running about in total darkness while Rick Dyer was firing live ammunition. No way.

Big G, one of our finest commenters from the Comments section, on what we have learned recently in the Comments discussions and also via the Rick Dyer story:

I think we are going in the right direction if we listen to others and not Dyer. Yet not everybody in this story lied and those that did didn’t lie 100 percent. Hell I don’t think Dyer lied 100 percent. Everyone wants to know the truth. Because for many the Bigfoot myth would become real.

Thru this mess or web of lies we’ve learned some things.

  1. We’ve learned Bigfoot regularly visit suburbia like other foragers, raccoons for instance (a reference to the fact of Bigfoots using the San Antonio site, proven by 9-11 call, Tent Video and Shooting Bigfoot footage.

  2. “Inventor” in the comments threads stating that Melba’s science is good but the interpretation is in question (A commenter named Inventor, a biologist, has looked at Melba Ketchum’s DNA data and says it appears to be real data, but what it all means is uncertain.)

  3. Regardless of what the skeptics say we have some film that we can evaluate for years to come (reference to the Shooting Bigfoot footage).

What is the backstory on the events of September 7, 2012? A source fills me in on Dyer’s account of that day.

According to Dyer, only he, Amber and MM with the dead Bigfoot until Rick made the call and guys working for the investors flew out. They came out and a truck was rented. They had Hank in a U-Haul until they were able to rent the reefer truck.

I am not saying that that is actually what happened, but this is how Dyer’s story goes.

Dallas of Dallas and Wayne reports that Rick Dyer shot two Sasquatches at Minneola, Texas! In this Blogtalk interview with Steve Kulls, Dallas makes the shocking claim that Rick shot two Sasquatches at Minneola, killing one and wounding another one. The dead one was apparently carried off by the other Bigfoots. After Rick shot the two Bigfoots, Dallas said he ran away in terror.

This story is completely wild and I have no idea if it is true or not, but I will check into it. You can hear it at the 1:08 mark in the interview here. Bizarro!

Explanation for why I use anonymous sources:

I could easily give names for many of my sources. In fact, most of them are big names in the Bigfoot community with easily recognizable names. However, I often encourage them to be anonymous sources. Many times, I offer them the option of being quoted or being anonymous and I strongly encourage them to be anonymous sources. Most of them readily agree to be anonymous. There is nothing mysterious about any of these folks. If you saw their names, you would probably recognize most of them.

However, a lot of info I get is under strict anonymity, as in, if I blow their anonymity, the source is going to be stark raving furious. So I have a duty to protect these folks.

I most use the “anonymous sources” thing because it makes so many people so hopping furious. I cannot count the number of Bigfooters who have ranted and raved at me and my “sources.” The fact that I use unnamed sources really makes them pop a blood vessel. Every time I see a Bigfooter about to stroke out about my sources, I vow to use them even more.

So you see the reason why I use anonymous sources. I just do it to make people mad! I love it when people almost have a heart attack while screaming about my “sources.” I just love to piss these people off.

Idiotic charges that I am not a real journalist, have no journalism degree and never worked in the field.

I actually have a BA in journalism (Cal State University Long Beach about 35 years ago ) unlike I assume 100% of my critics in Bigfootery who claim I am “not a journalist.” I worked on my university papers and magazine, and out of 50 students, my article along with 4 others was chosen for the magazine. I used to do interviews with huge rock bands all the time in Hollywood music industry offices. One of the bands I interviewed is named Judas Priest.

I worked in the field as a proofreader for an academic journal publisher and also as an assistant editor of a well known large circulation national computer magazine in the early 1980′s. The name of the publisher was Sage Publications and the office was in Beverly Hills, California.

In addition, I freelanced a bit for money and I wrote a lot for free papers.

In high school, I won an award from a major California university for Best Column for a High School Newspaper in California that year.

I have also published fiction in literary magazines.

This research takes a lot of time, and I do not get paid anything for it. If you think this website is valuable to you, please consider a a contribution to support more of this valuable research.

There will hopefully be more to come later on.

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