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Bigfoot News April 12, 2013

Posted on the 12 April 2013 by Calvinthedog

Morgan Matthews has no Bigfoot body. Morgan Matthews of Minnow Films has issued a statement saying that he personally and Minnow as a company is not in possession of any Bigfoot body. Thanks to Rick Dyer’s blog for breaking this info to us. The report was from a personal phone call to Matthews himself.

Photos of the Dyer Bigfoot (Hank) surface. At least three photos of Hank, dead, have surfaced. They were emailed to Musky Allen, who unfortunately forwarded them on Dyer, who got pretty upset as he received them on his radio show.

The first two photos show what looks like a crime scene with terrain similar to the shooting scene in San Antonio, Texas. There are a dozen or so men standing around, and Dyer is one of them. Hank is lying dead on the ground and the men are circled around him. The second photo shows a group of  men attempting to load Hank, who is on some sort of a platform, into the back of some sort of a truck. This photo was apparently taken as they were getting ready to transport Hank to Las Vegas. Another version says that the photo is of the Bigfoot in the back of the truck as it was being transported to the facility.

Rick took the photos after they were sent to him and acted pretty mad that they were released. Allen has apparently not released them to anyone else. It appears that DJ Bashears may have been the one who released the photos in a pique of anger. Bashears had just been demoted as Vice President of Rick’s company and his anger over this may have caused him to leak the photos. DJ had indeed seen Hank as he was being loaded onto the truck in San Antonio.

Both Bashears and Musky have signed NDA’s with Dyer. Even if Bashears did release the photos, he might not admit it as it no doubt violates his NDA. NDA’s can be pretty intimidating documents. Bashears may be related to Rick, possibly a cousin. Where do the pics come from? Apparently a number of pics of Hank were taken, and someone got their hands on a couple of them when they were not supposed to. There was a note attached to the pics telling Musky that he could use the pics to end some of the arguments over whether or not Dyer was hoaxing.

Apparently the person forwarding the pics was concerned because Musky had taken some heat over his position on the Dyer matter and the sender wanted Musky to use the pics to ameliorate his position in the debate. I do know that the pics did come from the US, not the UK, and that they did not come to Musky’s Facebook account. Instead they went to his email. However, Musky’s email account is not well known, so this person has some inside information. Unfortunately, the Dyer detractors are so intransigent that even those two pics would have hardly budged one single person over to Rick’s side. It is sad the way this thing has gotten politicized.

Shooting Bigfoot press kit says Matthews suffered “scars” during the shooting of the movie. The press kit for the movie does not have a lot of information, but it does say that Matthews suffered “physical and mental scars” in the shooting of the movie. That is very interesting. The physical scars may refer to Hank crashing into Matthews as it was shot, knocking him down. The phrase may also refer to scars that Matthews got in a wild fistfight that occurred between Dyer and the movie crew after the Bigfoot was killed.

The fight happened because supposedly no Bigfoot was to be shot during the filming of the movie, and now Dyer had created a gigantic mess. The crew may also have sympathized with the dead Bigfoot. They may also have been mad at Dyer for endangering Matthews life by shooting the Bigfoot in the back, causing it to charge Matthews.

Blurb from Finding Bigfoot discusses scars incurred by Matthews in filming the movie.

Blurb from Finding Bigfoot discusses scars incurred by Matthews in filming the movie.

Top Bigfoot Forums administrator now supports Dyer. A top BFF administrator now says that he has information about the Dyer shooting that leads him to believe that it “may not be a false story.” This person had apparently been a strong supporter of the hoax theory for a long time.

Dallas Gilbert says, “Rick Dyer saved Morgan Matthews life.” Someone named “Dallas” called in to one of Dyer’s radio shows and made that statement. This refers to how Dyer shot the Bigfoot in the head as it was charging Matthews. The dying Bigfoot then crashed into Matthews, knocking him down.

Matthews was apparently injured when the Bigfoot crashed into him. According to Dallas, if Rick would not have shot that Bigfoot, since it was coming at Matthews, it would have killed Matthews or at least hurt him badly as it was charging him with intent to do physical harm. How did Gilbert learn this? Gilbert must have talked to Matthews, who confirmed the story about Matthews nearly being killed on the set of Shooting Bigfoot.

So now Dallas Gilbert, who is one of the people featured in Shooting Bigfoot is apparently signed on to the shooting story. I suppose he is in on the hoax too, eh?

What will Shooting Bigfoot show? The movie will apparently show everything up to the shooting of the Bigfoot. After the Bigfoot is show, the movie will simply end and the screen will go blank. You will walk out the theater wondering what you just saw. Everything following that, including the fight between Matthews and Dyer, the immediate aftermath of the shooting, the transportation of the body to Las Vegas and the autopsy of the body, was also filmed and will be shown in a documentary filmed by Dyer and his investors. This documentary will be released by Rick and his team soon after Finding Bigfoot is released on April 30.

Mess surrounding immediate scene of Hank’s shooting cleared up. Rick first shot Hank in the back, and then in the chaos, he managed to get in front of Hank where previously he had been in back of him. Hank saw Rick in front of him and freaked out, circled back around and ran straight towards Matthews. Morgan was shooting the whole thing.

Rick shot the Bigfoot in the back of the head as it was charging Morgan. Presumably, not only was Morgan endangered by the Bigfoot charging him, Rick’s shot from the back also placed Morgan in the line of fire. Actually, the Bigfoot first knocked Rick to the ground, and then Rick shot the Bigfoot in the back of the head with Morgan lying on the ground. Presumably, the Bigfoot simply knocked Morgan to the ground and kept on running past him until Rick stopped Hank with a bullet.

Matthews’ reaction to the whole mess, the kill, being knocked to the ground, or both, was to physically assault Dyer in outrage. A fistfight between the two men then broke out which was soon broken up by the crew. Apparently no criminal charges were filed by either side due to the fight.

Chart makes the case that Dyer is not hoaxing. There are two sides to the Dyer mess. One says he is hoaxing and the other says that he really did shoot a Bigfoot. The chart below lays out the arguments that Dyer is hoaxing and attempts to offer rejoinders to all of them, making the case that the story is true. Chart also mentions me and my friend Chris Noel as two top Bigfoot writers  who support Dyer, arguing that as evidence in favor of Dyer’s story.

Chart makes the case that the Dyer shooting is a true story.

Click to enlarge. Large file. Chart makes the case that the Dyer shooting is a true story.

Politicization of the Rick Dyer mess. As noted above, the Dyer mass has been hopelessly politicized. Most people think it’s a hoax, and most of those hate Dyer. A smaller number think it is real, and most of them like Dyer. Now I take a medium position. I despise Rick Dyer, but I do think he has a body.

Not that I want to be friendly with the guy anyway, but the politicization of the hoax has somewhat prevented me from being friendlier to Dyer. After all, Kulls still has email contact with Dyer, and Kulls is his worst enemy. Dyer won’t even have email contact with me. Not that I want it, but it might be nice to have some sort of contact, like the way opposing generals in a war have a phone line to each other. The problem is that as soon as it comes out that I am “in with” Dyer, my name is mud, and I am “in on the hoax.” Then the smearing, digging up dirt on me and other skullduggery begins. So tragically, this means that the best situation is that Dyer and I remain at utter loggerheads.

Rumor in Sierra Kills story verified. I suggested a long time ago that in between the Sierra Kills and the body recovery mission a month later that Justin and a major Bigfoot researcher (I do not know who yet) went back to the scene of the Sierra Kills. Justin and everyone around him, including Derek Randles, have always denied that this is true. However, I have recently confirmed that Justin and this man did indeed make an attempt to go back there, but the story is that they were stopped by the huge amount of snow in the area and were not able to make it to scene. Therefore, the standard Sierra Kills story is not correct and may have to be amended.

More answers to Sierra Kills questions (rejoinders from the group around Justin answering all theories about the Kills). People around the scene continue to insist that the standard story is more or less correct. Let us look at some of the problems with the story:

Adrian Erickson stated to a source that he got a phone call from Melba Ketchum soon after the Sierra Kills. Ketchum stated that she had received two samples from the Kills with the different colors, one reportedly from the baby Bigfoot and one from the adult Bigfoot. The baby sample subsequently vanished off the face of the Earth.

Everyone around the story says this is not true. One source said, “Well, Melba is a liar. She’s not to be trusted. She may have been lying about that.” Erickson has not commented on the story, but he denies a lot of obvious truths that I report also. Actually he sends his person hit man, Randy Brisson, out to deny the truths that I report. I guess we can expect more of that shortly.

Justin and the driver have 16 pounds of Bigfoot. Justin told a friend of his that he and the driver had 16 pounds of Bigfoot stashed in freezers in a 25 mile radius around Sacramento. People around Justin all insist that he only has 2 pounds or so. In a phone call with me, Justin denied that he had ever told anyone he had 16 pounds.

Size of Bigfoot steak. According to Richard Stubstad, Ketchum described the steak as 4″ X 3″ X 2.5″, and Justin said that it was 1/8 of the sample. Stubstad calculated the weight of that size to 2 pounds. This lines up with 16 pounds. The size of the steak has now shrunken to 1″ X 1″ X 1″ as per Randles and Smeja, and they now say that the steak weighed 1/4 pound. Everyone around Justin continues to insist that only 1/4 pound was sent in and only 2 pounds were taken.

Recovery story makes no sense. A 600 pound Bigfoot simply does not get reduced down to a 2 pounds of flesh in only one month in the woods, even after being scavenged. At the very least, all of the bones would have been present in addition to the flesh. It makes no sense that only a scrap of flesh was taken along with no bones. Everyone around Justin continues to hold to the original version of the story, offering various unlikely scenarios for why the body was in such implausible shape in such a short period of time.

Body of baby being stored near Palo Alto, California in a white locker owned by Wally Hersom. This is just a rumor and the person won’t tell me how they know this. This person is a biggie in the Bigfoot scene but is widely regarded as “out there” and someone who pushes some pretty wild theories. Other say he is either hoaxing or simply imagining things. In other words, many think this person is a “flake.” This person has not yet produced any concrete evidence from their habituation site. At the moment, there is no evidence that the body storage story is true.

Derek Randles and possibly members of his landscaping crew recovered the large body soon after the Kills. Supposedly, Randles and his crew and a few other researchers went down there soon after the Kills and recovered the body of the adult. The persons saying this are simply conjecturing because they say the body recovery story is not true that they think Randles and Justin’s behavior is suspicious. They tell me, “It must be true. It has to be true.” However at the moment, there is absolutely no good hard evidence that Randles went down soon afterwards and recovered the large body.

Bobo’s statements that they have the bodies. Bobo has made a couple of suspicious statements that indicate that he feels that bodies were recovered from the Sierra Kills. In a public meeting for a Finding Bigfoot show, someone talked to Bobo about the Sierra Kills story.

“They didn’t recover the bodies then? Why not?” the person asked Bobo.

No! No! No! You don’t understand!” Bobo whispered in a frantic tone, his eyes wide. “They’ve got the bodies!”

Bobo insists that he never made this statement and has cursed me out for reporting this. He and people around him say that the person misheard Bobo, and Bobo actually said something like, “They don’t have the bodies!” However, the person who spoke to Bobo continues to insist on his version of the story.

In another case, on the Joe Rogan Show, Rogan asked Bobo if bodies were recovered from the Sierra Kills site. Bobo stared at the mike for a second and paused as if starting to say something and then stopping.

Bobo then said in a hushed tone, “Can I speak to you after the show?”

Rogan said, “Sure.” Then Bobo launched into the standard body recovery story.

Persons around Justin say that this statement by Bobo means absolutely nothing whatsoever.

Statements that the Sierra Kills was from the leg of the adult Bigfoot. On the surface, this appears very suspicious. Melba Ketchum told Richard Stubstad that the piece was from the thigh of the large male Bigfoot. Bobo also stated on the Conan O’Brien show that the piece was from the leg of the male. There is no way anyone could know if it was from the thigh or leg of the Bigfoot unless someone carved it off the thigh or the leg and told people that’s where they got the meat. Persons around Justin say that Melba simply theorized with no evidence that the piece came from the leg, and then the story got legs and everyone started repeating it.

Body or bodies are in possession of Wally Hersom. Once again, this is just conjecture. People say that if the bodies exist, they are with Wally Hersom. “They have to be with Wally. They can’t be with anyone else,” they tell me. However, there is absolutely no good hard evidence that Wally Hersom has any Sierra Kills or even that any bodies were retained at all.

If bodies exist, they would be released by now. People around Justin all say that if bodies existed, they would have been released by now. However, I have evidence that these people have excellent evidence to hide any bodies that may or may not exist. The reason for hiding them would be to protect the identities of those who took, who see their careers as researchers ruined if it comes out that they were involved in hiding bodies.

Some theorize that the bodies were going to be released with a fake story to deny the Sierra Kills story because it seems so ugly. Instead, the Bigfoots would have been recovered in a more friendly manner.

Also people state that Justin and those around him are not worried at all about Justin going to jail if bodies are released. However, I have information that some of the people around Justin are incredibly worried about just that. Whether Justin is himself, I do not know. He says he is not. If bodies are being hidden, it is for two reasons: to keep Justin out of jail and to protect identities of those who may have hidden bodies. However, as I noted above, there is not yet any good evidence that any bodies were retained from the Kills.

Justin would not have left the baby there at the scene. People who know Justin say that he never would have left the body of the baby at the scene because he is a taxidermist, and taxidermists always recover their special kills. “There is no way on Earth a taxidermist would have left that body lying there,” I was told. However, Justin says he did just that because he and the driver were so freaked out by the whole mess. They put the baby under a bush and drove away frantically, worried about California Department of Fish and Game (DFG) officials coming to get them.

Justin was worried because they had been drinking and shooting and were supposedly poaching. The argument is that Justin and the driver were drinking and hunting (illegal) and were poaching. For this reason, they were afraid of the DFG and this explains some of their behavior. Bobo said both of them were “pretty loaded on beer” after drinking beer much of the afternoon. However, Justin says he only had 1-2 beers. The poaching story keeps coming up for some reason and won’t go away. However, Justin insists that he was not poaching.

There is no evidence that Justin had more than a couple of beers or that he was poaching that day. However, he did shoot the Bigfoot from the truck, which is illegal.

True story of the Sierra Kills, like the JFK shooting, may never be resolved. Whether the standard version of the story is true or whether the other theories which folks around Justin deny are true will probably never be proven. The standard story will no doubt become received truth, and this is how history will be written. The other theories will simply be described as wild conspiracy theories with no evidence to back them, which is true (at least the no evidence part).

The bodies, if they exist, will probably never show up at this point. Too much damage has been done and the risk to various folks’ public images has been too great. If the bodies exist, they will probably be burned in a pile somewhere or dumped into the ocean. However, as noted, there is no evidence yet that the standard story is not true or that bodies were recovered or even retained.

Like the JFK shooting, there will be a “standard historical view” of the Sierra Kills case and all other theories will be relegated to the conspiracy pile, and the debate between the two sides will probably go on for a long time unresolved. We will probably never solve the question of whether the standard view is true, and there will probably always be folks who insist that bodies were recovered and kept after the incident. At this point, there is not a whole lot more to write about this story as it seems the Standard View is set in stone for now, and hard evidence. if it exists, will probably never be forthcoming. We may as well buy it and move on.

Why is Justin’s Sierra Kills Bigfoot steak testing as “bear?” Indeed the Kills steak has tested as “bear” in a few different lab results. Dr. Melba Ketchum’s detractors all say that this shows she is hoaxing or at the very least is incompetent. The hoax theory means that she knows it is a piece of bear, but she is pretending it is a piece of Bigfoot in order to hoax her scientific study. However, there is a way to reconcile the two stories. We can simply say that there is a possibility that the body of the large one was scavenged by bears before the recovery, and this is why it is testing as bear. This is what a source told me, and I think it is a good theory for the two completely different results.

Strange Alberta Sasquatch photo may be the real deal. The very odd photo below was supposedly taken by a trapper in Alberta. It is said to show the back of a Bigfoot sitting down on the ground. It is not known why only one photo exists, and we do not have much of a back story on the photo. No one quite knows what is in the photo, whether it is one Bigfoot or two, or whether it is a bear instead. However, a friend of mine who works at a museum said it was a real Bigfoot, due to the hair.

I said, “But it looks so weird!”

He replied, “Well, Sasquatches are pretty weird animals!”

However, many insist that this is a photo of a bear. Make up your own mind.

Very weird photo of a possible Bigfoot in Alberta, Canada, shot from the back. It is apparently sitting on the ground.

Very weird photo of a possible Bigfoot in Alberta, Canada, shot from the back. It is apparently sitting on the ground.

Strange photos of Bigfoots shot by humans. All of these photos are said to originate long ago, mostly from the 1800′s. One has been proven to be a fake, but no one knows what the others area.

The photo below showing the man standing next to the upside down dead Bigfoot has been proven to be a Photoshopped fake. This one originally surfaced on the Cryptomundo site.

Photoshopped fake of an old photo showing a hunter with a dead Bigfoot.

Click to enlarge. Photoshopped fake of an old photo showing a hunter with a dead Bigfoot.

The very strange photo below surfaced somehow a little while ago and made it onto Loren Coleman’s fine Cryptomundo site. The writing on the back of the photo says the creature was killed by trappers in a location of coastal British Colombia. The date is given as a date in 1892. This photo is very odd and does not appear to be a fake. On the other hand, some say this is a common animal like a bobcat or a mountain lion. It surely does not look like one to me. One of the most fascinating cryptozoology photos out there!


This very odd photo below just recently surfaced. It shows a Bigfoot shot and killed by a group of men being held up by cables. Surely a Bigfoot would need to be held up by cables. The shooters are standing around the Bigfoot, posing.

What is interesting is that they are dressed in perfect period outfits. Even the building looks period. The cow skull being held over the creature’s chest, apparently to obscure the bullet wound, is also very interesting and implied that the photo may be authentic. Also the Bigfoot looks very interesting, unlike most fake Bigfoots, and looks very much like what these creatures actually look like. Everything about this photo screams 19th Century. On the other hand, it is possible that a Bigfoot was somehow Photoshopped into an existing period photo from the 19th Century. Update: This photo has now been shown to be a fake!

An extremely bizarre photo, apparently only recently recently surfaced, showing a purported dead Bigfoot being hold up with cables and surrounded by the men who killed it.

An extremely bizarre photo, apparently only recently recently surfaced, showing a purported dead Bigfoot being hold up with cables and surrounded by the men who killed it.

Microbiologist backs Ketchum’s Bigfoot DNA paper. A microbiologist, Dr. Tyler Kohnjohn, has backed Ketchum’s DNA paper saying that while she did not prove that Bigfoot exists, she did prove that there is “something strange in the woods of North America.”

Kohnjohn notes Ketchum’s data on hair morphology (excellent evidence in my view) and the fact that she found unique strands of NuDNA across multiple samples in favor of his view. He also explains why the paper was rejected and why she had to self-publish. Her first target, a forensics journal, rejected her paper because it was “too genetic and biological.” The biologist believes that the data points to one of two origins for Bigfoot: it is either a hybrid or a mutant.

Three cheers to Melba for this great letter from a PhD showing support for her paper! Way to go Melba!

Ketchum threatening to sue Bart Cutino, Wally Hersom and Sally Ramey. Why she is threatening to sue all these folks, I have no idea. I would not take on Wally though. He is big money. This is the dark side of Melba – her psychopathology, her moral blindness, or her ruthlessness, however you will have it. I have been reporting on the Machiavellian nature of this piece of work for a long time now and was shredded to pieces for what I said about the poor woman. Now her latest moral failures have come to light, and just about everyone thinks she is shady and sleazy if not an out and out crook. So I am vindicated once again.

In Ketchum’s favor, I would say that she has the same personality traits as such human sharks as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Steven Ballmer and Andy Grove. This clowns are now icons in US ubercapitalist culture which worships those who pile up grotesque mounds of wealth that they have no Earthly use for. The dark side is that I know exactly what all of these quasi-sociopaths were and area like in their corporate personas, and to put it nicely, they were and are all monsters. How did they behave? Very much like Ms. Ketchum. So you can see the fair lady has some fine or at least finely tailored company.

Anyway, it’s almost a requirement to be a sociopath to rise to the heights of US turbo-capitalist society, so doubt Melba has the right idea. But look at all the bodies in the wake of this female great white Leviathan.

Russian Yeti video backed by Dr. Igor Burtsev. A new Russian Yeti has been released and Burtsev says it shows a female Bigfoot and her baby. Here is the video.

I have my doubts about this video. First of all, it was filmed by boys of about junior high age or so. Boys age 12-14 are evil all over the world at all times and in all cultures. I should know, as I was a little devil myself. All videos by boys around this age so far have been shown to be hoaxes. I am pretty much ruling this video out automatically due to the 8th grade morons who shot it. Furthermore, I think there is something wrong with the footprints and it looks like they may have been faked.

On the other hand, the footprints do go in the straight line pattern of a Yeti. Are these punks smart enough to figure out the straight line pattern of the Yeti and make these huge footprints. That seems dubious, but kids this age of both sexes, in addition to being Satanic are also starting to get very smart. Remember the top level Piaget milestone of abstract thinking appears in year 12 (leaving aside those who remain concretists their whole lives). I suppose I am in the fence on this one.

Ketchum now extracting DNA from ancient skeletons. Melba is now working on DNA from some very weird ancient Indian skeletons from the Americas. They are working on teeth and bones with a new technique that one of the co-authors of her paper mastered. Richard Stubstad stole a couple of bones from the Lovelock Indian samples in Nevada and gave them to her, but Ketchum declined to test them, saying she thought they were Indians.

Russian Yeti scares skiers video. This is a fine breakdown of the video from the great Michael Merchant. This is an older video, and I understand that Erickson has included it in his documentary. I have always thought this was a real Yeti. It was shot near Kemerovo in the Altai, and that is where a large number of Yeti sightings come from.

Basswood Bigfoot video. This idiotic hoaxed video has been around for a long time now. The whole scene from the setup to the dialog to the kids in the back just screams hoax. Too bad there were no hunters around to shoot the guy in the monkey suit. I am really getting sick and tired of this hoaxing scumbags. It’s not funny, jerks!

Scott Carpenter HD Dogman video. New video from my friend Scott Carpenter showing HD video of a what he says is a Dogman. Looks more like blobsquatch to me. Scott says a number of folks thought his video was amazing. I am not so sure. I do think that Scott is in on something as his samples have been proven to be positive for Dogmen by Ketchum and were apparently influential in her reported view that Dogmen are different from Bigfoots.

Russian Yeti stealing food from a snowy porch video. This video was shot in the very far north of Russia in the Murmansk region. This is a very odd video, and I think it might be a real Yeti. The thing’s mouth moves! Mouths don’t move on masks. The thing creeps up on people and peeks over a porch at them, freaks them out, and then runs away. Superb breakdown by the excellent Michael Merchant.

Myakka State Park Bigfoot video. An excellent video recently shot at Myakka State Park in Florida. A man was driving along at dusk when he noticed several cars pulled off to the side of the road.

He pulled over too, and saw a bipedal figure off in the distance along with several deer behaving very strangely. The deer would be lying down and would jump up, run a bit, and then like down in the grass again. They did this over and over. There was a large bipedal figure in the background that appeared to be stalking them. Apparently this was a Bigfoot that was stalking the deer for suppertime. The terrified deer were acting this way to fool the Bigfoot. The filmer and his son walk to towards the field, and the Bigfoot and the deer both remain in view for a while. When the shooter gets closer, the excellent video is shot. The Bigfoot’s size has been calculated at 8 feet tall.

The large number of curious witnesses pulled over, some with binoculars and some with video cameras, testifies to the truth behind the sighting. Later, the man reported the sighting to park rangers who told him that there was no such thing as Bigfoot. He went back later and was received several tickets on his car and was told by rangers that the park was closed. The park was not closed, and it was later determined that the tickets were all fake. The shooter said that these strange behaviors indicated some sort of a coverup by park officials.

To be continued…

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