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Big Running Weekend Coming Up

By Brisdon @shutuprun
I can't believe it's here already, but this weekend is my peak training weekend for the TransRockies Run, which starts in 17 days. If I accept the challenge before me, I will run about 57 miles this week, 40 of them on trails. Will be about 12 hours total of running.
I was beyond excited that my new Orange Mud Hydration Pack (the BPVP ) just arrived on my doorstep. It's a 70 ounce (2L) bladder (bigger than my own God-given bladder, which apparently can only hold 16-20 ounces of fluid before I wet myself), with plenty of room for fuel, my phone, first aid kit, etc. For TransRockies we are required to carry a jacket, a hat, a first aid kit, an emergency blanket (and other things I can't remember -probably tampons and condoms) on every run. So I needed something with a big bladder and some storage space.
Look at this beauty. The lime green rocks, no?
Big Running Weekend Coming Up
I've put in some junk mile this week (about 17). Then today I ran 9 miles at Walker Ranch, which is a tough one for me. 2,000 feet of climbing, some technical trails, one snake.
Big Running Weekend Coming Up
Tomorrow I'll do a 20 miler with about 2,500 feet of gain. Then 11 miles on Sunday.
Basically I will be one with the trails. But, hopefully not like this:
Big Running Weekend Coming Up
What I learned this week:
  • You can never bring enough water. Or, have enough stored in your car at the trail head.
  • Cola flavored PowerBar Energy Blasts are the bomb.
  • The last song I hear on the radio is the only song I hear in my head the entire run (when I don't bring music, which I never do on trails). Today it was appropriately "Born to Run."
  • You can chafe wearing shorts you have been wearing for years that you never had a problem with before. WTF?
  • Not everyone on the trails knows the etiquette of who yields to who. Drives me nuts. Horses have the right of way before bikes and runners. Runners have the right of way before bikes. $50 fine!
  • These cups of oatmeal from Costco are quick to make, fit in a car cup holder and are the perfect pre-run breakfast.

Big Running Weekend Coming Up
More next week!
What running plans do you have for the weekend?
Best pre-run breakfast?
What hydration pack do you use? I always use the Orange Mud Single Barrel, but I can only carry 22 ounces with that.
PS: Your daily does of cuteness. Krosby thinks (or wishes) Heidi was his mama.
Big Running Weekend Coming Up

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