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Bids By Pros Not Only About Biding But Is A Free Social Community.

By Bidsbypros @bidsbypros is not about dry cut business but is also fun and sociable.

- Look cool, unique and professional

What is the different in using Bids By Pros to other sites? Bids By Pros offers a great project format where you can post your question or inquiry using cool and unique features.

Google map location: By selecting the location and writing your location, Google map easily displays your location. To say who can use Bids By Pros, if Google map can find you, post a project.

Category: Choosing the related category, automatically informs the local related service professionals and alerts them of a related request to their service, so they can make referrals at once. This great choice also organizes every project not to get lost in the midst of many other projects. This is an uplifting feature, which other sites do not offer, and your ads or projects get lost within the first hour of your post.

Detailed box: Enter the full details, explaining about your question or inquiry. The more you say, the better response you get. Give your own touch and explain in any way you want.

Tags: Tags makes your projects readable in the world of search engines. Everyone can find your project and respond.

Pictures: Load up your pictures easily to complete the detail of your question and inquiry.

Feature your project: Make your project pop right in the eye and shine by selecting the box of “Feature Your Project”.

Sealed Bidding: This feature simply seals your project from others

Hide your project: you want a post something naughty and don’t want any search engine to find? Well not to that extend. This feature hides your project from any search engines.

You can find many reasons to post in Bids By Pros and create a project format.

- Post any question you have

Have a question? Any question? What are you waiting for? Want to know why the sky is blue; you can post in Bids By Pros.

- Post if you inquire for a certain service

If you are looking to find a service professional in your area, post in Bids By Pros.

- Post if you need recommendation to find a service

If you want to get a recommendation and a good reference on a service professional, you can post in Bids By Pros.

- Post if you moved in to a new city and want to the best in that city

Just moved in to a new city and feeling lost? Post whatever you need to find in Bids By pros.

- Share your project with social media:

This feature enables you to fully come in contact with your friends and let the world of social media be notified of what you are in need of. Your friends can see a cool, unique and professional project format posted in your social media timeline and it picks their curiosity to response.

The best answers and recommendation comes from your friends. You trust them, that is why you call them your friends. Share your post with your friends to get the best recommendation.

- Skip all the confusing review sites.

Post your inquiry and let the recommendations come to you. Stop searching all those confusing review sites. Don’t tell us you even paid to review! Bids By Pros is completely FREE.

- Show off your knowledge

Browse through the posted projects and if you see a question or inquiry, which you are aware of its answer, respond and reply to show off your knowledge. Consider it as Karma, you answer one correctly, someone else will return the favor on your questions.

- Refer your favorite and don’t be selfish!

Share your favorite hairdresser, trusted mechanic and talented handyman. Don’t keep them hiding in your pocket. Be generous and let everyone enjoy the professional service. Start referring them if you see a related project posts.



-   Free marketing

As a small business owner, we are aware of the fact that marketing and advertisement is extremely expensive. You need to actively brand your business. By place an ad in a local media or newspaper you make 3 mistakes:

1-A random ad is a shot in a dark:

A-you need to offer a coupon to give them a reason to choose your business and also it gives you a way to see how much of return you had from such ad.

B-Most of people nowadays using smart apps to locate businesses and no one reads newspaper as much.

C-Are you targeting your business’s niche market?

2- Compare to what the ad respond is, price is too expensive.

You’ll pay a fortune for small boxed ad and if you want to make it colored, guess what? You need to pay more.

3- Ad targets a small area.

Unless you have a big bank account to cover few local magazines and local media   newspaper advertisement, your ad is limited to a small neighborhood.

Bids By Pros is a great solution for your business need. All you need to do is answering project and in the project message board, reference your business information and your business site absolutely free.

-   Direct contact

You approach your target audience without shooting in a dark. Pick a relevant project and response while recommending your own business.

-   No more staring at the door or wait for a phone call

Stop staring at the door or wait for the phone to ring, waiting for a client. Login to your profile in Bids By Pros and start participating in posted projects. Feels as you are mingling to promote your business and passing business card in a community event, except the community event of Bids By pros is happening everyday and non-stop.

In your profile, adjust and select the related category to your business to get immediate notification in your email as soon as a related project to your business is posted. Respond to the post whether is a simple question or requires a bid. This is your time to shine. You’re not staring at the door and are not waiting on the phone to ring anymore. Bids By pros bring clients right to your door.

-   Make your own price by bidding right

The choice is yours on how to place a bid. It is your service; you give it value and a reason for the potential client to accept your bid. You have someone walks in the door to your business, don’t wait, start selling. Give them a reason to buy your service.

Blog post

-   Get informed daily

Bids By Pros informative article are covering variety of subjects and categories. If a question posted, we right a full detail article relating to that post. Since the blog is on variety of topics, you most likely find an article related to your interest and or business.

-   Free access

The beauty of the blog post in Bids By pros is that everyone can have an access, even if not a community member. This is great news for every “Pro” member since they have an unlimited opportunity to take part in every blog post and comment on the article comment box and reference their business information. Another great opportunity no other website offers.

-   No moderation on Comments

We have an open door policy when comes to blog post and commenting. As long as your comments are genuine, relative and do not look like spam, we have no reason to moderate. This is another shining moment for every business owner to display his or her information to an unlimited audience.


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