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Bibi Netanyahu: With Friends and Allies Like This...who Needs Enemies?

Posted on the 16 February 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
The White House widely believes Benjamin Netanyahu may have leaked US Secrets, in order to undermine US-Iran Negotiations. Washington Post's David Ignatius wrote from Tel Aviv; "US officials believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has authorized his government to release 'Secret Details' of US/Iran Nuclear Negotiations to the Israeli press".
That story has been corroborated by Barak Ravid at Haaretz: As told by Israeli Senior Officials to Haaretz..."As a result of the recent tension between the United States and Israel, the White House has begun to limit the scope, quality and depth of the information it shares with Jerusalem about the progress of the talks with Iran about its nuclear program"
In his report, Ravid added; "While U.S. President Barack Obama wants to make every effort to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran, Netanyahu is doing everything he can to block one".
Bibi Netanyahu undermining another sovereign country's political policies, diplomatic efforts, and secrets?? Why not!! he's on a roll!!...his only concern, is his consummate obsession for the Invasion of Iran, authorize more settlements to antagonize the Palestinians, and perpetually find ways of delaying any peace talks. This sack of shit doesn't want peace with any Arab or Persian, at any cost.
The destruction of Israel? ...if Israel doesn't destroy them first!! A war between Israel and the entire Islamic World is not going to decide who's right and who's wrong...just who can piss farther!...and who comes out ahead in the arms show! And naturally, we have to take sides and send...once again...our youngest and finest, this time to die for Bibi's inability to coincide with International Diplomacy!!
Wonder what John "scapegoat" Boehner must be thinking?...still coming?? At this rate, about the only person that the invitee will be speaking in front of, is the inviter...but, oh hell!...the Republicans will be there, they can't resist talks when it comes to the subject of Arms, War, and Money!! One country advocating the destruction of another. The Islamic world promised the destruction of Israel...and Netanyahu is very public about nuking Iran, at any cost, whether or not it hurts anyone else in the world...does this make him any better of a human being than those who want to destroy him? Peace in the Middle East? invading another country, whether for Religious, Financial or Political not going to bring Peace...just a lot more money made by the Newsmedia!
After 67 years...the Israelis are big boys now! They don't need anymore, so much 'financial assistance' from the US...'we' need more financial assistance, than they need from us!! How much have we borrowed from them?...and how much have they borrowed from us? our tab is smidgen larger with China? How long are we going to fight someone else's battles? long as the smell of money, is in the air! Like him? give all your 'own' money to his cause!...don't care for him? just #BoycottBibi  during his speech!
Report: Netanyahu may have leaked US secrets to hurt Iran negotiations - Vox

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