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Bia Sport and a New Race Series

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I so appreciate your insightful comments on my running safety post from Monday. As always, I learn so much from you guys.

One safety tip that was most helpful for me was to remember to look people in the eye as they pass you, especially if it is someone you think is kind of squirrely. This oozes confidence and sends the message that you are paying attention to details that that person might not want you to pay attention to.

Some of you also pointed out that us women can have the pleasing disease. When it comes to stranger danger, this is a BAD habit and one that I am guilty of. Not too long ago I was pulling out of a Target parking spot and a guy knocked on my window. I actually stopped to see what he needed. WHAT? I think he was telling me my tail light was out, but it would have been much better to ignore him. I’d rather appear rude than dead.

That said, I want you to know about a new product other there – The Bia Sport – A women’s GPS watch.

Bia Sport and a New Race Series

The Run Like a Mother ladies, Dimity and Sarah, did a comprehensive review of this product on their blog last week.

Cheryl Kellond, one of the founders of the Bia Sport, contacted me yesterday with a reminder that this watch not only provides GPS technology for runners, but has a built in safety alert to send  information to loved ones and emergency services with the push of a button when you can't grab for your phone. They designed it because they heard over and over from women how they were afraid to run alone, or at night, or in the early morning, or on trails. She agreed that while it won't solve everything and it's only part of an overall defensive running strategy,  it plays a roll in allowing us to keep our freedom and give our loved ones peace of mind.

I haven’t tried the watch yet, but am curious about it. Please let me know if you get the chance to give it a try.

On another note – who doesn’t love a new race!

Last week I was contacted by LÄRABAR, makers of the tasty and all natural, gluten free energy bars. Lara, a local mom and entrepreneur, and her team are launching the first ever LÄRABAR Up & Running Half Marathon series. This race, which has 1K, 5K, and half marathon options, will run along the Platte River in Denver and will occur on August 18.


My favorite part of this whole thing is that proceeds are going to the Denver Urban Gardens, which is dedicated to supporting communities in creating sustainable, food-producing neighborhood gardens. LÄRABAR aims to fund the completion of two elementary school gardens, 1 middle school garden and 1 high school garden, all in the Denver area. The half marathon registration is only $55 (5K is $25, kid’s 1K is $10).

Again, a great example of encouraging community involvement and fitness through running.

And, on a final note - Hanna from Boufee e Bambini (fun blog!) interviewed me to talk about my favorite race distance/race, training plans and family matters. Check it all out HERE.


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