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Beyonce's "Live For Now!"

By Clairebelle @cbelleoftheball
No I didn't manage to get tickets to Beyonce's "Mrs Carter" tour. After days of attempting to get tickets via every avenue possible, I had to finally give up my mission. It seems getting tickets to her gig was like the quest for the Holy Grail! Waaaaaaaah!!
So, to cheer me up a bit, I wanted to do a teeny post about my queen and her amazing new advert for Pepsi. Entitled "Live For Now," this fab advert showcases Bey choreographing a brand new dance routine in a room of mirrors. She isn't dancing alone though, as in each mirror is Beyonce from one of her past videos, rocking the iconic dance routines from each, and essentially, Beyonce battles herself in one epic dance off!
We see her doing the dances from the likes of Bootylicious, Single Ladies, Crazy In Love, Girls and many more. Cue a lot of costumes, slick moves and a lotta attitude!
One things for sure, this one minute advert will make you want to get up and shake your well as having a Pepsi...or maybe a Diet Coke will still win it with most of us :)
So here is the advert in its full glory. What do you think of it? Are you a fan? Enjoy x

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