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Bewitching Words of Wisdom: Jonas Salk

By Bethschreibmangehring



"It is relevant and even part of wisdom to ask not only are we being good citizens of the world today, but are we being good ancestors. " Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk was more than the inventor of the polio vaccine. He was a humanitarian and cared deeply about the world and the size and quality of the footprint that he (and all of us) left upon it. The Jonas Salk Legacy Foundation  "is dedicated to preserving and extending the contributions of one of society's great scientists and humanitarians. It will do so by helping to organize and make available the collection of Jonas Salk's papers and historical artifacts, participating in and assisting with educational programs and projects, and exploring continued application of his scientific and philosophical vision towards solution of ongoing problems confronting humanity." Please visit The Jonas Salk Legacy Foundation  and Beyond Polio for more information about how you can participate in this transformational shift towards cooperation , community and inspiration.

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