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Beware: *100*1*09666926798*600# LOAD NEGOSYO is a SCAM!

Posted on the 28 December 2018 by Tokitechie @tokitechie

This afternoon, I received an unsolicited text message from someone who obviously tried to scam me. Of course I didn't bite the bait. First of all, I did not subscribe to any LOAD NEGOSYO products or services and this message has very obvious red flags to be considered a Text or SMS Scam.

Beware: *100*1*09666926798*600# LOAD NEGOSYO is a SCAM!

How to spot a Text Scam in the Philippines?

1. Text scams are usually sent to victims using a regular mobile number, example: 09167890123. If you call the number, it will ring and the sender will [most probably] answer the call to negotiate. A legitimate promotional message should be computer-generated and the sender must only have three (3) to four (4) digit numbers, example 2366 and 4637.

2. The sentence construction and font used are similar to an ordinary text message sent by a "jejemon" friend. A legitimate promotional message must be clearly worded and have good grammar.

3. The format used for the steps in redeeming the earned load is actually the same format you use if you are going to "Share-a-Load" to other Globe subscribers. This means that when you type *100*1*09666926798*600# and hit the call button, you are actually sending him/her 600 pesos load.

Don't fall prey from these scammers. If you receive similar messages, don't respond to the sender especially when he/she asks for your money or anything in exchange of your fictitious prize. Report these scammers to your mobile network operator immediately!

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