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Better Choices Better Health

Posted on the 23 August 2013 by Dave Nevue

Better Choices Better Health

As a nation we all want everything now. If we want to lose five pounds, we expect to weigh five pounds lighter tomorrow if we eat good today. We want faster Internet, faster smart phones, faster cars and so on. We have less patience. With losing that patience we do not appreciate the hard work it takes to accomplish a task. Instead we will give up and go to the next task. If you are looking to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle, stop going to fad diets. They do not work. If they did this article would not be written. All you have to do is make better choices. Constancy will reward you with better health. Being consistent means you need patience. Being patient will have you appreciate all the little things life has to offer.

To be able to make better choices you need to educate what is best for your health and what is dangerous to your health.

There is a lot to learn. This article will have some foods to stay away from. There will be many more articles in the near future to help you make better choices. Keep in mind that every choice that you make will have an outcome. Whether it is a good or bad choice there will be an outcome. Every better choice you make will give you a positive outcome.

Foods and Drinks To Stay Away From

Sodas and Juices:

Some sodas have up to 14 tablespoons of sugar in one can. Fruit juice has about the same.

Pre-made Smoothies:

They sound healthy but some have up to 1,000 calories in them. How many calories are you allowed in a day?

Trail mix:

Trail mix is high in simple sugars, Trans fat and refined carbs. Far from being a healthy snack.

Living a healthier life is about making better choices. Staying away from these three items will help you in living a better quality of life.

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