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Best Yoga Asanas for Strong Feet

By Pravin Bhakare @pbhakare992

Yoga is the perfect opportunity, to be curious about whom you are it gives you many reasons to be strong from inside to outside from controlling your thoughts to minds, it strengthens your bones from head to feet. Yoga Asanas train your brain and body to control and be strong. Here we are specifically displaying some of the best yoga asanas for strong feet.

Yoga Asanas 1

# (Utthita hasta Padangustasana) Big Toe Pose

Big Toe Pose help in grounding the feet firmly making it strong from every angle. The stretching of one leg in upward direction to the level of hand and touching the toe with the hand helps in maintaining the stamina and grounding the feet firmly. It also gives you many stretches in your parts making them solid and stable from inside especially strong feet.

For this Asanas – Stand firmly on ground that slowing slowing take your one leg up to the level of your shoulder now stretch your hand and hold the toes with this hand. Repeat the same with another leg and hand.

Yoga Asanas 2

# (Utkatasana) Chair Pose

It stretches the overall body muscles giving more emphasis on the arms of legs and henceforth the load goes on feet to make the stature solid grounding.

For this Asanas – Keep you feet firmly on ground than act as if you are sitting on a real chair slightly bending forward than slowing take your both hands straight up so that the feet can balance all the weight.

Yoga Asanas 3

# (Utthita Trikonasana) Extended Triangle Pose

This is one of the basic form of yoga asanas which helps in streching of muscles of legs. A basic standing pose that strengthen the muscles of arms, hand and legs and works more on feet to make it more strong and stable.

For this Asanas – Stretch your legs than stretch your hands. Start bending with streched hand in one direction of leg trying to touch the ankle, keeping other hand in upward direction and face in the same upward direction of hand.

Yoga Asanas 4

# Tress Pose (Vrksasana)

This is one of the most chalenging pose and by standing in the way tree stands, you know the effort of what tree and its roots apply. In the same way your feet have to apply all its weight and stamina to stand in one leg making your more strong.

For this Asanas – Stand on ground firmly warm up your legs than slightly folding inward take your one leg and keep its foot above the knee of another leg. Than stretch both your hands straight upward direction. This yoga will give you more balancing power and stregthen the feet making it the base of all.

Yoga Asanas 5

# (Tadasana) Mountain Pose

The Foundation of all standing poses, it stretches all your parts give them a warm up and the body is completely loosened, realised and relaxed for some time on feet.

For this Asana – The easiest of all it’s just the start up style of most of the asanas. Stand straight as if your feet alone can carry all the weight loosening every body part slowly slowly and taking a deep breathe.

Though above Yoga Asanas are best for strong feet and easier to be done but still for the first time do in front of any practice or consult for the right posture with some experts. And we hope the motive of your reading this article gives fruitful results for strong feet.



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