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Best Romance Novels

By Catswalks
Okay, I've stopped blogging for awhile.  The reason is that I have been reading a lot of everything.  The past few months though, I been indulging on romance books.  The really cheesy, gooey kind preferably. It's my guilty pleasure.  Here is a list of the best romance novels (I limited the selection to shallow entertainment) that I read the past few months (I read really a lot of them) in no particular order.
1. Lord of Scoundrels- Loretta Chase This is the ultimate reformed bad boy story.  Lord Dain is the meanest, most tortured, but at the same most cuddly hero ever.  Jessica is the ultimate girl power heroine.  Jessica is the Beauty to Lord Dain's Beast. Their chemistry is perfect and sizzling making Lord of Scoundrels one of the greatest romances ever!
2.Passion- Lisa ValdezThis one is hot, hot, hot. Don't read it in the bus because it will make you uncontrollably flush and blush.  I was totally taken aback by how erotic it is.  What is even more shocking is that the author actually managed to write three dimensional characters that you will feel for inspite of all that erotic content.
3. Naked in Death - J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts) A futuristic detective mystery romance series.  Lt. Eve Dallas is a tough cop, Roarke is a swoon-worthy billionaire playboy that just wants Eve.  What more can I say?
4. The Duke - Gaelen Foley Heartbreaking but ultimately rewarding romance.  Most Gaelen Foley novels I've read always veer toward the dark side of life--rape, murder, etc-- and The Duke is no different. 
5. Tairen Soul Series - C.L. Wilson This got me hooked to the fantasy romance genre.  Five books in all, it follows Feyreisen (fairy king) Rain Tairen Soul and Ellysetta, a woodcarver’s daughter as they try to save the Fading Lands.  Of course, to save the world they have to fall in love unconditionally first....
6. Dreaming of You - Lisa Kleypas There is a formula to a Kleypas story: Misunderstood, self-made alpha male meets a strong willed female who will cherish him. Just before the end, something will happen to her that will make the alpha male believe that he has lost her. The loss of course will make him realize really how much he needs her. Of course, everything turns out fine at the end. What can I say, it works!
7. Where Dreams Begin - Lisa Kleypas Same as above.
8. Dark Lover - J.R. Ward Action packed vampire romance.
9. The Fever Series- Karen Marie Moning I just had to read this after Tairen Soul.  It is not an in your face romance but more of urban fantasy with some romance.  No "I love you forever" blah blah in this one.
10. Highlander Series- Karen Marie Moning- Okay, I like Karen Marie Moning.  Before writing the Fever Series, Moning was known for the Highlander Series.  In this series you have the big, dark alpha males paired with intelligent, strong heroines. Very satisfying.

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