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Best Recovery Tip: Hot Dogs and Beer

By Brisdon @shutuprun

I will tell you what makes me very happy. I just finished my last BIG workout for Ironman Boulder, which means I have officially entered the taper phase of training.

There are so many areas of my life I have been neglecting with all of this crazy training (including but not limited to daily hygiene – shaving in particular, my offspring and cleaning toilets – not sure how long that skid mark has been there) so I’ll be glad to restore some sense of normalcy.

Today’s workout kicked my ass. Really. We started with a the 2 mile Bare Bones swim at the Boulder Reservoir. The swim actually went pretty well for me. I took my time and relaxed into my stroke and let my mind wander until I realized I was off course then I had to regroup.

At the swim start:


I did not mean to give the finger bomb. Really, I didn’t.


I think I was nervous about the swim and my body knew that and just acted out without my consent.

The swim took me 1:04, then it was off on the bike for 70 very hot miles with no freaking shade. 95 degrees is not my favorite temperature for training.

Four hours later, I hopped off the bike (well, I did not hop, it was more like I slithered and slid) and went out for a 4 mile run.

Again no shade. The last mile I had goose bumps and could feel my body trying to cool down, but things were too overheated at this point. I finished and sat in my car with the A/C blaring and ice in my pants, drinking chocolate milk. I waited for my friend Marie who was a bit beside me on the run. She didn't show up. I got kind of worried imagining her dying from heat exhaustion. As I went to look for her, I see her still running, a beer in one hand, a hot dog in the other. She said she found a party by the lake and asked for food and beer. Now you know why I love her.

Total miles for the day: 76

Total time: 5 hours, 44 minutes

Would you like some salt for your margarita? Come on over!


After seeing Marie with her beer and hotdog, I came home and made a hotdog and had a beer. I like to copy my friends. I didn’t even change first and got my body schmega all over the couch. My family will be glad when this is all over with.


Thoughts as I enter taper: This has been a strong training cycle for me. No injuries. Not too much fatigue. No missed workouts. Minimal crying and tantrums. Bring on August 3!!

Off on vacation! Have a great week!


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